The Best Lawn Mowers For Every Kind of Lawn in April 2024

The best lawn mowers are durable, easy to maintain, and environmentally friendly. Lawn mowers come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different features that make them perfect for certain people or tasks. The size of the yard will determine what kind of lawn mower is best for you. There are many brands available on the market today, so finding one that suits your needs shouldn’t be too difficult.

Choosing the right lawnmower can be daunting! We’ve created this blog post to help you find the best lawnmower for your needs!

Top 10 Best Rated Lawn Mowers

Greenworks 48V 17-Inch Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower

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Greenworks is ready for your yard with this easy-to-use, 0.7 Hp, 48V 0.5Amp electric mower that cuts grass in just one pass – reducing the amount of time it takes to get rid of weeds and clippings when you’re trying to beat the heat!. Save up on gas money by avoiding trips to the pumping station or fuel stop. Simply plug in your cordless battery for a powerful cut every time! This 17″ lawn mower features an efficient brushless motor for increased torque and quieter operation while providing durability at 2x life expectancy vs standard motors. The convenient height adjustments range from 1 – 3-3/8 inches making it versatile enough for any terrain or length desires without.


Powerful, lightweight, and efficient.
Easy to use and maneuver.
Get the power you need without leaving your old battery platform.
Mow in style with a beautiful, rust resistant deck that is easy to use.

Craftsman M105 140cc Gas Powered Push 21-Inch 3-in-1 Lawn Mower

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The Craftsman M105 140cc Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower offers many features to make this lawn mowing process as easy as possible including the side discharge, rear discharge, and mulching capabilities. The 21-inch cutting deck is efficient at trimming grass in one quick pass for your easier yard job. Choose from six different height settings to accommodate user preference. Zag Treaded tires measure 7 inches in front and 8 inches in back are both durable up to speeds of 10 miles per hour. Engine powered by a 140 cc motor with recoil and automatic choke; starts easily without the need for primer or choke which adds convenience if you’re busy working on other things outside of your lawn care task!


Engine is easy to start with no priming or choking.
Engine has the capability of side discharge, rear discharge, and mulching.
The cutting deck helps you trim your lawn in one quick pass for an easier yard job.
There are six different height settings that can be chosen from to suit user’s needs.
Zag treaded tires measure 7 inches in the front and 8 inches in the back

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower

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Get your lawn season off to the right start with this BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower. You can easily convert it from mowing to trimming and edging in seconds thanks to its AFS (Automatic Feed System). With an ideal property size of up to 750 square feet, you’ll never have any shortage of uninterrupted work. This powerful little machine also features Power Drive Transmission, which prevents bogging down in heavy or wet grass; Charge Time is quick at 60 percent after charging for 2.5 hours! What’s more is that this six hour runtime per battery set will spare you frustration when time is short!


Reduces the time and effort it takes to maintain your lawn.
Does not require fuel or oil for operation, just charge and go!
Get a professional look with minimal effort.
Spend more quality time with friends and family instead of mowing the lawn.

Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower

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This Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower is powerful enough to trim a 14” swath of grass with one pass. With 3 height settings, you can make your yard look perfect at all times. The steel blades are durable and they cut professionally for an attractive lawn. Comes with 10 bags of 6 gallons total capacity that keep clippings safely bagged in the event of rain or wet grass that needs irrigation.


Powerful motor cuts a 14-inch wide path
Tailor cutting height with 3 position height control
Durable steel blade cuts with precision
Includes 10.6 gal bag and discharge chute

Greenworks 40V 16-Inch Cordless (2-In-1) Push Lawn Mower

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The Greenworks 40V 16-Inch Cordless (2-in-1) Push Lawn Mower is a cordless mower with an electric start and powerful motor. This light, cutting machine creates the perfect lawn for your home without leaving any emissions behind. The Greenworks 40 V16″ ultimate lightweight performance lawn mower lets you roam through small to medium sized yards up to 1/2 acres without getting stuck or using gas. With this push button start, there’s no need for you to lug around additional products like gas cans while still caring for your yard. Get cutting height ranges from 3 ⅜ inches max to ! 25 inches min depending on what you are looking for in terms of appearance.


