The Best Solar-Powered Security Cameras of April 2024

The best solar-powered security cameras are offered by Company X, which has been manufacturing high quality security equipment since 1857. Our products include a variety of wireless and wired cameras for home and commercial use. For residential customers looking to protect their property, we offer both indoor and outdoor surveillance systems that can be monitored from any smart device or computer with internet access. We also provide additional services such as installation and monitoring plans that allow you to pay monthly for our services without having to worry about upfront costs. With us, you can feel confident knowing your property is safe no matter what time of day it is!

Top 10 Best Rated Solar-Powered Security Cameras

SD-SOLIOM S600 Home Security Camera Outdoor

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SD-SOLIOM S600 Home Security Camera Outdoor is a top quality outdoor camera for keeping you and your family safe. The device has a weather resistant design which means it will work in temperatures ranging from -4oF to 140oF. With an impressive 155 degree angle PIR sensor, this camera does not miss any motion that happens around the area. You can talk through this high end security camera or use 2 way communication with noise up to 18 feet away and accurately see the environment vividly in HD 1080p resolution. This product comes with many accessories like adjustable solar panel and wall mounting bracket base so it can be installed on various surfaces.


– Never miss a thing with this camera.
– Monitor your property from anywhere in the world.
– Prevent theft and vandalism.
– Keep an eye on your family and pets while you’re away.

Security Camera Outdoor Wireless WiFi ZUMIMALL

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The Wireless WiFi Camera Outdoor is perfect for homes and businesses who want to protect their property. With a solar panel and automating features, this camera guarantees battery life with renewable energy. And the 100 ft night vision will not disappoint at all; with alerts sent to your phone via 2.4G Wifi connection you know exactly when and where something happens in real time. This security device also has infrared sensor which prevents false alarms by automatically switching based on detection sensitivity and surveillance mode when needed so that you can sleep soundly knowing it will keep watch when you’re away from home or work.
Designed to be easy-to-use, this outdoor wireless wifi camera is worth investing in today!


– Solar panel recharges battery with no wires
– Camera is weatherproof and can be used outdoors.
– Know what’s happening at your home even when you’re away.
– Automatically switch to night vision for clear footage in darkness

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

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Coming in at 2200 lumens, this advanced LED Spotlight Camera will allow you to see the details of your subjects even in dark environments. It’s equipped with 2000 infrared LEDs that deliver powerful performance, 24/7 reliability and 3-month records for 30 days of cloud recording. With night vision capable of locating human forms even when they’re up to 49 feet away, it’ll be easy to tell who’s there when people are hard to spot!

Somebody is trying to sneak into your house? Don’t miss a thing using these Visionary Cameras which combine gorgeous HD 1920×1080 resolution lenses with an automatic image correction system reducing the fisheye effect for stunning clarity.


– See features like faces or license plates in full color, even at night
– With an Arlo Secure plan, receive notifications for people, vehicles, and packages so you can react quickly
– Ward off unwelcome guests using the integrated spotlight
– Hear and speak to visitors at your door with clear, two-way audio
– Includes 3 months of Arlo Secure for 30 day cloud recording

YI 1080p Smart Home Camera

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YI 1080P is the perfect tool for keeping your home safe, allowing you to see any intruder or incident whether you’re away or not. The YI1080 has features like Noon light’s Certified Emergency Dispatchers, AI powered sensitivity levels, and 9 live feeds on pc app. This camera will give peace of mind knowing that the neighbors are alerted if something bad happens at home.
We offer all types of cameras–so find one that fits your needs today!


– Your home will be safer than ever.
– Get the peace of mind you deserve.
– Know that your family is safe at all times.
– Feel secure in your own home again

Reolink Argus PT w/ Solar Panel

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The Argus PT is a new self-charging DIY security camera. The product has all of the features you’d need to optimize your surveillance, including an enhanced night vision with starlight CMOS image sensor, ability to turn its head 355° horizontally and 140° vertically, securely encrypted cloud service for privacy, and its pet resistance that allows it be used both indoors or outdoors. Stay updated on all things happening at home with Reolink Argus PT Self-Charging DIY Security Camera.


– Live video feed from your home 24/7 with no wires.
– Monitor your property or loved ones anytime, anywhere.
– Never worry about someone breaking in again.
– Keep an eye on elderly grandparents who live alone.

