The Top Best Vizio TVs Reviews To Buy of November2023

Vizio TVs are some of the best TV sets on the market, and it’s not hard to see why. For one thing, Vizio is one of the only companies that offers an LED-backlit LCD TV with a 120Hz refresh rate at this price point. Plus they offer wide viewing angles for optimum picture quality no matter where you’re sitting in your living room or family room. If you’re looking for a high-quality HDTV set without breaking your budget, Vizio has what you need!

Top 6 Best Rated Vizio TVs

VIZIO V-Series 43″ (42.5″ Diag.) 4K HDR Smart TV

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Introducing the VIZIO V-Series 43″ 4K HDR Smart TV. Packed with cutting edge features and hardware including stunning 4K (HDR) Ultra High Definition, smooth 120Hz refresh rate and Wide Color Spectrum technology, this pre-owned product provides a true cinematic experience in the comfort of your home that you won’t want to put down!

Easily connect all your devices with four HDMI ports and two USB ports for stable connectivity so you can enjoy seamless streaming from top channels like NBC News, FOX News Network when it matters most. Don’t miss out on wearing white jeans in winter or celebrating business victories so buy today and say bye bye to watching movies in all black and white!


Buy a pre-owned product without the risk.
Get a great deal on an amazing item.
You’ll feel confident in your purchase decision.
Save money and still get something good!

VIZIO 50-Inch 4k Smart TV

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With the VIZIO 50-inch 4K HDTV, you can enjoy immersive picture quality. This television is 75% more colorful than most televisions on the market. Features of this TV include an ultra-bright Active Full Array backlight with 16 Local Dimming Zones that offer excellent contrast and black levels, resulting in color precision due to intelligent upscaling engine. Viewers are immersed in brilliant color volume more vivid than ever before with VIZIO’s Quantum Color Technology.


  • Get a crystal clear picture with 4K Ultra HD.
  • Watch high quality videos in stunning detail.
  • Experience the latest entertainment trends without having to pay for them.

VIZIO 70-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV

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The 70-inch VIZIO V-Series 4K UHD TV is perfect for larger images and more display. You can upgrade your home theater experience without breaking the bank! Whether it’s a movie, show, or game, you can see all of the stunning details on this massive panel with over 8 million high-resolution pixels and behind that brilliant LED screen is an Active Pixel Tuning feature to ensure every pixel maintains its steady stream of color. With Dolby Vision™ HDR10 and HLG support in addition to an AI (artificial intelligence) Active IQ Processor and voice controls, you’ll never want to turn off your bright new TV!


  • Watch more of what you want with 4K resolution.
  • Get the most out of your HDTV with Ultra Color Spectrum and Active Pixel Tuning
  • Streamline TV watching by allowing voice control
  • Enjoy stunning visuals on a 120 Hz refresh rate

VIZIO 24 Inch Smart TV

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The VIZIO 24 Inch Smart TV can’t wait to bring your Netflix binge-watching session to new heights. Enjoy crisp, clear, and immersive sound throughout the room with an ease of portability. Simply find the perfect spot on the wall or under your TV stand for this sidekick speaker that helps you be absolutely engaged in whatever show or movie is captivating your attention.

Don’t face any confusion when it’s time for bed thanks to auto adjusting settings that sense placement location in either horizontal or vertical formats with two built-in 3” subwoofers elegantly bringing deep bass into focus just below the surface of your home theater conveniently residing near an outlet.


  • Crystal clear sound that fills the room.
  • It’s a sleek and modern design.
  • You’ll have no regrets with this purchase.
  • The bass will blow you away

Vizio D-Series 24inch HD (720P) Smart LED TV

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For those who want HD at a more affordable price, Vizio’s D-Series is the perfect TV. This 24 inch LED HD tv offers 720P of great quality with Smart functionality to give you all the best apps. With WiFi connectivity it is easy to browse your favorite shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video right from the comfort of your couch.


  • You’ll be able to enjoy this product for a fraction of the cost.
  • This is an excellent opportunity to save money and get something that looks and works like it’s new.
  • Save yourself from spending more than you need to on a new product.
  • Get peace of mind knowing that your purchase has been inspected, tested, and cleaned by professionals.

VIZIO 75 inch 4K Smart TV

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This is the classiest and sleekest 4K television on the market that has an 120% more color than standard 4K TV giving you a cinematic experience. Enjoy Active Full Array backlight with 240 Local Dimming Zones, so each pixel can be lit individually for dynamic display without any blinding zones or clusters of bright and dark spots. With all these features and picture performance, this strikingly beautiful 75-inch TV will be your new favorite spot in the room!


