Review Ilife V8S automatic cleaning robot vacuum cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaner market is increasingly active with a variety of product lines from different brands. In addition to high-end robot vacuum cleaners from the US such as iRobot or Neato, mid-range product lines are also being noticed for their improvement in design and quality.

Review of iLife V8S automatic cleaning robot vacuum cleaner

There are quite a few criteria to evaluate the quality of a product, below I will focus on a few basic criteria such as Design, outstanding features, cleaning ability, battery life …

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Design of iLife V8S

In general, the design of the Ilife V8S does not have a breakthrough, a popular round shape, similar to the design of many robot vacuum cleaners on the market today. The only difference is that the top surface of the product is fake silver metal, which looks quite glossy, a small corner is covered with jet black plastic to create contrast, creating a visual impression.

Ilife robot vacuum cleaner

On the surface of the ILIFE V8S vacuum cleaner robot, there are all 5 buttons, the buttons are unevenly designed and neatly arranged in a T-shape, looking simple but quite fancy. All push buttons are made of plastic, pressed lightly, and quite sensitive.

On the buttons, there is a small LED screen that displays the time, the modes are on fire if there is an error (the robot is stuck on the carpet, in operation, it is lifted …) the error content will also be displayed on the screen. This is to warn the user. The front edge of this robot is equipped with a collision sensor bar, if it hits an object in the house, the robot will automatically change direction.

The underside of the iLife V8S robot is similar to the iLife V7S version, in the middle there is a specification stamp. The two sides have 2 moving wheels, the top has a navigation wheel, and the inside has a dust box; The parts on the robot are all removable.

What I like most about iLife V8S is that this robot uses a vacuum cleaner to vacuum, not using a dusting brush like many other vacuum cleaners. The vacuum helps to better handle hair, pet hair, and large amounts of garbage. However, it is because sucking large-sized garbage may affect the suction engine.

Compared to the iLife V7S version, this version is more optimized, upgrading 2 more vein brushes on both sides. This broom has the main task of cleaning legs, wall corners, and some other hidden corners. The edge of the robot is an infrared sensor that helps them identify stairs and prevent falls.

Another limitation in the design of the iLife V8S vacuum cleaner robot is that it does not have a depth sensor, so when it encounters some separation points on the floor, it will sometimes misunderstand it as a staircase, so it does not risk climbing. past and turn around.

The side of iLife V8S has a robot on/off switch and a small charging jack. When buying the robot, there are separate accessories included, including a User manual, 2 side brushes, 1 cleaning water container, 1 replacement filter, 1 remote control with battery, and 1 cleaning brush born.

Experience using robot iLife V8S

It is not difficult to use the iLife V8S vacuum cleaner robot, just put the robot on the floor, press “Play” and it will automatically clean the house in auto mode. Auto mode is the simplest mode to use but saves the most time, for those who are not familiar with it, start with auto. In addition to this mode, we have many other modes to test.

Each button on the robot’s face is a different use mode, specifically: The Path Mode button activates the robot to move in a zigzag path to save the road. On the Play button, there are 3 small buttons, the rightmost button is the Point Mode which activates the robot to scan at a certain point in a vortex pattern. The Home button commands the robot to return to the charging dock.

On the iLife V8S robot body, there are only basic buttons as above. If we want more features, we need to use the control. On the remote, there is a Border Mode button that tells the robot to only scan locations around the room (next to the door, next to the chair, next to the table, the wall …), and the button to customize the strong/weak mode, the automatic vacuum cleaner…

iLife V8S does not have the feature to go backward, it has to rotate inwards to turn, but it does not matter whether the robot can find its way automatically, so, in experience, this feature is almost like theirs. we do not use it.

Many people are quite interested in iLife V8S thanks to the extra water tray and mopping mode. To use this feature, you need to replace the dust tray with a water tray (capacity of 300ml).