Blink Outdoor – wireless

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Blink Outdoor is a multitasking security camera that offers long-lasting battery life, infrared night vision capabilities to monitor your home day or night. It can store video clips and photos in the cloud with the Blink Subscription Plan and save events locally to the Blink Sync Module 2 via a USB flash drive (sold separately). This product requires no tools to set up. Simply attach it outside near an outlet, sync it wirelessly from inside using Bluetooth or WiFi signal strength indicator lights, then place it wherever you want it: indoor or outdoor. The perfect solution for monitoring your home inside and out: come rain or shine!


– Know what’s happening in your home 24/7.
– Monitor kids, pets, or elderly parents from anywhere.
– Catch burglars and other intruders before they get too far into the house.
– Keep your family safe with peace of mind.
– Never worry about someone else breaking in again.

All-new Ring Stick Up Cam Solar HD security camera with two-way talk

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All-new Ring Stick Up cam Solar HD security camera with two-way talk. Protect your home both day and night in a variety of ways using the new solar powered, 1080p smartcam from Ring. This one mounts to a wall or stands on table tops for versatile installation. Easily monitor from your phone when you’re at work or if you want to add an extra sense of security when leaving town for vacation. Daytime visibility has been improved with cloud recording and live view! Plus, get notifications about what’s happening at home whether it be motion or deliveries that set off the contact sensor – all by just watching over your smartphone app!


– See, hear and speak to people from your phone, tablet or select Echo device.
– Privacy features such as customizable privacy zones and audio privacy.
– Get peace of mind rain or shine.
– Check in on your home any time through the Ring app with Live View.

Panamalar Outdoor Camera Solar Powered

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Panamalar Solar Powered Outdoor Camera is a portable wireless camera with a sleek and stylish design. Easy to install, all you have to do is place it anywhere outdoors and watch as your property becomes a no-go area for trespassers! Usage is simple: just connect the Panamalar camera S20 to any power outlet using its cable, plug in solar panels (not included), and you’re set. Its WiFi connection lets you view real-time video from any device such as laptop or phone (please note that 2.4G WiFi only, not 5Ghz). Additionally, footage will be securely stored on an SD card up 128GB giving you hours of recording time at once without running out of space.


– Securely store your data in the cloud or on a microSD card.
– Capture high quality video with this camera.
– Never miss a moment with this camera’s 1080P HD video and H.264+/H.265 recording capabilities

Solar Security Camera Outdoor Wireless WiFi

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Here at Solar Patio, our outdoor wireless solar security camera design was created to make sure that you could enjoy maximum light in the night. The built-in 14400mAh battery ensures no power hassles while providing crisp, color images with even less blind spots. We made our security camera the new generation of array infrared technology for its higher reliability and better nighttime vision up to 20 metres’ distance away. Easily keep an eye on your home or store’s needs via this WiFi supported camera’s panoramic viewing capabilities which provides 355° pan option for any situation and 95° tilt selection when surveillance is needed!


– Stay connected with your family and pets when you’re not home.
– Keep an eye on the kids while they sleep.
– Know that you’re safe from intruders in your home.
– Never worry about someone breaking into your house again.

INQMEGA Solar Battery Powered Outdoor PTZ IP-Camera

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INQMEGA Solar Powered Outdoor PTZ camera is fully wireless surveillance system that enables you to stay secured with 100% wire-free security. It runs on 2.4 GHz WiFi and can be powered by solar panel, which eliminates the hassle of wires installation for the video feed reception. Weatherproof made of aluminum alloy material increases its durability against rain or snow. Camera has built-in PIR detection and motion detection sensors which detect 120 degree movements; it captures every movement in 1080p HD view via livestreaming on mobile devices (smartphone). With sound recording option, you can chat with elderly parents while they are at home without worrying about getting up all times.


– Wireless and wire-free.
– Full 1080p HD video.
– A peace of mind for your family.

BUYING GUIDES: Choose Solar-Powered Security Cameras

A solar-powered security camera is a surveillance system and process which uses solar energy and sunlight as the primary power source.  The use of solar energy as a power source can be beneficial in some ways:

1. It doesn’t need to be wired into electrical mains, so installation with solar-powered cameras is cheaper, easier and less time consuming.

