The Top Best Massage Chairs Reviews To Buy March 2023

The best massage chairs are the ones that you can customize to your liking. There is nothing better than coming home after a long day and sinking into your favorite chair. The sound of gentle music, the smell of lavender filling the air, and the feeling of stress melting away with each deep breath. Allowing yourself time to reflect on what went well or not so well during your workday helps you get ready for what tomorrow will bring. A good massage chair facilitates this by providing comfort while providing therapeutic benefits at an affordable price point–so it’s no wonder they’re flying off store shelves! But which one should you buy? If you want a high-end experience without breaking the bank then look no further than our recommended model:

Top 10 Best Rated Massage Chairs

Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager – 2D/3D Kneading Full Back Massager with Heat & Adjustable Compression, Massage Chair Pad for Shoulder Neck and Back Waist Hips,Full Body
  • Relax Full Body - The massage chair utilizes innovative 2D/3D Finger Pressure Shiatsu, Rolling, compression, Vibration and Heat functions to provide you an omni comfortable massage to soothe muscles and ease tension like a spa massage.
  • Creative 2D/3D Shiatsu Massage - The Shiastu Neck & Back Massager with Heat, it has 4 rotation nodes to provide deep kneading massages for neck and shoulder. This massager incorporates our latest innovative technology, the massaging nodes move inward & outward motion to create 2D or 3D finger pressure shiatsu massage with double comfort for your back.
  • Adjustable Rolling & Spot Massage - The chair massager features soft rolling massage along the back spine combats across the whole back, and the width between two massage heads can be adjusted to fit the body. SPOT massage function allows you to concentrate massage on one area for pin-point relaxation. Also you can choose Full back, Upper back or Lower back to massage the target area as desired.
  • Optional Heat & Adjustable Compression Massage - The full back massager has a heating pad that delivers gentle warmth to further relax tension muscles. ADJUSTABLE COMPRESSION-massage on waist & hips helps relieve tension indulging yourself in full-coverage and deep tissue massage by the massage chair. Adjustable 3 intensity settings are available.
  • Ultimate Comfort - Place this seat massager on a sofa, couch, recliner, office chair or dinning chair to enjoy a massage in the comfort of your home ! Perfect christmas gift for mom, father, men, women, friends who need a massage. For any reason, if this massage chair pad does not meet your expectations, return it for full refund within 30 days.

The COMFIER Multipurpose shiatsu massage chair. It combines Shiatsu, Finger Pressure, Kneading, Rolling,Spot, compression and infrared heating functions to help you completely eliminate fatigue and soreness after working hard or driving for a long time.
Get that perfect post-work total body massage with the Shiastu Neck & Back Massager with Heat today!


– Ergonomic design
– Adjustable heating pad
– Shiatsu Massage Head for Neck and Shoulders
– Keep your back healthy and happy

Real Relax 2021 Massage Chair

Real Relax 2021 Massage Chair, Zero Gravity SL Track Massage Chair, Full Body Shiatsu Massage Recliner with Shortcut Key Body Scan Bluetooth Heat Foot Roller, PS3100, Black
  • SL-track, automatic human body detection
  • 6 preset automatic programs, One-button zero gravity design
  • Massage and airbag pressure is 3 intensity adjustable
  • Full-wrap airbag massage for shoulder, armrest, thigh, calf
  • Foot roll kneading massage

The Real Relax 2021 Massage Chair is the chair that doesn’t just offer seated massage, but full-body comfort thanks to its 6 preset automatic programs. It can distinguish between human body and let you enjoy at ease on your own time even more conveniently. Whether it’s a back massage to relieve stress or an armrest massage for aches and pains, there are countless benefits waiting for you! Don’t miss out on this opportunity – reserve now!


– Automatic human body detection.
– 6 preset automatic programs.
– One-button zero gravity design.
– Massage and airbag pressure is 3 intensity adjustable.
– Full wrap airbag massage for shoulder, armrest, thigh, calf.
– Foot roll kneading massage.

