The Best Nanny Cams for Child Safety To Buy

This article will give you an overview of what to look for in a nanny cam, the different types available, and how to use them. We’ll discuss whether or not they are worth the cost for your situation.

Nanny cams are extremely popular right now with parents who work full-time jobs. They want to know that their children are being taken care of while they’re away from home, so many opt for these cameras to help ensure safety and security at all times. But before you buy one, there are some things you need to consider first. To start off with, do you have any type of surveillance system already installed in your house?

Top 10 Best Rated Nanny cams

YI Indoor Wireless WiFi Security IP Camera Dome Guard

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The Yi Dome Guard is the ultimate security option for home or office. This camera with 360° coverage can keep an eye on your entire space, even when you are not there to protect it. Advanced night vision will leave nothing in the dark with high resolution, 1080p HD video that offers ambient light and infrared lights that offer clear visibility during hours of darkness.

This camera is equipped with microphone and speaker features, so sound isn’t a problem either! Watch 6+ hours worth of footage condensed into 5-30 seconds for easy viewing on any platform necessary- all at one low price per month including no monthly fees after purchase! Get yours today!


– Excellent optic and 1080p image quality.
– Direction control, motion tracking (10 sec).
– Create a complete 360° coverage.
– Flexible storage option.

Mini Spy Camera 1080P Hidden Camera

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Our hidden mini camera is perfect for anyone wanting to secretly record! This spy cam records in 1080p HD, takes 12MP photos, offers a 140° wide angle lens, and has night vision with 6 invisible LEDs. Offering 60 minutes of battery life it can turn on and start recording when it senses activity or you can leave the spy cam on 24/7 while charging because it’s built with loop recording. The 32GB micro SD card (not included) will allow hours of footage to be recorded in just one charge.

Optional features: Motion activated WiFi security feeds can be set up so all your recordings are automatically uploaded to an app that allows remote viewing from anywhere using Wi-Fi or cellular data connection!


– You’ll be able to see everything that happens in your surroundings.
– It’s easy to use and install.
– Keep an eye on your baby when you’re not around.
– Make sure nothing goes wrong at work or home with this spy cam

Spy Camera Charger – Hidden Camera

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Enjoy clear, continuous HD recordings that automatically overwrite the oldest files with new ones every time your camera gets full. While you’re at work or on vacation, this disguise as a USB charger hides its powerful features: an undetectable and discreet surveillance device for security and protecting your privacy.
Buy our Spy Camera Charger – Hidden Camera now to record 1080P HD video without Wi-Fi or installation!


– Record in 1080p HD video
– Plug and play design
– No Wi-Fi required for remote viewing
– A camera that’s always on guard.

Kami 1080P Security Camera

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The Kami 1080p Security Camera is highly accurate for detecting motion in the dark. The advanced AI chip detects faces and creates a summary of every face captured in your video so you don’t have to search through clips, saving you time! When it comes to false alarms caused by plants, animals, or small insects, this camera uses 8 individual 940nm infrared (IR) LEDs that activate when it starts getting dark outside. These lights allow the camera to capture high quality 1080p video day and night.


– You’ll never have to search through hours of footage again.
– Keep an eye on your property day and night.
– Be more confident in your home security system.
– Be able to see the people you care about even when they’re not there with you.

Amcrest 1080P WiFi Camera Indoor

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Introducing the Amcrest 1080P WiFi Camera Indoor. This is our most technologically advanced, smallest form factor and best low light 1080p WIFI camera yet. Our newest model is equipped with Night vision capability up to 33 feet in absolute darkness; it even comes with remote pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) capabilities too! Plus receive motion alerts via email or push notification and instantly review recordings directly from your phone using the free Amcrest Smart Home app!

Kept secure using 128-bit encryption on both AMCREST cloud servers and client devices”. Receive crystal clear live streaming video through this quality camera as well as two-way audio every step of the way. Only compatible with 2.


– Get alerts on anything happening in your home with the push of a button.
– Watch recordings from anywhere in the world, at any time.
– Keep an eye on your kids when you’re not there.
– Know if someone’s broken into your house while you were away.

D-Link HD WiFi Indoor Security Camera

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For those of you who want to keep an eye on the latest and greatest in video technology, we now offer HD WiFi security cameras.
The D-Link HD WiFi Indoor Security Camera has a 720P HD live and recorded video camera with crisp clear details that ensures your experience is second to none. Whatever you’re documenting will be done so accurately with this precision built device right at your fingertips whether it’s day or night, someone coming into your space unannounced– though we hope not– or just any ordinary evening out at home. Always know what’s going on before it gets out of hand and takes hold. And we have automatic push alerts for sound/motion detection so there’s never a moment missed again even if you need information about something.


– 720P HD video quality is the highest possible.
– Motion and sound detection will keep you up to date with what’s going on in your home, even when you’re away from home.
– Keep an eye on your kids or pets while they’re away from home.