2. It uses free power from sun, so there’s no added cost like energy bills or property taxes at all, even though its running 24/7.  It requires only maintenance occasionally for replacing worn out parts such as rechargeable batteries or sensor covers; unlike other common types of security systems (e.g., hardwired and battery), it will require more frequent maintenance and service to replace defective parts or components that need replacement.  It doesn’t generate any emissions (e.g., greenhouse gases).

3. Solar-powered security cameras can work in remote areas where grid is not available, like in rural places or sparsely populated regions with little population; for locations such as farmland, forest or desert without running water and electricity; or inside buildings with poor exposure to the sun (e.g., underground car park).

4. It’s less vulnerable to power failures when there’s a bad weather like heavy snow, thunderstorm, hurricane or tornado since it operates on solar energy and sunlight instead of supplied by grid power supply through an electric utility company, only power outage will interrupt operation rather than both power outage and grid failure.  Its power source is largely unaffected by the regular brownouts, blackouts or electrical surges that may damage other security systems (e.g., CCTV) with low voltage or current fluctuations.

5. Solar panels used for collecting solar energy are not affected by extreme heat or cold weather conditions unlike battery operated devices which will stop working at very high or low temperature range due to reduced battery performance level, even on cloudy days its solar panel can still provide enough charging energy without requiring high sun intensity needed in direct sunlight; though some types of solar-powered cameras have built-in heater to prevent frost build up on its sensor modules on very cold winter days when there’s heavy snow, usually it has minimum effect on the efficiency of solar panel.

6. Availability in a variety of types and styles for different applications to meet the requirements of certain situations, such as fixed type with weatherproof housing to operate in outdoor environment; PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) type with high resolution imaging sensors to provide detailed image at long distance; panoramic camera with wide angle lens to cover wider area which can be mounted up high on top of pole or close to ground level on tripod stand.

7. Solar powered security cameras require minimal maintenance and only requires cleaning every few years when built-in dust filter gets clogged, otherwise it operates reliably without requiring much attention by users and owners except during installation and configuration.  Its electronic parts and components such as power supply, camera and solar panel are not affected by heat or cold weather conditions; it does not require frequent inspections for wear and tear like other security systems which rely on battery powered components (e.g., movement sensors).

8. Solar-powered cameras come with a good performance level in low light condition such as at night time when they can perform better than some conventional types of security system (e.g., CCTV) that use infrared auto iris lens which reacts to lack of light.  During cloudy days or very dark nights when there’s no sun shining, they work like most other areas without sunlight; however its operation during the evening is limited since the solar panel doesn’t generate enough charge energy required to keep running all day and night.

9. No need for a separate power source other than solar panels, which makes it easy to install since no trenching work needs to be done, just mount the solar panel on top of its housing or pole then fix to wall or ceiling with screws or bolts, while the cables are supplied by manufacturers to connect between camera unit and solar panel, while some manufacturers provide weatherproof junction box where all parts can be easily connected together in one place without any additional hardware required for installation.

How do solar-powered security cameras work?

A solar-powered security camera system works like other types of security camera, it detects motion with its built-in motion sensor (e.g., PIR sensor) which is actuated by warmer temperature resulting from movement; this triggers the video recording device to capture images of whatever happened in front of its camera lens for further analysis and examination, if no motion detected then the unit will not activate its video recording device or send alert message.  When used as a standalone type without any type of connection to internet network, only those pictures that captured by motion detection are sent via email or FTP upload to designated accounts on local networks.

When should I buy a solar-powered security camera?

There are many possible reasons why you may want to buy a solar-powered camera, here are few examples for reference:

1. You want to setup up a surveillance system without need of any power source other than solar panel which means no additional hardware or extra wires.

2. Camera is intended for outdoor use since it has weatherproof housing and components, so it can operate well in extreme weather conditions such as heavy snowfall or scorching heat.  It works like most other types of security camera (e.g., CCTV) that using black and white imaging based on 1/4″ monochrome Sony CCD sensor; it includes basic functionality such as motion detection alarm via E-mail or FTP upload pictures captured by its camera.