BOSSCARE Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity

BOSSCARE Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity, Full Body Airbag Easy to Assemble with Bluetooth Speaker, Foot Roller Brown
  • 【Easy Installation】The whole products are well installed when they are packaged by factory, and there are only two main parts inside the package. You just need to combine the leg rest and main body of massage chair together, 5 minutes could be fair enough for you to install this massage chair.
  • 【Back Heat Therapy & Full Body Airbag Massage】Back Heating placed in the lower back region of the chair to enhance the massage experience; 45℃ Constant Temperature: targeted heat gently soothes the back to loosen tight muscles, help relieve pain and improve the blood circulation. Air Bag Kneading Massage is applied to squeezing shoulder, arm, buttocks, legs, meanwhile, roller massage is applied on foot since it is more suitable compared with airbag.
  • 【Zero-gravity Technique & Blue-tooth Speaker】Zero Gravity is when your body under the most natural and complete relax position, legs are a little higher than heart. Multiple Zero Gravity: zero gravity floating experience, feel virtually weightless. Zero Gravity can effectively reduce heart pressure and stimulate blood circulation. Blue-tooth Speaker support you to listen to your favorite music while enjoying massage
  • 【Full Body Massage & 6 Auto Programs】8 Fixed Point with 14 Massage Balls to massage your neck, shoulder, back and waist; Six Kinds of Intelligent Massage Modes are preset, so that you can have quick and convenient whole body massage. Personalized Massage Settings: you can make full use of 14 massage balls and 3 levels of massage strength to combine the massage solutions you need.
  • 【Materials & Quality】Faux Leather. Our professional team with more than 10 years' experience is responsible for creating comfortable, reliable and safe products for you. Every link of all products is subject to strict inspection, and only after passing the quality inspection can sales be allowed. 🎁It is the best gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, birthdays, anniversary.

The BOSSCARE massage chair with zero gravity is a perfect comprehensive and personalized home and spa therapy solution that will promote light relaxation. It features magnetic cascade designed to provide six different intensity settings from gentle to deep tissue syncing, adjustable neck rest for customizing comfort, arm rests including heat function to reach maximum soothing effect on the user’s arms. This four-in-one product also comes with remote control operation system, Bluetooth connection for sound or TV watching experience–rolling out exclusively at an affordable price point of $1,299.


– Relieve your back pain and enjoy a massage anytime you want.
– You’ll feel like you’re on vacation every day.
– Get the relaxation and comfort you deserve at home.
– Say goodbye to sore muscles, stiffness, and stress in your daily life!

iRest 2021 Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Recliner

iRest 2022 Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Recliner with AI Voice Control, Handrail Shortcut Key, SL Track, Bluetooth, Yoga Stretching, Foot Rollers, Airbags, Heating
  • Five Massage Techniques: Finger pressing, kneading, tapping, tapping and kneading at the same time.
  • Suggest a change AI Voice Control: When the massage chair is open or in standby mode, say “hi, Alice” or press the voice control wake-up button on the right armrest to wake up the voice control function. In this way, you can entirely enjoy your massage even without moving a finger. If you want to turn on/off the voice control function, please press and hold the "voice" button on the handrail shortcut key panel for 3 seconds.
  • Handrail Shortcut Key: Right arm with Handrail shortcut key which have on/off button, chair angle adjust button, pause button, auto mode button, voice wake up, heating, air pressure, entire foot lifting, Zero gravity, Backrest lifting.
  • Automatic Massage Functions: Automatic massage includes 12 kinds of automatic massage functions, including comfortable massage, relaxing massage, traction massage, shoulder and neck massage, back and waist massage, whole body massage, protection of vertebral massage, fatigue recovery, stretching muscles and activating collateral, beautiful buttock shaping, soothing sleep and full air pressure.
  • After-Sale Service: With strict quality test before leaving factory. A 3-Year Warranty is provided for all quality defects.

The iRest 2021 Full Body Zero Gravity Recliner with Automatic 12-Function Massage is luxury meets relaxation. The chair provides a full body, zero gravity massage that uses techniques like finger pressing, kneading, and tapping to leave you feeling especially comfortable thanks to its varied settings. A variety of handrail shortcuts are built in with the capability for different modes on/off buttons including auto mode button which delivers soothing back or foot massages at intervals between your personal preference. Furthermore, this state of the art design includes air pressure controls and elevation functions that can support upper back tension relief plus entire foot lifting removes pressure from your Achilles tendons while airborne in order to optimize comfort levels.


– Helps reduce stress and tension in your muscles.
– Improves circulation and blood flow.
– Relieves muscle pain, stiffness, and soreness.
– Feel like you’re on vacation every day at work!