Spy Camera WiFi Hidden Cameras Clock 1080P HD Wireless Nanny Cam

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This hidden camera clock adopts HD 1080P lens and 940nm invisible IR LEDs, which makes the night vision invisible. This is a wireless security camera with motion detection alarm that can be monitored by 4 users at the same time. Built-in 2200mAh Lithium Battery (Included). The camera clock can work 5 hours after fully charged if you need unstopped spying, please keep it plugged in!
If you want Live Stream from anywhere, you need to configure this camera connected with router wifi.
The most advanced spy cam ever made for your own safety!


– You’ll be able to see what’s going on in your home while you’re away.
– The camera will help deter burglars and thieves.
– Keep an eye on your kids when they’re alone at home.
– Know that everything is okay while you’re working late or traveling for work.

Google Nest Cam Indoor – Wired Indoor Camera for Home Security

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The all-new Nest Cam Indoor is the next generation of our beautiful indoor camera and it has everything you need to stay connected with home. When we first designed this camera, we started from scratch because not one product out there offers a 24/7 live stream at 1080p HD—so we asked ourselves: what would make people want to own a security camera? Well, an outdoor cam usually limits us to daytime video only and motion sensing activation alerts make monitoring taps into your busy life. So instead of going for those things, we simply made sure that Nest knew exactly when something changed in front of its lens – be it day or night – by using eight infrared LEDs that work seamlessly with night vision.


– Watch live video from anywhere at any time.
– Get alerts when your loved ones come home or leave the house.
– Know what’s happening in your home anytime, anywhere.
– Stay connected with family and friends even when you’re not there.

Blink Mini – Compact indoor plug

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Watch your home in crystal clear 1080P HD with the Blink Mini Compact indoor plug.

With motion detection, customize zones for events that matter. Personalize what you see on your phone with live views and two way audio so you can monitor children or pets when needed. Alerts are always sent to your smartphone so you can show up at the right place for any situation which is powered by a Plug-in Fibre Cable without Wi-Fi access point required

Scan multiple rooms with 1080p high definition video quality with zoom, night vision for between 7 – 30 days* of non stop footage with the Blink mini security camera when plugged into electrical outlets around your house.


– Monitor your home from anywhere in the world.
– See, hear, and speak to people in your home.
– Know when someone is in your house without you being there.
– Get alerts when anything happens at all times of day or night

Hidden Spy Camera Clock

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You’ll never guess what’s inside this clock! This hidden spy camera is disguised as a functional timepiece, and it records crystal-clear 1920x1080P video. With 8GB of storage space and support for up to 64GB cards (supporting your favorite Micro SD card), this spy cam will surely capture all the footage you need. Plus, it supports Wi-Fi so that you can live stream footage from anywhere in the world! The built-in IR Night Vision captures audio perfectly even when there’s no light source or visibility thanks to its sophisticated 2MP image sensor which also helps to produce HD images with accurate color reproduction.


– You’ll never miss a moment.
– Spend less time on setup and more time catching the culprit.
– Get to the bottom of what’s going on in your home or office.
– Catch thieves red handed with this hidden camera that looks just like an alarm clock!

BUYING GUIDES: Choose Nanny cams

All parents want to know that their Nannies are not only taking care of the children, but also doing their job responsibly.

Nanny cams can help you keep an eye on your Nanny without them knowing about it.

The first step is deciding what type of camera to buy and where you will be placing it. These cameras are really small devices which make it easy for one to place these anywhere using multiple accessories. Some come with a keychain remote, so you don’t have to open the device or break its code in order to access to live video feed.

You should always remember that if after buying this device you realize that your nanny is not up to mark then stop employing her immediately . This means all the time and money that you have invested in this device is a complete wastage.

The next step is to start recording the live activity of your Nanny. The first time you use it, charge it fully and make sure the battery is okay before putting it back in. If you are not ready to take any risks or find out about any loopholes then set up password protection system which only allows the right people access to this information.

After installing your Nanny Cams its time for testing purposes, so download some files on your computer or laptop by directly connecting the camera with an USB cable to transfer data quickly .

You can also cover up these cameras with something made of cloth, like a vase or a plant pot, but make sure it does not disrupt the service or work of Nanny.

You can also use these devices in your car to record live activity of your driver, but make sure you do not let him know it. If he does then he might start performing something suspicious just to save his skin from being caught on camera.

The best part about using a Nanny Cam is that these are completely legal as there is no law which says that one cannot have a spy cam or camera without letting anyone knowing about it. You do not need any permit to install these cameras and all the information recorded by them is 100 percent confidential.

Types of Nanny Cams:

There are basically three types of Nanny Cams, which might vary depending on their features and designs. You can go for any one of these based on your needs.

