Types of stone countertops

Types of stone countertops

Are you stuck between the type of countertop to install? Well, after reading this you will be able to choose something that can work for you. All we want is a beautiful countertop that is easy to clean, but the difficult part is choosing the best type of countertop that you will use.

When buying a countertop you might at times feel devastated by the list of options to choose from based on their patterns, cost, color, textures or materials they are made from.

A countertop is a straight working surface found in kitchens or other places where food is prepared. It can also be found in washrooms. It is oftenly positioned upon and held up by cabinets. The top is installed at a user- friendly height to suit the specific function it was constructed for.

Countertops may be designed using different materials with various credits of performance, imperishability, and aesthetics. It might have inherent gadgets or appliances.

Countertops are made differently depending on the preference of the individual and the amount of money you have set aside to spend. The resilience and effortlessness of use of the specified material frequently increase with the rising price of the required materials but in some instances, you find that the costly materials are neither long-lasting nor consumer-friendly.

Countertops can be made using different materials which include:

  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Soapstone
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Ceramic tile

Factors to consider when purchasing a countertop

How do you choose the best countertop that will suit you and that which is cost-effective?

  • First, think about your requirements and behavior around the kitchen area. Do you prepare a lot of edibles straight on the kitchen’s countertop? if yes then eliminate the choice of light or porous elements that might leave marks from the knife.
  • The appearance. If you have cabinets are dark-colored it is advisable to install ones that are light-colored in order to contrast
  • The next thing you would want to be keen on is the whole décor of your kitchen. If you want a sink that is under-mount then no laminate furniture around the kitchen.
  • The next most paramount thing to do is a cost-benefit analysis. Well, you cannot purchase a countertop that you will not use frequently. Make sure that the countertop that you choose is cost-effective to avoid getting out of your budget for the countertop.
  • The size. Consider the size of the place where you want to install the  sink to avoid circumstances of buying a bigger or smaller countertop
  • Warranty. Inquire about the guarantee before purchasing the item because it may damage before usage and lack any compensation
  • Do it yourself options. Look into ideas you can do on your own to make your countertop look even more attractive
  • Finally, consider durability. How long can the countertops really last without damaging?

Types of stone countertops

Granite countertops come in different shades:

  • White granites
  • River white. Similar to the currents of a flowing river, it works perfectly with light
  • Kashmir white. This type of countertop is the clearest
  • Delicatus white. This can be difficult to blend with the house’s décor because each slab is different, others are black while the rest is white.
  • Ice white. It has a pale blue color.
  • Himalayan white. Mostly blends with the island of the kitchen.
  • Black granites. Some of these are not 100 % fully granite. They include;
  • Absolute black
  • Ubatuba black
  • Galaxy black

Granite countertop

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This is a very strong stone and fully natural. It is extracted from quarries from different parts of the world. This stone is cut into the desired size then burnished to give it that beautiful shine. Countertops made from granite are long-lasting compared to other stones. They are cost-friendly and easy to work with

Features of black granite

  • The black granite is cut into definite shapes
  • Have a perfect finish
  • They have an attractive dark color
  • It has perfect smooth edges
  • The surface of the granite is smooth
  • Brown granites
  • Pearl brown
  • Coffee brown


  • Granites give many choices while choosing the design you desire.
  • It should be kept clean by washing with soap and clean water as some foods might leave unpleasant spots on the surface
  • It has a high level of heat resistance
  • It can be used outdoors because it is a mineral that is naturally extracted


  • Could easily flake

2. Quartz countertop

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This is a processed product prepared to closely appear like granite while giving a high level of performance. This is made from quartz that has been crushed then mixed with resin.


  • It is much more long-lasting and clearer
  •  It is clear and smooth with a compatible grain
  • It comes in a wide range of colors
  • It comes resealed
  • It is actually harder as compared to granite but can easily be affected by hot pans.
  •  is friendlier to the environment compared to granite. Just like any countertop, you will want to clean it with soap and clean water.


  • can be damaged easily especially by heat
  • It is expensive if compared to granite
  • It has a less natural look

3. Marble stone countertops

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This type comes in various patterns as well as colors compared to granite and also smoother.it gives a perfect top to perform various activities such as baking and preparing pasta but frequently might show knife scratches that can be solved using finishes.


  • It is long-lasting and has natural designs and patterns
  • It is smooth and easy to clean with just water and soap


  • It requires a lot of attention when it comes to maintenance
  • It is costly to purchase and manage

4. Engineered stone countertops

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It is mainly composed of quartz, a material that is extremely hard and requires no sealing. In the earlier days, this engineered stone didn’t have a variety of patterns, colors, and designs but with time there has been an upgrade and introduction of new and beautiful designs for instance, zodiaq, Silestone, caesarstone, and Cambria.


  • It is cost-effective
  • It lasts long


  • It is hard to manage
  • Requires a professional to install it

5. Concrete stone countertops

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This is one of the most common types of countertop that is made by hard and long-lasting material this making it a perfect surface for any individual to work on.

This type of stone countertop must be installed by a professional.


  • Knife marks are not left on the surface of the countertop
  • High levels of resistance to heat
  • It has a wide range of colors any designs to choose from
  • You can customize the countertops into your own design to match your home décor.


  • It is costly to purchase and maintain
  • It requires sealing

6. Natural stone countertops

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These include marble, Jerusalem stone and, soapstone


  • People who bake love to do it on cold marble but designers do not recommend it because it flakes
  • Leaves knife marks and is not resistant to high levels of heat.

7. Silestone countertop

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It is made from quartz and it is easily  maintainable and customizable. Most restaurants and big hotels commonly use the Silestone countertop.

Silestone comes in different colors which include:

  • Blanco series
  • Caramel rhine
  • phoenix
  • white dune
  • Selena
  • Tigris sand
  • Luna

8. Soap stone countertop

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This is another type of natural stone whose color is dark gray. This stone is very hard.


  • Has a dark, deep and rich in color
  • It doesn’t stain easily
  • High resistance to heat
  • Gives the kitchen a historic look


  • May change color with time
  • Must be installed by a professional
  • Must be sensitized by mineral oils
  • The top might flake making it look old with time

9. Limestone

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It is the most beautiful stone. It is long-lasting and has a high resistance to heat.

The Limestone has a light color so staining is easy but can be cleaned by soap and clean water.The most outstanding feature of limestone is that it will always match with your décor no matter what color it is.

The major drawback about this stone is that it requires high maintenance meaning that you will always have to make sure that you don’t place hot objects on its surface

If you know the type of countertop you want to install, the choosing it is easy for you. If you consider all the factors above and choose a stone countertop that is consumer-oriented then you won’t be disappointed.

Make your house look appealing by purchasing a good stone countertop. There are many cases of people getting stuck with the wrong countertop. There are many affordable varieties to choose from depending on your preference and your budget.


The stone countertop that is best for you depends on your budget, personal taste and the type of kitchen space in which it will be installed. There are many factors to consider when selecting a new surface material for your counters. Always make sure to talk with professional who can help guide you through the process, no matter what type or brand of stone countertops they may recommend! We hope this post has helped you understand more about how different types of stones affect durability, maintenance needs and aesthetics. If you’ve got any lingering questions please don’t hesitate to reach out- we’re here 24/7!

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