Irene House Dual OKIN Motor Lift Chair Recliners

Irene House Dual OKIN Motor Lift Chair Recliners for Elderly Infinite Position Lay Flat Recliner Up to 300 LBS Soft Leather Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa with Side Pocket (Brown Leather)
  • 【DUAL OKIN MOTORS】Different from traditional one, Irene House lift chair is powered by electric and dual motor, hight quality motor OKIN motors is extremely quite, smoothly and independently. The backrest and footrest can be adjustable individually. You can get any position you want easily, lifting this recliner by the 4 buttons hand controller. Push the entire chair up to help seniors to stand up easily, it’s ideal for people who have leg/back problems or people who after surgery.
  • 【INFINITE POSITION】The backrest can be operated from 105°to 180°, and the footrest can be operated from 90° to 180°. The position lock of the lift chair is infinite. You can recline to almost level or any degree above that (with or without raising the footrest), and the seat lift―which can be raised and lowered to any desired degree―is an outstanding feature. Extending footrest and reclining feature allows you to fully stretch and relax, like reading, sleeping, watching TV and so on.
  • 【COMFORTABLE UPHOLSTERY &STURDY CONSTRUCTION】All wood boards used in our products are formaldehyde-free, conform to the P2 Requirement of California Air Resources Board(CARB). High quality metal frame and padded high density sponge ensure long-term service, so that the lift chair is strong enough to withstand the weight of 300 lbs. Smooth and comfy leather cover will give you comfortable touching experience provide with great support. Breathable leather is waterproof and easy to clean.
  • 【HUMANISTIC DESIGN LIFTING CHAIR】Comes with a lumbar pillow, which can support the waist, and widened backrest provide extra support for the body, more comfortable. 2 extra universal rear-wheel, easy to move. Side pocket design create a very convenient place for you to put remotes and other small belongings.easy to assemble and all the required accessories are included.
  • 【CUSTOMER SERVICE&WARRAMTY】Electronic components(motor/transformer/hand controller):1 year./ Cover (fabric, PU/PVC, combined fabric, leather etc):2 years/ Reclining mechanism:3 years/Solid wood frame:3 years. More than a lift chair recliner, our complimentary Customer Support provides you comprehensive system solutions. Simply contact us via Email for any concerns during product installation and use.We are quite sure that you will be super-impressed with HIGH QUALITY of our power lift chair.

The Irene House Dual OKIN Motor Lift Chair Recliners is easy to use for anyone, whether you want the backrest only, or the footrest only. Whatever position your body needs can be adjusted in this recliner chair with hand controller. It has an infinite locking mechanism and requires low maintenance (any board used conforms to CARB P2). Comes with a lumbar pillow that helps support your waist, and widened backrest provide extra support for the body while getting comfortable. The dual motors give it an incredible lift strength- up to 400 pounds each! Also includes 2 rear wheels for easy turning at all angles of position lock, so it will adjust with whatever situation you are in.


– The back and footrest are adjustable.
– It’s comfortable.
– Comes with a lumbar pillow and widened backrest which provide extra support for the body.
– You’ll feel like you’re sitting on your own personal cloud.

Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Recliner with AI Voice Control

Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Recliner with AI Voice Control, Handrail Shortcut Key, SL Track, Bluetooth, Yoga Stretching, Foot Rollers, Airbags, Heating (Brown) (Grey)
  • 1. Five massage methods: Shiatsu, kneading, tapping, tapping, and kneading at the same time.
  • 2. Armrest shortcut keys: Right arm with armrest shortcut keys, there are on/off button, chair angle adjustment button, pause button, automatic mode button, voice wake-up, heating, air pressure, full foot lift, zero gravity, backrest lift.
  • 3. AI voice control: When the massage chair is on or on standby, say "Hi, Alice" or press the voice control wake-up button on the right armrest to wake up the voice control function. In this way, you can fully enjoy the massage even without moving your fingers.
  • 4. Automatic massage function: automatic massage includes 12 kinds of automatic massage functions, including comfort massage, relaxing massage, traction massage, shoulder and neck massage, back and waist massage, full body massage, spine protection massage, fatigue recovery, muscle stretching and side activation Supports, beautiful buttocks shaping, soothing sleep, adequate air pressure.
  • 5. After-sales service: pass strict quality inspection before leaving the factory. A 3-year manufacturer's warranty is provided for all quality defects. And the massage chair is a one-piece package, no installation is required. 与此原文有关的更多信息要查看其他翻译信息,您必须输入相应原文

The massage chair includes a sleek and modern design with some room for you to enjoy. The dual compression, kneading, tapping, the air pressure and the footlift will all make sure you experience relaxation like never before!

The automatic massage functions include 12 different types of relief such as comfort massage, relaxing massage, traction massage and many more. With every press of your armrest shortcut keys there are an on/off button on the left armrest that pauses or resume massages. There is also a zero gravity feature where your shoulders comfortably rest in place while resting back and enjoying some time off – it’s not just easy but comfortable!