1) Hidden Cameras: These types of cameras are hidden in all kinds of things like stuffed toys , clocks, books etc. These are designed to look like anything but work as spy cams. They record everything about the person who is talking or doing something suspicious behind your back . These Nanny Cams have been used by parents since a long time now because they provide complete discretion as far as recording activity is concerned. The best part is that you can use these devices anywhere at home or office without getting caught.

2) Wired Cameras: This type of Nanny Cam is installed with the help of wires. The receiver device records all the data and then sends it to your TV or computer screen for live recording sessions. These are not easily hidden or disguised, but this also makes sure that nothing goes unseen .

3) Wireless Nanny Cams: These types of cameras are easy to install without using any wire at all. All you need is a power source nearby in order to start work. Most of these devices can run on battery too, so they can be carried anywhere inside the house without any problems . This type is considered good because it does not interfere with regular activity but make sure these are not very thick in size otherwise they will get noticed by Nanny.

Features to Consider before Buying a Camera:

Now that you know all about this device, its time to make your purchase. But before buying one for yourself, keep these following things in mind:

– Choose between day and night vision (most of them come with infrared vision)

– Make sure the battery backup is good enough to allow long hours of recording without any external support or power source nearby.

– The quality should be good enough to record everything in a clear voice even when the camera is not in direct line of sight.

– Wireless cameras are easy to install but make sure they do not interfere with regular activity going on inside the house. This might cause suspicion among Nanny or family members if they notice something odd going behind their back .

In conclusion, Nanny Cams are a must have device for all parents and regular people who want to keep an eye on their family members or employees. They make sure that nothing goes unseen and work without any interruption in daily life of the owner.

How to Setup your Home Security Cameras

Cameras are an absolute necessity, for home security. They are able to keep any unwanted people away from the house, or be a great help if somebody is trying to break through.

It is important to set up your home security cameras properly, so you feel secure in and around the house. There are certain areas in and outside of your home where you should be placing these devices:

– Around Large Windows & Doors – Putting a camera by the door helps make sure no one is trying to break in, or steal anything from your property. The further away from the door that this camera is place, the better it will be able to get a view of what is going on around it.

– Outside Your House – Placing cameras outside of your house will keep any unwanted people off of your property. If they know there are cameras placed all over then they most likely will leave the alone because they do not want to get caught.

– Inside your House – Placing cameras inside of the house is a great way to keep and eye on kids or babysitters while you are away. Make sure they know that you have these devices in place so there is no funny business going on when nobody is around!


1) Is it legal to have a nanny camera in my home?

Yes, as long as you own the property and have permission from those living there. If one of those residents feels uncomfortable with a camera being present, let them know that they can request for it to be removed at any time. It is common courtesy to follow their wishes so there are no hard feelings between you and your family members or employees .

2) What other types of security cameras do I need?

The best way to keep your home secure is through multiple forms of technology. There are many different kinds that work together to make sure nothing goes wrong inside or outside the house . Different cameras work better for specific needs, but all should be installed around the house to have the best protection. Motion sensors are great for when you are away, so if someone is trying to break in it immediately sends a message to your cellphone or computer. A camera can also be very beneficial because it will record everything that happens around it, even after you leave the house .

3) When should I use wireless security cameras?

Wireless cameras are easier to install and work great for outdoor use. They do not run on electricity needed which makes them last longer before needing new batteries. If you don’t want wires running through your house or property then these might be perfect for your needs! Also make sure they are easy enough to set up so any novice tech-person can handle it without causing damage or trouble . It’s important to research the cameras and read reviews before purchasing them so you know what you are getting yourself into, and can get it taken care of in a timely manner.

4) Do I need an actual security company for this?

You do not need a full security company when using these systems, but there is nothing wrong with hiring one just in case. It will help give your house that extra protection and be able to record anything suspicious in and around your property . There is no obligation to use their services but it might be smart to keep them on speed dial just in case! If you feel like something isn’t right then having someone include will make you feel more at ease. It doesn’t hurt to take precautions before any problems arise.

5) How much does a Nanny Cam cost?

A nanny cam will cost you about $50-$100 depending on features and the type of camera it is. Make sure you get one that is easy to use, has great reviews, and best of all – works ! There are many brands that offer Nanny Cams so research each one before buying to get the most out of your money! The more advanced cameras can set you back around $200+ but they are worth every penny if any issues do arise.


The best nanny cams should be both affordable and easy to set up. We’ve looked at five different models for you, each with their own pros and cons, so that you can find the perfect fit for your needs. If none of these seem like a good match for what you need in an nanny cam—or if this is all new information and it sounds overwhelming—contact us today! Our team will help guide you through finding the right model to suit your specific needs while also giving advice on how to get started using them effectively. Which features do you think are most important when looking into which camera would work best?

Listed below are Best Nanny cams which satisfy both affordability and quality:

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