Review Logitech G Pro Keyboard: modern design, many good features

Logitech G Pro is the ideal mechanical keyboard for gamers with a modern design and many outstanding features that provide a good typing feeling, and a fast response time, so it is considered a perfect weapon to help gamers. good fight on many different fronts.

Logitech G Pro keyboard

Logitech G Pro Keyboard Specifications

  • Dimensions: 153mm x 14.19mm x 34.3mm
  • Weight: 980g
  • Keyboard type: Tenkeyless
  • Switch: Romer-G
  • Durability: 70 million keystrokes
  • Press stroke: 1.5 mm
  • Impact force: 45 g
  • Connection type: USB
  • Backlight: RGB 16.8 million colors

Design of Logitech G Pro Keyboard

Logitech G Pro Keyboard is not named in the traditional way of numbering (the way Logitech often gives its keyboard products). Launched with a mouse called G Pro Mouse, it seems that the company wants to bring a perfect combo with its own style to users. Thanks to the enthusiastic advice of the world’s top gamers from teams like TSM, Cloud9, etc., Logitech designed the G Pro Keyboard and this is also the first TKL keyboard to meet its competition standards.

The appearance of the Logitech G Pro Keyboard is quite simple but equally modern and luxurious. The keyboard is designed in TKL style with large keys, and a characteristic profile with the aim of minimizing the occupied space, making room for the mouse and other accessories to help bring a better user experience. use.

Logitech G Pro keyboard

Logitech used plastic material to create the frame for the G Pro, but the plastic on the surface of the keyboard has been subtly customized to provide a more perfect grip. The use of glossy plastic to paint the edges of the keyboard, although it helps to achieve high aesthetics, is easily scratched, so if users want to ensure the beauty of the keyboard, they need to pay a little careful attention during use.

With a cable with a length of up to 1.8m, it can be completely separated from the key body, so users can use the keyboard in many different spaces. The micro USB connector has a trident design with two pins to help ensure a stable connection during the battle for gamers. In addition, Logitech still retains on G Pro Keyboard hotkeys such as turning on and off lights, Windows key lock, and Logitech logo like the design of G610, G810.

The back of the Logitech G Pro keyboard is designed quite simply with 5 feet of non-slip rubber, and 2 kickstands capable of raising the keyboard to 4 or 8 degrees depending on the different needs of each person. With two customizable angles, users can rest their hands on the keyboard and type comfortably without using a palm rest.

ABS plastic keycap, durable switch

When buying a mechanical keyboard product, what users must pay attention to is the feeling of pressing. There are two factors that determine the click feeling: keycap and switch.

Logitech G Pro Keyboard’s keycap is made of single-shot ABS plastic with laser-engraved characters. Because it is covered with a soft-touch layer, this keycap feels quite good. However, there is a common disadvantage that the ABS keys appear glossy after a long time of use, so the aesthetics are not guaranteed.

Logitech G Pro keyboard

The Switch of Logitech G Pro Keyboard is Romer-G, a product researched and developed by Logitech and Omron. According to the manufacturer’s share, this switch is designed to optimize the gaming experience for users with 3mm key travel, only 1.5mm trigger point, and 45g pressing force. Besides, this switch also has a notch to create haptic feedback, so it gives a more accurate pressing feeling.

Actual experience shows that the Romer-G switch does not make much noise and has a shorter key journey, but it feels similar to the Cherry MX Brown. In addition, the use of dual contact points on the Romer-G switch also helps to make the received keyboard signal more stable and sensitive, prolonging use time, and increasing the durability of the switch.

However, this switch also has the disadvantage that it is a separate keycap system with 4 pins attached to the 4 holes on the slider of each switch. Therefore, users will not be able to use CherryMX’s keycap system or any keycap on the market. But if you only need to use a good mechanical keyboard, this drawback can also be eliminated.

The structure of the Romer-G switch is also different from the Cherry MX. Although they all use metal leaf contact, on Romer-G, Logitech designed up to 2 pairs of metal leaves, in which each pair will include a static leaf and a dynamic leaf while on Cherry there is only 1 pair of 1. static and 1 dynamic. Each pair will have a pin going down the PCB circuit like the structure of regular SPST switches and on each leaf, there will be a triangular cylindrical contact point. The interesting thing to mention is the switch’s opening and closing mechanism.

The square slider has 2 pins that are responsible for opening and closing the switch, every time you press down, the 2 pins will force the contact point on the dynamic leaf of this pair to the contact point on the static leaf of the other pair. When the circuit is completely closed between the 2 leaves, the signal will be sent. As for the Cherry MX switch, when pressing the slider down, the contact point only touches the static leaf and the dynamic leaf, which closes the circuit, and the signal is sent. So with the design of Romer-G, Logitech has fulfilled the requirement to increase sensitivity, ensure that the circuit is always closed after use, and help increase the durability of the switch. Testing shows that Romer-G has a durability of up to 70 million clicks and Cherry MX is only about 50 million clicks.

Springs and RGB LEDs are located in the middle of the switch. The spring of Romer-G is much larger than that of Cherry MX. The LED bounces light upwards through the gap between the switch and this gap penetrates from the bottom of the switch up to the slider. To be able to focus LED light, a transparent plastic bar is inserted by Logitech into this gap, through the plastic bar, the light will go straight to the keycap and not leak out.

The layout of the standard Logitech G Pro Keyboard with 87 keys and 2 function keys to turn on and off the light and lock the Windows key. This layout is quite easy to get used to if users have ever used TKL mechanical keys using Cherry switches because the size and key pitch are not much different. It is similar to Ozone Strike Battle, Corsair K65, or Cooler Master MasterKey Pro S.

Logitech G Pro keyboard

Software of Logitech G Pro Keyboard

With Logitech G Pro Keyboard, users only need to install Logitech Gaming Software to receive the best support in each task. The keyboard will automatically connect and help you customize the function for the row of keys from F1 to F12 into Marco keys for different applications.

The RGB lighting system with more than 16 million different colors is also customizable for many brilliant effects. Besides the basic modes such as Wave, Breathing, Color Wave, Color Circle, and Key Press, users can also customize each key or key area according to their needs and preferences.

Gaming Software is also added by Logitech with many profiles of lights and keys of famous games such as DOTA 2, APEX LEGEND, PUBG, etc. So if you play a game on the supported list, the lighting system will automatically change color according to the main operation keys in the game. Users can also customize these keys if desired.

In addition, Logitech Gaming Software also has a heat map mode that tracks the most pressed key areas, displayed through a heat map. This helps maximize the experience of professional gamers.


  • Advantages
  • Modern TKL design
  • Good typing feeling, high response speed.
  • Eye-catching RGB LEDs
  • Good support software with many attractive features.


  • The keycap cannot be changed


Logitech G Pro Keyboard deserves to be considered a quality keyboard with perfect design and outstanding features. It’s compact enough that you can carry it around and use it anywhere, and it has a high-speed switch that provides the best typing experience. With a price of about 2 million, G Pro is a reasonable choice for those who need to use TKL mechanical keys and beautiful RGB lights.

Hopefully, through the review article about the Logitech G Pro keyboard, you have partly figured out what the product you are interested in is like. If you have any questions or suggestions for Gadget review specs editorial team, please leave a comment below!

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