– Get a massage without leaving your home.
– Enjoy the full range of Shiatsu, kneading, tapping, and kneading at the same time.
– Feel refreshed after a long day.
– Leave feeling more relaxed than you’ve felt in years

Luraco i7 PLUS_Black Medical Massage Chair

Luraco i7 PLUS_Black Medical Massage Chair
  • Most technically up-to-date, fast-responding, heavy-duty, and smart handheld touch-screen control. Same platform as in Smartphones -patent pending.
  • Pause and resume buttons, 6 locations for multi-intensity massage controls
  • Noise reduction technology - lets the user relax in peace. ; body stretching; advanced foot massage with double rollers and Air calf massagers; body heat with 3 intensity levels; high Quality and powerful Bluetooth speakers (10W)
  • FDA, CE, and UL listed. Built for safety and medicinal benefits.
  • The only massage chair Line that is researched, developed and assembled in USA. All other massage chairs are imported from Asia.

The i7 Plus is the most advanced medical massage chair on the market today. Created by Luraco, this superior quality massager offers patented technology in one seamless piece of equipment. The user has 9 different strengths to choose from (even harder than before) and 6 versatile locations for multi-intensity massage controls, making it perfect for any customer — wether they want something gentle or intense, the possibilities are endless! Not to mention that with noise reduction technology, when you’re finished feeding your stress away you’ll be able to relax even further because not only do we provide intense body stretching positions but also an air calf massagers that will help relieve any tension in your muscles.


– Relax and feel better after a stressful day.
– Get therapeutic relief from chronic pain.
– Improve circulation, posture, and flexibility.
– Feel like you’re on vacation at home anytime you want to be!

Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800

Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 (Brown)
  • 11/22/19 New Amazon Exclusive Promotion- 2 Years additoinal warranty included - Total 3 Years Parts & Labor, 4th year parts and 5th year structual warranty. 04/11/19 - Arm Airbag has new design, 6 Auto programs, timer button up to 30 minutes, Double layer shoulder airbags - Extra foot padding and remote holder included.
  • L-Track massage system, 3 stages of Zero Gravity, Smart body scan technology scans your body to detect your body size for individual custom fit massage. Air massage technology covers entire body, LM-6800 has 6 different auto programs including special yoga stretching programs for full body stretching, dual foot rollers on the feet area, Space saving technology only requires 3 inches from the wall. Without this technology your arm will not get a decent massage.
  • Best warranty service for online massage chair company – Easy to register warranty and request service. Kahuna LM-6800 gives limited warranty for 3 years. We offer warranties for all parts, labor and structural framework of the chair. We guarantee that your qualified product will be repaired. This Kahuna Massage Chairs for residential use only. It is a non-transferable warranty. First year covers all parts and labor cost. Customers do not pay anything during first year warranty period
  • Footer Area has dual foot rollers and detachable & washable footer area cotton for sanitary purpose. Top recommended massage chair on amazon with customer reviews. FDA Registered as medical Device.

The ultra-powerful, Aircell massage technology soothes your entire body using air cells to create soothing vibrations. Free yourself from the everyday worries of life for a little while by enjoying the new Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800. If you want something more relaxing, check out the 3 Zero Gravity positions that give your muscles peace and full weightlessness. You can even customize your massages with our Smart Body Scan Technology which scans your body size for individualized comfort every time!


– Helps relieve stress and tension.
– Improves circulation in the body.
– Increases blood flow to your muscles and joints, which can help with pain relief.
– You’ll feel like a new person after just one session!

SGorri Massage Chair Fully Body Zero Gravity

SGorri Massage Chair Fully Body Zero Gravity and Shiatsu Recliner with Bluetooth, Hip Heating, Foot Massage and Air Pressure for Father/Mother/Home/Office ,SG-5101
  • [ MASSAGE TECHNIQUE]:Unique 8 massage rollers inside the backrest, classic spot massage, traditional massage techniques, providing the most comfortable experience.
  • [ ZERO GRAVITY & AIR MASSAGE] Adjust the backrest angle, make your body and legs to be presenting status of 126°+ 7°, like floating in space without gravity.Full body air massage on shoulders, arms, hip,leg ,foot.
  • [HIP HEATING & VIBRATION] A pure traditional heating massage head, bigger heating area, can cover hip. One button can start the heating to warm your body.
  • [ BLUETOOTH MUSIC ] Space capsule streamlined hood design, with hidden stereo Bluetooth speakers. Allow you to enjoy stereo surround music while massaging.
  • [ APPLICABLE PLACE ] The product is one-piece packaging, and can be used without installation. The chair has wheels behind it for easy movement. It can be placed in an office, living room, bedroom or a public area for indoor recreation.