  • 120% more color than standard 4K TVs.
  • The revolutionary IQ Ultra processor offers best in class picture processing, a powerful 4k upscaling engine and HDMI 2.1 connectivity.
  • Bring your entertainment to life with spectacular bright highlights at up to 1200 nits of peak brightness.


Choosing Vizio TVs can be tough, even when you know what size TV will fit your living space. The Vizio D-Series is a well-priced TV series that’s easy to live with and loaded with the features a modern family needs. It also won our Editor’s Choice award in the 50 inch size thanks to its combination of picture quality and smart TV features.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive 4K ultra HDTV, the Vizio E Series offers very good image quality at a wallet friendly price–it won an Editors’ Choice award in that category too. In addition Vizio E series includes built-in Google Chrome cast so you can stream lots of high def programming from apps like Netflix and YouTube making it easy to get Vizio TVs with 4K resolution at prices starting in the $500 range. Vizio D-series offers a lot of value for your money too, but since Vizio has limited its many of stock keeping units (SKUs) to 720p (HD resolution), Vizio D series isn’t quite as attractive at this price point where you so often find full HD 1080p sets from other manufacturers.

In addition Vizio makes a few high end sets including P Series, M Series and E0S series which offer better picture quality Vizios let you step up to a smart TV platform that will provide more streaming video choices, especially if you have an iPhone or Android device. The Vizio internet apps platform gives access to Netflix, Amazon Instant, Hulu Plus, Vudu (HDX), iHeartRadio and even some niche entertainment like DailyMotion or Vizio’s own 4K content store. Vizio also supports screen mirroring from your smartphone or tablet with built-in Wi-Fi in Vizio TVs.

However most Vizios still use the free but somewhat stripped down Google TV platform that was launched in 2010 by Vizio and several other manufacturers including Sony. Today Vizio is moving away from Google TV to an all new smart cast system that turns a tablet or phone into a second TV screen connected directly to the internet instead of using its own operating system.

About Vizio

Vizio is an american company founded in 2002 by William Wang. The headquarters used to be located in Irvine, California but as of late 2014 moved to their new location in San Diego.

The main product sold by Vizio is LCD/LED TVs and lately also Smart TVs. Their lineup includes several series of HDTVs which vary greatly in size features and prices (the cheapest is around $130 and top of the line can go up to $25,000).

All Vizio TVs run the Vizio smart platform which is based on the Google Android OS. It enables access to different apps such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, and others. Although Vizio TVs are often well rated by critics, they usually lack advanced features such as 3D or local dimming. This makes them a better choice for those who want a cheap TV with basic functionality rather than those looking for a high-end set.

Tips and guides on buying a Vizio TV

The main thing that needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing a new TV is its size. This will be determined by the size of your room, how far you normally sit from your TV and what kind of content you prefer watching.

According to Vizio: “Every seat is the best seat when you’re watching a VIZIO HDTV.” That’s why they offer various sizes to make sure that all people can enjoy their TVs. Besides this, there are many other factors such as screen resolution (1080p vs 4K), refresh rate (60 Hz vs 120 Hz), and input lag. The latter one is especially important if you like playing games on your TV or planning to use it as a monitor for console gaming.

What we recommend here at Tips and guides on buying a Vizio is that you select a TV from a size you want and consider the other factors only if the first one falls within your budget. For example, there is no point in choosing a 1080p TV over a 4K set if it has double input lag and lacks HDR compatibility (Vizio allows you to choose only from their top TVs).

An additional factor to take into consideration before buying a Vizio TV is its picture quality. This can be assessed by checking professional reviews such as those provided on Tips and guides on buying a Vizio. It’s worth noting that Vizio TVs are well-rated but rarely can meet the standards of high-end TVs such as OLED or local dimming. These technologies produce great image quality which cannot be matched by LCD or LED TVs.

How to choose the right size of your TV

The size of your TV is determined by the distance you will usually sit from it. For a better estimate, consider the following:

The closer you’ll be sitting to your new Vizio TV, the larger it should be.

People mostly overestimate their optimal viewing distance. So if you think you’ll watch from 10ft away, don’t buy anything more than 50 inches unless money isn’t an issue for you.

If you want to use your new TV as a computer monitor, the viewing distance should be around twice the diagonal size of your screen.

Different types of TVs and their features

There is a great variety of TVs and their specs differ greatly in the way they work and what they offer. Depending on your needs, there are different types of TVs which may be better suited for you:

LCD/LED TVs: Almost all Vizio TV models belong to this category. They use LEDs to illuminate their screen which results in good brightness and wide viewing angles. In general, these sets have lower prices than OLEDs but lack local dimming so the depth of black is not very deep.

Plasma TVs: These were widely used before LED became mainstream. Their main advantage over LED is that they produce deeper blacks since every single cell of a plasma screen illuminates itself independently rather than using a backlight behind the screen like LCDs.