It’s lightweight, so you can maneuver through small to medium size yards more efficiently.
You’ll get up to 45 minutes of runtime on a fully charged 4.0 Ah Battery.
Get the job done quickly and with ease.
Save time by not having to stop for gas or oil changes.

Snow Joe MJ500M 16-Inch Manual Reel Mower

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It may not be as powerful as the gas models, but this mower is one you can push to your heart’s content. The perfect gift for those with a small lawn and no big yard chores to ignore. This nimble machine will cut through anything from drought-stricken hayfields to damp long grass without stalling out or getting bogged down in wet mud. It has all the standard features you’d expect to find on a top-of-the-line model: cutting height adjustment, nonstick deck finish, easy blade height adjustability! If you’re looking for something that performs like an expensive top tier commercial grade model but isn’t so pricey, go ahead and try Joe—he’ll do just fine by you!


Easy to push and maneuver on small lawns.
4 position manual height adjustment.
Keep your yard looking neat with an easy maintenance free mower.

Great States 815-18 18-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

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The Great States motor-less lawnmower is an easy to assemble push mower that cuts through your grass with sharp, long lasting blades. The loop style handle offers comfortable and easy maneuvering, while the 10 in. composite wheels make cutting in tight spaces much easier. Whether you’re looking for a high quality blade or just want the noise free experience of using our low maintenance lawnmower design, this product will suit your needs perfectly!


Keep your lawn looking neat and tidy.
Reduce the time you spend cutting grass.
You’ll be a hero to your family, friends, and neighbors.

Fiskars 17 Inch Staysharp Push Reel Lawn Mower

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The cleaner cut of our Fiskars 18-inch StaySharp Push Reel Lawn Mower is offset by guilt-free mowing. The eco-friendly design is smart (low emissions) and easy-to-use (no gasoline, oil, or battery). If you want an unparalleled lawn in Spring Grove with minimal impact on the environment, this product cuts through the toughest things like weeds and twigs … without stressing your outdoor power cords. For more information about how to keep your yard beautiful (and green) with Fiskars lawn products like these push reels, visit any one of our retail locations today!


No gas, oil, battery charging or electrical cords needed.
Quieter than other reel mowers.
Save money on fuel and maintenance costs.
Have more time to spend with family or friends outside

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 2000 Blade Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower

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Etch a design in the 20 inch wide grass with this classic hand push reel lawn mower. The Scotts classic manual lawn mower features 5 blades and locking handle to provide a clean, even cut every time you use it. Adjust from 1″ to 3″ cutting height with ease for your perfect cut. If you need additional support, these durable wheels can help maintain balance while cutting neatly across your yard using any one of the five individually barbed blades on the rotating reel beneath them. Keep these heat-treated alloy steel blades sharp and ready for another day of trimming by replacing worn ones after 10 hours of use or during busy periods when you’re coming up against thicker and sturdier weeds and plants that require extra strength and stability.


Durable, long lasting lawn mower with heat treated blades.
Push reel rotary design is easy to use and maintain.
20 inch cutting width allows for quick trimming of large areas.
Cushioned grip makes it comfortable to use this product even for extended periods of time.

Greenworks 10A Corded 14-Inch Dethatcher

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Dethatch fast with the powerful, heavy-duty motor. The ergonomic design will keep you comfortable while not sacrificing durability. Elevate – or suppress – matted layers so it’s healthier for your lawn and softer on your feet. I can remove weeds! This is Greenwork’s version of dethatching to get the job done faster than ever before. It has steel tines that stay sharp long-term so you don’t have to worry about wasting time constantly replacing cheap blades that are too flimsy for this lightweight but strong machine; I won’t bend under pressure like other brands because I was developed by professionals who know their stuff inside and out (and back up my warranty).


You’ll be able to finish your lawn in half the time.
The tines stay sharp, so you won’t have to worry about wear and tear.
Don’t let your yard suffer from neglect anymore.
You deserve a nice looking lawn that’s well groomed.

BUYING GUIDES: Choose lawn mowers

A lawn mower is a machine using cutting blades to cut the grass on your lawn. The process of cutting grass with a mower can be used as either a form of removing unwanted overgrown grass or as part of landscaping.