Navigation feature

Path Mode seems to be the most convenient because iLife V8S will move systematically, following objects on the floor to clean up. In Auto Mode, iLife V8S moves almost randomly, the ability to miss a large area, moving this way is often quite energy-consuming. As for Border Mode, it is almost unnecessary because just turning on Path Mode or Auto mode, the scanning part of Border Mode mode is already in the area that needs cleaning in both modes.

In order for iLife V8S to work at its best, your room should be neatly arranged, because, from the perspective of this robot, all the objects on the floor are “obstacles”, too many obstacles. Obstacles will change the cleaning layout, making it more difficult for the robot to find the way and direction to clean. The floor has a lot of wires, the worse things are.

In general, through practical experience, I find Path Mode is the most suitable model for all housing spaces. In any mode, Ilife V8S also avoids obstacles, and avoids falling stairs, it can move very quickly, but just meeting the stairs, the sensor will be very sensitive, helping the robot stops immediately.

In addition to anti-fall and anti-collision sensors, Ilife V8S is also equipped with a sound wave sensor, used to recognize sudden obstacles, the robot will automatically slow down and navigate away. Avoid strong impacts causing damage.

Finally, the mopping mode is Mopping mode. The mode is quite similar to Path Mode, but the difference is that the path is thinner, and the cleaning area is equal to a large part of the body.

Ilife robot vacuum cleaner

Cleaning ability

Ilife V8S has the largest operating capacity of 1400 Pascal, this capacity is not the largest capacity, but it is basically more than enough because just 1200 Pascal capacity is enough to attract all kinds of dirt, hair shedding, or pet hair. If you turn it on once a week, the capacity of the dust tray (750ml) is enough to sweep 2 floors near the city street.

As I introduced just above, Ilife V8S is more unique than conventional robot vacuums in that it does not use suction technology but uses vacuum suction, whether it is shredded paper, wood chips, crumbs, or other types of garbage. similarly small, it cleans up quite well.

I turned on the mopping mode and found that the amount of water secreted on the floor is not much, moist enough to clean the floor. The level of cleaning depends on how you decorate the room and the level of dirt on the floor. If the room is neatly arranged, the robot will clean it quite comprehensively, but if the room is too full of furniture, it will accidentally miss some locations. The floor is not too dirty, it will clean the shine, but if there are stubborn stains, it is unlikely that a single wipe will be clean immediately.

Battery life

Ilife V8S has a battery capacity of 2600mAh. Until this parameter, I am not too satisfied, because the higher the battery capacity, the longer the robot’s operating time. 2600mAh seems still quite modest compared to some other robot lines. If it can go up to 3200mAp, that’s even better. And if “terrible” like some Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners, up to 5200mAp is too good.

If you choose the auto mode for the robot to work, it will clean from place to place until the battery runs out, but the cleaning efficiency is sometimes not high, there are duplicate locations, sometimes omitted. location. However, if you choose Path Mode, the efficiency is higher because of a more scientific way of moving, cleaning a 25m2 room takes more than half an hour. Through this experience, I recommend that you leave Path Mode when using it.

Ilife V8S can clean in about 3 hours, ie 180 minutes. When it feels the room is pretty clean or the battery is almost empty, it will automatically return to the dock to recharge. With cleaning time like this, Ilife V8S still has enough battery to operate in a large space.

The noise when operating the robot vacuum cleaner Ilife V8S is <68dB, this parameter is announced by the manufacturer, I did not measure it again because I can trust it. With normal ears, we can still completely hear this noise, especially when sitting next to the robot. However, this noise is still considered small, noisy but not annoying. Do not buy a robot line with noise from 81dB or more.


Although there are still limitations and the design is not really impressive, the robot vacuum cleaner Ilife V8S still completely meets the needs of vacuuming, and cleaning the house, the neater the house, the more optimal the cleaning effect. . The cleaning mode of Ilife V8S is highly appreciated for its very good control of water output, no water leakage causing wet floors, is a product worth using.

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