OLED TVs: These are the latest and greatest TVs on the market. This technology significantly surpasses all previous technologies because of its perfect black levels and great viewing angles. They also have great color accuracy, high refresh rates and can produce rich HDR images. However, they require more power than other types of TVs and their prices start at around $2000 for 55 inches.

Although Vizio televisions aren’t as well known as those from Sony or Samsung, they offer a mix of quality, design and affordability which makes them a great choice for many people. Tips and guides on buying a Vizio TV should help you pick the right settings so that you can enjoy it even more thanks to their sound bars such as VIZIO SB3821-D6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer.

Comparison between LED, LCD, and OLED TVs

People often ask ‘what is the difference between LED, LCD and OLED TVs?’. Here are some of the main things that distinguish them from each other:

Local dimming: this feature can produce better blacks by illuminating some parts of a screen while turning others completely off. It’s only available on some types of TVs, mostly premium ones with great picture quality.

Refresh rate: it represents how many times per second your TV screen gets refreshed. Higher refresh rates mean more smooth motion but they are also twice more expensive than standard 60 Hz models. Tips and guides on buying a Vizio, for example, recommend choosing at least 120 Hz if you want to avoid the so-called “soap opera effect” which is achieved by increasing the refresh rate.

Resolution: some TVs offer 4K while others are limited to 1080p. Modern TVs can display 4K content with ease but if you have an old video player, chances are that it won’t be able to show you all the extra pixels your new TV has to offer. Tips and guides on buying a Vizio recommend getting either a 1080p or 4k set depending on where most of your content comes from.

Dynamic range: this represents how many different shades of each color your TV can produce. Most modern sets offer 10-bit depth which is enough for precise reproduction of almost every color found in nature. High dynamic range means that these colors will be accurate rather than washed out like in most other types of TVs.

Viewing angles: the main difference between LED, LCD and OLED is that some of them have better viewing angles than others. Vizio recommend getting a TV with a strong side viewing angle for a wider living room since it’s very annoying when you can see a clear picture only if you’re sitting in front of the screen.

Reflections: most TVs are pretty good at preventing their screens from reflecting light but this doesn’t mean they don’t reflect anything at all. Vizio recommend checking how reflective your new TV will be before making any decisions because it makes big difference whether you plan to use it in a bright room or not.

Price: Last but not least, the price is something that you should consider before buying any electronic device. Tips and guides on buying Vizio TVs are designed to help people find their perfect TV without spending too much money.

FAQs about Vizio TVs

Does Vizio have a privacy policy?

Yes, Vizio has released the Vizio Smart Cast privacy policy which you can read here.

What are Vizio M series TVs?

Vizio M series 2016 is an award-winning 4K UHD TV collection with brilliant picture performance, color accuracy and clarity. The Vizio M-series offers an excellent high dynamic range in a variety of screen sizes, including the Vizio SmartCast E-Series Ultra HD HDR XLED Pro Display.

What is Vizio D series TVs?

D Series – Affordable Full HD Resolution If you want to enjoy 1080p content without paying much for your next display, get Vizio D Series smart TV. This one comes with Vizio’s famous 1080p resolution that provides detailed images without any lag or motion blur.

What Vizio E series is the best?

E Series Vizio E Series offers a great smart TV experience with its Vizio Internet Apps Plus and Vizio 5″ Android Tablet Remote Control Included . It has a wide variety of screen sizes, from 50″ to 80″.

What Vizio M series is the best?

M Series 2016 – 4K UHD TVs that produce bright highlights and dark blacks The Vizio M-series offers an excellent high dynamic range in a variety of screen sizes, from 51″ to 75″. Vizios Full-Array LED backlighting helps it deliver accurate colors, deep contrast and clarity. It’s also packed with all of Vizzios SmartCast technologies – including Chromecast built-in.

What is the best Vizio TV for gaming?

If you want a Vizio TV for gaming, Vizio D Series 2016 is the one to get. Vizios Full-Array LED backlighting helps it produce accurate colors and deep contrast without any lag or motion blur. It even has Vizios Game Low Latency technology built-in.


The best vizio TVs are the ones that will suit your needs, which is why it’s important to understand all of the features and specifications before making a purchase. Make sure you take into account what size TV screen you want, how many HDMI ports there are for connecting devices like gaming consoles or DVD players, and whether or not the television has smart capabilities. You should also consider if you need any additional accessories such as an external audio system with speakers. Once you know exactly what type of tv screens work for your home theater setup and lifestyle requirements, we can help find one that fits perfectly in your budget! Contact us today – our team looks forward to helping make buying an Vizio TV easy on yourself!

Listed below are Best Vizio TVs which satisfy both affordability and quality:

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