Each blade in your lawn mower has two sets of sharp edges and works like scissors, and the spinning motion means that each set (primary and secondary) cuts multiple times per revolution. When you use them together, they provide the scissor-like action needed for working with thicker vegetation, such as long grass. A side benefit is that it shreds whatever is cut into small particles which will decompose more rapidly than if left whole.

If you have an acre of land to maintain about three passes per week – one with a mower, and two without – is sufficient to keep the grass from getting too high.

In addition, to use as a lawn mower, some people use these more powerful machines as an operate snow blowers in wintertime.

Types of lawn mowers.

There are four basic types of lawn mowers, each with advantages and disadvantages. These include push gas-powered mower, push electric mower, riding mower, and robot lawnmower.

Push lawnmowers – Also known as a manual lawnmower or a reel-type lawnmower, these can be small enough to use for trimming purposes only. They don’t require gasoline but need a constant supply of energy from the user – which means you’ll get more exercise if you use one. The more common types of small weed eater have reciprocating blades that spin on an axle as it moves forward across the ground. This type is typically used to give your lawn a tidy appearance by off any grass that grows above the desired length.

Electric lawnmowers – The other type of electric lawnmower is cordless and should probably be used only for maintenance purposes. It operates like a gas mower, except there’s no need to refill the tank with gasoline every time you want to use it. What’s more, it can run on rechargeable batteries which you can charge up at your convenience. One limitation of this type is that they usually have much less power than either the gas or riding types. However, if you don’t let your grass get too long before cutting it, an electric lawnmower just might work for you depending on the size of your yard. What this means is that anyone who wants to keep his yard looking neat around the house without making too much effort to maintain the lawn will find them quite useful.

Riding Lawnmowers – A riding lawnmower, or ride-on mower, is a self-propelled motorized lawn mower that requires only one operator. These are large machines that can cover an acre of land in less than an hour, depending on its configuration. While this type of machine might be best suited for commercial applications, someone who wants an easy way to maintain his yard would also benefit from using it. This type of machine provides all the advantages and benefits of both manual and push models, with the additional benefit of delivering higher performance without requiring too much effort. You do need storage space for this kind though since they usually take up more than twice the space than either of the other types.

Robot lawnmowers – These mowers require little to no human intervention and automatically cut their own path throughout your property. They can be programmed to move out while you’re gone and come back when it’s time for them to dock and recharge their batteries. Its main advantage is that it doesn’t impose any restrictions on you, so this type might be suitable for anyone who has a large yard or lives in an open field. Like all automatic devices, though, they’re not cheap but more affordable than riding models. You also need ample storage space if you buy one of these too since they usually take up at least double the same amount as push mowers.

Features to look out for when buying a lawn mower.

The following is a list of features you might want to look out for when buying a lawn mower:

Fuel type – most gas-powered lawnmowers run on unleaded gasoline which can be easily purchased at any auto parts store. Electric and battery types, on the other hand, usually come with their own specific charging unit and don’t require an electricity source. Moreover, gas-powered models produce emission that is detrimental to the environment. As such, this might be one of the best reasons to buy an electric or battery-powered lawnmower.

Blades – most people prefer each blade attached to its own spindle that’s connected directly to the motor shaft rather than link two spindles together via gears. This means that even if one blade fails, you’ll be able to finish the lawn without having to stop mowing.

Cutting height – most models allow you to adjust the cutting height depending on how high or low you want your lawn cut. It’s best to choose something that offers three different settings so that you can perform lighter trimming if needed.

Debris bag capacity – This is especially important for anyone who has a large yard and wants an easier time keeping it tidy. If you plan on working with a larger area, look for one with at least a 50-liter bag so it will deliver better results than what smaller capacity units are capable of.

Wheels/casters configuration – some models have four while others may sport only two wheels which makes switching direction easier. If you have to cover larger distances, try buying one with all four wheels so it can provide better stability.

Handle height – this is usually adjustable depending on how low or high you want your lawn mower’s handlebars. This helps deliver the best results no matter what height or type of grass you’re trying to cut. It also provides better control over the machine for anyone who wants better maneuverability.