The SGorri massage chair comes equipped with 8 massage rollers inside the backrest, spot pressure massage, traditional techniques for comfortable experience. Adjust the angle of the back rest to make your body and limbs present status of 126° ±7 °- giving you that floating in space feeling. This full body air massage also extends to shoulders, arms, hips, legs and foot area. The heating is lovable too with one button allowing you to really warm up just where you need it most. For total relaxation this design is complete with sleek space capsule headrests which provide hidden stereo Bluetooth speakers so you can enjoy some soothing music while being pampered with a gentle care routine.


– Provides a comfortable experience
– The most advanced massage techniques available
– Enjoy the feeling of floating in space without gravity.
– Feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a massage

Osaki OS4000B Model OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Fully Body Massage Chair

Osaki OS4000B Model OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Fully Body Massage Chair, Brown, Computer Body Scan System, True Ergonomic S-Track, Upgraded PU Covering for Increase Durability and Comfort
  • Computer Body Scan System, True Ergonomic S-Track, Upgraded PU covering for Increase Durability and Comfort
  • Six unique Pre-Set Programs, Easy-to-use Large LCD Display Remote with Wireless Remote, 2 Stage Zero-Gravity Positioning Inspred by NASA
  • Foot, Calves, Arm, Hips and Shoulder Air Pressure Massage; Hips and Lumbar Squeeze; Auto Timer Setting from 5-30 minutes Massage Session
  • 5 Levels of Speed and Intensity for the Massage, Seat Vibration Massage, Full Size Easy-to-Use Remote, Lower Back Heat Therapy
  • Auto Leg Scan, Seat Vibration, Intensity Control, Manual Mode, 8 Pre-Set Programs

The Osaki Zero Gravity Executive Massage Chair features patented and NASA-inspired infrared heat, providing therapeutic warmth for discomfort from the cold. The chair’s Advanced Computer Body Scan System will scan your body massages to find any areas of tension or muscle fatigue, tracking each one during a massage to be sure you get the most targeted release possible. You can also enjoy six pre-set programs with added benefits ranging from foot, calfs arm and hip pressure massage to seat vibration massage and lower back heat therapy.


– Massage your calf, arm, hips and shoulder with air pressure.
– Get a full body massage in the comfort of your home.
– Relax after a long day at work.
– Enjoy a deep tissue massage from the comfort of your own home

BUYING GUIDES: Choose Massage Chairs

We know massage chairs are expensive. We pay thousands of dollars for massage chairs every day without thinking twice. When it comes to massage chair, money is always a concern.

“Infomercials” have brainwashed us so much that we think massage chairs are tiny pieces of technology that can give us relief from all the pain we suffer everyday and they will work even better if we spend hundreds of dollars on them.

As with anything expensive, you need to look at your massage chair investment as a long term one and ask yourself: “Do I really need massage chairs?” and “Will massage chair do me any good?”. If you answered yes to either question then go ahead and buy these babies because after reading this article you’ll know exactly how to choose the massage chair that fits you.

First, take a look at your massage chairs budget. Are you prepared to spend thousands of dollars on massage chairs? Are you really thinking about buying massage chairs or are you just getting sucked in by all those claims? You need to ask yourself this question because there is no point in buying massage chairs that cost $2000 if they’re not actually doing anything for you! If $2000 is out of your reach then there are cheaper massage chairs available but if you do have approximately $2500-3000 ($5000-6000 Canadian dollars) to spend on massage chairs then it’s time to start looking for massage chair deals.

What are the benefits of using a massage chair?

Massage chairs have a  number of benefits. They massage your back, massage your neck and massage your legs as well as stretch muscles. Massaging these areas can help relieve pain from arthritis, injuries and poor posture. It also helps improve blood circulation by releasing natural pain killers called endorphins which can combat stress and fatigue.

Now that you know the benefits of massage chair let’s look at how massage chairs work .

Different types of massage chairs available in market

There are two types of massage chairs available in market. We have massage chairs that massage your body from head to toe and massage chairs that massage only your back.

**A-type massage chair: This massage chair massages you from head to toe and has a variety of different programs each with their own unique massage settings and functions (such as kneading, tapping, rolling etc.). The A-type massage chair usually comes with a seat too which means it can be called an “all-in one” massage machine where you get a full body massage along with relaxation for the lower part of the body (legs) while sitting down. However, remember there is no such thing as 100% full body massage coverage when it comes to massage chairs.

**B-type massage chair: This massage chair massages you from head to toe but only your back because it has a platform that moves up and down, setting the roller pads on massage mode. Now these massage chairs are little expensive than A-type massage chairs because they offer full body massage coverage including legs and feet while sitting down and additionally also do massage for neck and shoulders too (but not as good as A-type massage chairs).

What should I look out for?