3. Camera is intended for use on a new construction project, especially when builders and contractors want to build or put-in security system on its own (e.g., during the construction of house and business premises) and they want it to be solar-powered with minimum hassle such as hassles with trenching work just to run those cables from power source (e.g., AC outlet) to where it is installed, then that’s the right choice for you!

4. You need low maintenance type of security system that can be left alone without much care or attention other than cleaning due to its minimal requirement apart from occasional sunlight exposure; depending on climate conditions, some manufacturers provide warranty for 10 years while others offer more or less warranty period on its solar panel and/or battery.

5. You need a covert camera that’s hard to detect with naked eyes since it looks just like ordinary decorative item such as bird house, traffic cone, street sign , wall clock, etc., thus it is not easily noticeable unless you know what you’re looking for.

Pros and cons of solar-powered security cameras


1. Can be easily mounted on wall, ceiling or pole (mast); no trenching work needed during installation since it can be connected via cable without any additional hardware required for secure connection; depending on model, some manufacturers provide weatherproof junction box with standard connectors to make it easy to install and use without any hassle.  This type of camera is very good for temporary surveillance project such as construction site where traditional power source (AC outlet) not available at the moment..

2. Since solar panel directly converts sunlight into electricity then you don’t need to pay monthly bill anymore.  But if your area doesn’t have that much sunlight exposure then its performance may vary from one unit to another or from time to time.

3. Since there’s no power line involved, it is much more reliable security camera compared to those wired one because you will not have any problem with electricity disconnection or wire cut , thus that type of security system can work well as long as solar panel working well and battery does not corrode due to weather conditions such as snowfall or heavy rain .

4. Due to its nature, this type of security camera requires low maintenance since there’s only minimum requirement apart from sunlight exposure; some models may require battery replacement every 2-3 years but it depend on how often motion detection feature being activated and how often pictures captured by its camera being uploaded via FTP onto designated account so you need to check with manufacturer first before buying a unit.


1. Poor night vision because it is not infrared type of security camera, thus it may give you bad picture quality during night time unless there’s enough light source available such as street lamps or emergency lights .  Due to its nature, this type of security camera is not good for dark environment .

2. May require custom mounting hardware since most units are intended for temporary surveillance project where places to be monitored are changed often due to ongoing construction work , thus you need something that can easily mounted and removed so your contractor can do the job quickly without too much hassle.

3. Some models have lower resolution (e.g., 480TVL) compared to standard CCTV which usually offer 600TVL resolution or better (higher resolution, the better).

4. May require more frequent cleaning due to its solar panel which can get dirty after few months or years of usage; depending on climate conditions such as heavy snowfall or rain where it is installed then you may need to clean solar panel once every few weeks or months in order to maintain optimal performance and extend its service life.


Can I use solar power in my home?

Yes, you can use solar power in your home.  If you have enough sunlight source available to meet your daily electricity needs then this is probably the best way to go.

How much does solar energy cost?

It depends on how big your house is and how many units of solar panel you need for your home plus the cost to have it installed onto roof or backyard .

What are pros and cons of using solar panels at home?

Advantages: It gives you green energy which means no more electric bill once its installation complete.  Since it runs independently without any interference from any external factors then that’s the biggest advantage over other renewable energy sources where weather conditions may affect its performance.

Disadvantages:  Higher initial capital cost to install solar panels onto roof or backyard .

Which is better, grid-tied or off-grid solar power system?

Grid-tied systems are cheaper because it borrows existing electric lines installed by utility company then you just need to pay monthly bill for that amount of electricity being borrowed from the grid plus your own consumption then you’re all set while in case of off-grid system , there’s no possibility of borrowing electricity from utility company so you have to build your own generator to produce electricity plus enough solar panel to collect sunlight exposure so it could be used to power your home 24/7.


Solar-powered security cameras are a great way to save money on your electric bill and reduce the carbon footprint of your home. They’re also useful for monitoring outdoor areas, such as storage sheds or pools. However, not all solar-powered security cameras are created equal; you need to consider factors like video quality and motion detection sensitivity before purchasing one. If you scroll through our reviews below, we break down these considerations in each review so that it’s easier for you to decide which camera is best suited for your needs! Remember that there’s no perfect product out there – what matters most is how well they suit YOUR needs. Check them out today!

Listed below are Best Solar-Powered Security Cameras which satisfy both affordability and quality:

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