Start/Stop controls – most models come equipped with pull start cords while others run on an electric key system instead. The latter usually deliver less effortless starting action but requires virtually no maintenance at all since there are fewer moving parts involved in its operation

Noise levels – This is important if you need to mow during the early morning or late at night when people are already asleep. A noise level of about 65 dB is ideal for this purpose.

Safety features – drop or tip-over protection might be common in most models, but some include additional safety gear like a dead man’s switch which needs you to keep holding on to the power controls whenever the lawn mower operates. This feature prevents accidents resulting from unintended machine movement when the operator is distracted.

Warranty – a good lawn mower should have at least a two-year warranty. Look for models that offer warranties of five years or more to ensure that you get the real value for your money.

Manual vs electric lawn mowers

The following are some comparisons between manual and electric lawnmowers:

Manual push lawn mowers tend to be cheaper than those powered by electricity, but they can take up as much as four times as long as electricity-powered machines do in covering an average yard. On the other hand, cordless types like those with rechargeable batteries tend to be pricier than gas-powered ones, but they’re also lighter and provide less noise pollution during operation.

Gas-powered lawnmowers like string trimmers and chainsaws tend to be more powerful than other conventional types, but they also produce harmful emissions that contribute to global warming. But if you don’t need a lot of power and just want something simple to operate, cordless lawn mower types tend to provide the best value for money.

Electric lawn mowers can cover longer distances since there’s no cord attached unlike in gas models where users might have problems moving around while trying to work with a long power cord. On the other hand, manual push and electric lawnmowers don’t usually come with a rear-wheel-drive which provides better traction on hills or uneven terrains.

If you live in an area where grass grows fast during spring or summertime, electric lawn mowers are the best since they tend to be quieter. Note though that the gas-powered model is cheaper to buy if you need something large, powerful, and sturdy.

Cordless battery-powered types are perfect for small yards since their batteries can only last about an hour or two before recharging is needed. These also require regular maintenance like replacing worn-out blades once every six months or so.

If you’re looking for a machine with high maneuverability, go for one with swivel wheels which allow for better contouring around trees, flowerbeds, sidewalks and other obstacles in your yard. Manual push lawn mowers don’t usually have these features which mean users might need extra effort moving them around the yard during operation.


1. Where can I buy a lawnmower?

You can purchase lawn mowers from local suppliers and hardware stores, online retailers and company websites. Make sure that you consider factors such as warranty, price and user satisfaction when choosing between different brands and models of lawn mowers.

2. Where is the best place to store my lawnmower during winter?

It is important to keep your lawnmower in a cool, dry place during the cold season. Make sure that there are no pets or children around should they use it without supervision at any time.

3. How often should I mow my lawn?

Ideally, your lawn should be cut weekly or fortnightly. If you own a large property with tall grass and weeds growing, mowing twice a week is recommended to keep it in its best condition.

4. What types of gas does a lawnmower use?

Gas-powered lawnmowers use two-stroke petrol engines while electric ones are powered by rechargeable batteries . Solar-powered battery types can also be found in the market today but they’re not as powerful as their traditional counterparts.

5. Where do I find parts for my lawn mower?

The internet is one of the best places to look for replacement parts if ever you need them. You can also check with local suppliers or hardware stores in your area for parts that are specific to the make and model you use.

6. How do I know when to change my lawnmower’s blades?

It is critical to replace the blade of your lawnmower if it experiences a lot of resistance when spinning. The best thing to do is take it apart and inspect each part, including the blade, so you can determine if it needs replacing or not. You can also contact hardware stores or service dealers where you purchased from for assistance on this matter.


Choosing the best lawn mower for your needs can be a daunting task. There are many considerations to make, and one decision will affect others down the line. We’ve created this guide to help you decide what type of lawn mower is right for you based on your individual preferences. The article goes into detail about how important it is that you research before purchasing any equipment so that you don’t regret it later! If none of our suggestions fit with your lifestyle or budget, contact us here at Green Lawn Mowers Inc., we’ll do an assessment and find out which machine will work best for you.

Listed below are Best Lawn Mowers which satisfy both affordability and quality:

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