You need to check what type of massage chair you want before buying them. While all types of massage chairs can relax muscles, some target specific body parts such as back or feet. If you suffer from extremely painful back problems then go ahead with massage chairs that massage your back and neck. If you are looking for massage chair only to massage feet then choose massage chairs that massage only your legs or feet (no massage chairs available in market that give full body massage coverage).

Looks matter

You should also consider the appearance of a massage chair before buying it. Make sure you buy a massage chair that matches colors with your decor and furniture color. Also, make sure you check how much space a massage chair will take up when not in use because some massage chairs take up a lot of space during storage whereas other types can be folded away easily once the therapy is over.

Buying tips for buying best massage chairs

**Don’t buy massage chairs that massage your back and massage your legs as well unless you have a big budget because you’ll end up paying much more for massage chair that can massage both legs and back.

**When buying massage chairs, also look at the console that comes with the massage chair as some consoles come with pre-programmed massages which is good to try out different massages before deciding on a particular massage program.

**Check what type of massage chair you want before buying them so that it saves money in long term (only go for A-type massage chairs if spending $2000 or more).

But overall, I’d say go ahead with a basic B-type massage chair if you’re going to be using it only for massage therapy (no massage chair available in market that gives full body massage coverage. If you want massage chair that give full body massage coverage then go ahead with A-type massage chairs, but make sure they come with separate headrest massage option if not then no good because head massage is one of the most important parts of massage therapy).


1. What is massage chairs

Ans: A massage chair ia an appliance that provides massage to your body (back, neck and head) using massage roller pads and a mechanized massage system which usually gives four types of massage: rolling massage, kneading massage, tapping massage and percussion massage.

2. Which type of massage chair should I buy?

Ans: Buy a basic B-type massage chair if you’re going to be using it only for massage therapy (no need to go for A-type massage chairs if spending $2000 or less). But overall, I’d say go ahead with a basic B-type massage chair if you’re going to be using it only massage therapy because they offer full massage (legs, feet, neck and shoulders massage). If you want massage chair that give full massage coverage then go ahead with A-type massage chairs.

3. What are the best massage chairs?

Ans: I’d say go with brands like Panasonic, SHIATSU massage chairs because they provide great massage experience at affordable price range ($3000-$8000). But if you have a big budget ($8000 or more) then go ahead with La-Z-Boy massage chairs. They are expensive but provide excellent massage therapy where as other companies provide average massage so it all depends on what kind of massage you re looking for.


It’s time to give yourself the gift of a massage. With so many styles and types to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one will suit your needs best. Let us help you find the perfect chair for you! After all, we wouldn’t want you wasting money on something that doesn’t make your life better. We have everything from traditional Swedish-style chairs with heat therapy options to sports chairs designed for those who are active as well as those recovering from injury or illness. No matter what type of person you are, there’s an option out there just waiting for you – let our team guide you through the process today!

Listed below are Best Massage Chairs which satisfy both affordability and quality:

Massage Chair Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Foot Rollers Built-in Heat Therapy Air Massage System Stretch Vibrating for Home Office(Black)
  • 【Space Capsule Zero Gravity】 -Our Massage Chair there is one-button for zero gravity angles for zero gravity massage chair, clicking the button to adjust a comfortable massage recliner chair reclining angle for massage chair zero gravity full body. Meanwhile, where is the point that our heart and knees are in a horizontal line, which can effectively not only reduce heart pressure but also stimulate blood circulation.
  • 【Remote Controls】 -Our Massage Chair is in a Easy way to use with remote controls, it will smoothly and safely control the lift without to left massage recliner chair,stay in your recline and massage of the chair. It help you have a better relax in the massage chair.
  • 【Warm back massage】 -Our Massage Chair with lower back heat therapy is best ideal for strains of occasional strains and chronic pain.It offers the heat therapy which is a great compliment to the roller and airbag massage massage chair full body. Heating the body’s temperature is known to increase blood circulation and loosen tense muscles.
  • 【Foot Relax】 -Located on the bottom of the feet that provide a soothing kneading style application with air bag full roller kneading. As the rollers spin it will stimulate acupuncture points and as the air bags inflate it will generate a much deeper massage along the bottoms of your feet.
  • 【What You Will Get】:We guarantee that you will like this massage chair. If you are not satisfied with this massage chair, please contact us.If you have any questions about massage chair, please feel free to ask!
FDW Shiatsu Massage Chairs Full Body and Recliner Zero Gravity Massage Chair Electric with Built-in Heart Foot Roller Air Massage Easy to Move for Home Office,Black
  • ✴【Zero Gravity Massage Chair】The zero-gravity mode is a general function of the massage chair. But our zero-gravity mode is closer to the bottom, which can fully relax your entire body in a completely relaxed body.On the left side of the control panel with a USB charging port, you can use your massage chair to charge your phone and other electronic products.
  • ✴【Humanized packaging design】Our massage chair adopts split three-box packaging, which reduces the volume of the product and the weight of the individual packaging, which reduces the possibility of problems during transportation, so that our products can be more convenient and safe. Sent into your home.full body massage chair zero gravity massage chair.
  • ✴【Easy To Move】The unique baby compartment shape is matched with the two rollers on the bottom, which makes the massage chair look very special and easy to move. If you need to fix the massage chair, just screw the knob on the right side of the left lower wheel to the right. You can keep the massage chair still.
  • ✴【Functional Diversity】Three power level back massages, controlled heating, adjustable airbag function, eight fixed point module massages, and 3 different automatic massage methods are all designed to give you a more appropriate massage experience.Including special stretching programs for full body stretching, dual foot rollers on the feet area are suitable for most,but you can also choose power speed and airbag pressure to control your own massage.shiatsu massage chair full body massage chair
  • ✴【What You Will Got 】We guarantee that you will like this massage chair. If you are not satisfied with this massage chair, please contact us and we will be happy to give you a 100% refund! If you have any questions for massage chari, please feel free to ask! shiatsu massage chair full body massage chair
BestMassage Electric Shiatsu Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat Therapy Foot Roller Airbag Massage System Stretch Vibrating Wireless Bluetooth Speaker,Black
  • Zero-Gravity Massage Chair: Press the zero-gravity button, the zero-gravity massage chair can raise the feet to the same level as the heart, which minimizes the gravity strain on the vertebrae and reduces the discomfort of back pain. The 14 massage points are used in conjunction with other areas to provide a completely relaxing massage. Massage the head, neck, shoulders, waist, back, legs and feet by heating (back).
  • Functional Diversity: 6 preset automatic massage programs have different massage methods to bring you the best massage experience. Including special stretching procedures for full-body stretching, double-foot rollers are best for feet, but you can also choose power speed and airbag pressure to control your massage.
  • Air massage system with Hyperthermia: There are 18 airbags, strategically located on the arms, hips, shoulders, thighs, calves and feet. Combined with the hyperthermia system, muscles and joints will restore faster blood circulation, reducing pain and pain. There are multiple airbags on the hip and waistline, which can be inflated for compression massage to target the lower back and pelvic area.
  • Space-Saving And Modern Design: Space-saving technology is only 20 inches from the wall. This massage chair has been carefully designed and stylish in style, which can be perfectly suitable for living room, home theater, balcony and office. All designs are to bring you a perfect massage experience.
  • What You Will Get: We guarantee that you will like this massage chair. If you are not satisfied with this massage chair, please contact us.If you have any questions about massage chair, please feel free to ask!
Massage Chair,Full Body Zero Gravity Recliner Shiatsu Massage with Heat,12 Fixed Roller Massage Airbag Pressure,Blue-Tooth Connection Speaker
  • 2023 Update Massage Chair: 12 fixed rollers massage the full body, the back, waist,neck,leg and buttocks. Airbags are placed on the neck, shoulders, arms, hips, legs and feet to relieve tension and muscle fatigue through inflation and deflation.
  • Comfortable Zero Gravity Recliner: After fully tilting, press the "zero gravity" to reduce the load on the heart and enjoy a comfortable massage. When the machine is running, press the "On/Off" button to pause. It can be used as a recliner.
  • Shiatsu Massage Chair: 7 preset automatic modes, 3-level roller and airbag press massage, use LCD remote controlto set airbag and airbag massage full body parts, heating, speed and intensity (3-level), it can be timed for 15-30 minutes
  • ADD NEW Functions: Bluetooth speaker, bluetooth connected mobile phone plays audio,enjoy massage and music. Add USB, charge the mobile phone during massage.
  • Massage Chair Tips:Delivered 2 boxes,Easy assembly according to videos and instructions.The height limit: less than 5.9 feet ,the weight limit :less than 200 pounds.Please compare your height and weight with the recommended range of the chair before purchasing. If one of them exceeds the limit, the chair may not be suitable! If you are very strong or wide, you may be a little crowded!
iRest 2023 Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Recliner with Yoga Stretching, Intelligent Voice Control, SL Track, Foot Rollers, Airbags, Heating, and Bluetooth (Black)
  • SL Track & Zero Gravity Design
  • Automatic Body Scanning System
  • Foot Rollers Massage & Calf Kneading Massage
  • Programme Customization and Memory Function
  • Full Body Air Compression Massage & Lower Back Heating Therapy
BILITOK Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity, Full Body Massage Chair with Heating, Bluetooth Speaker, Airbags, Foot Roller, Touch Screen, Space-Saving (Brown)
  • Full Body Massage : The 8 fixed rollers on the back massage the neck, back and waist. Air bags on shoulders, arms and calves inflate or deflate to relieve tension and muscle fatigue. Pressing the "zero gravity" button and leaning fully back with your feet higher than your heart lightens the load on your heart for a better experience.
  • Multifunctional Massage Chair : The massage chair has 5 preset automatic modes. It has three layers of air bags, back massage rollers, foot massage rollers. You can use the tablet remote control to choose the appropriate massage mode and strength.
  • Relaxing Massage Chair : Our massage chair has built-in waist heater and small leg heating, proper temperature can enhance the massage effect, promote blood circulation and relieve muscle pain. It makes you feel very comfortable and relieving you from the fatigue of the day.
  • Humanized& Bluetooth Design : The massage chair has a retractable footstool and a rolling wheel at the bottom of the chair, so you can easily move it around the room. Bluetooth audio connection function, you can enjoy music while massage.
  • Reasonable Packing : The massage chair adopts two boxes of packaging, which reduces the volume of the product and the weight of a single package, reduces the possibility of problems in the transportation process, and makes the product more convenient and safe.
iRest SL Track Massage Chair Recliner, Full Body Massage Chair with Zero Gravity, Bluetooth Speaker, Airbags, Heating, and Foot Massage (Brown)
  • The manipulator imitates 5 massage techniques of human hands, 8 automatic massage programs, and the speed, width and height can be adjusted.
  • Foot Massage: The airbag wraps the entire instep for a pressure massage, and airbags on the calf area compress the leg muscles and relieve the soreness of the legs. The foot roller massage creates a relaxed body comfort experience.
  • Space Capsule Zero Gravity - There are 3 levels zero gravity angles, clicking the button to adjust a comfortable reclining angle. Meanwhile, our heart and knees are in a horizontal line, which can effectively reduce heart pressure and stimulate blood circulation.
  • SL Track - Combined with human engineering and studied super long"SL" shape space curved rail technology, Massage distance is 135cm, makes you enjoy personal massage from the head to the leg, helps to maintain the human body vertebra "S" shaped curve, achieves relaxing the spine and relieve tense muscles.
  • This massage chair has a light stretch function; Deep stretch requires an additional request to the seller.
Nova Microdermabrasion Portable Massage Chair Foldable Tattoo Therapy Chair 4 Inches Thickness Sponge Face Cradle Spa Salon Massage Chair
  • Folds compactly: The massage chair with compact and foldable flat design along with a sturdy nylon carry case makes it space-saving and easy for storage. Chair itself only weighs 23lbs.
  • Super Versatile: Ergonomic adjustable armrest, seat, chest pad and head support, simple facecradle armrest and seat adjustments to accommodate all client sizes, ensures a comfortable and body relaxation for your clients.
  • Multi-Layer Higher Density Foam: The PU leather is Oil & Waterproof, CFC-free, easy cleaning to ensure your clients a luxuriously comfortable therapeutic massage experience
  • Sturdy Frame: Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum, lightweight and tremendously strong, high gloss powder-coated finish, which greatly extends the chair service life. Working weight up to 660lbs.
  • Overall Dimensions: 23"(L) x 18"(W) x 42"(H); The simple and modern style of the chair perfectly matches different settings of the shops or houses, ideal for home, gym and office use.
Recliner Chair for Living Room Massage Recliner Sofa Reading Chair Winback Single Sofa Home Theater Seating Modern Reclining Chair Easy Lounge with PU Leather Padded Seat Backrest
  • 【MODERN AND CLASSIC DESIGN】This recliner chair is sleek, modern and sophisticated. Expertly crafted for style, this chair is a perfect accent for any home or workplace.

  • 【EASY ADJUSTMENT AND ULTIMATE RELAXATION】Sit back and relax in your very own push back recliner chair. This chair features a dual-function foot extension and a reclining back that will surely help you to unwind and de-stress. Enjoy your favorite entertainment and fully relax your body and mood with this comfortable massage recliner.

  • 【JUST TWO MINUTES TO INSTALL】 Our recliner sofa is easy to assemble, only taking up to 2 minutes to install. Just slip the backrest of the chair onto the seat and screw in the four legs into the base. No tools required!

  • 【THE MASSAGE MODE】This chair has 8 functions giving you the best massage. Also comes with 3 levels of intensity for desired comfort. 2 point massage technology for the waist area.

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