The Best Hair-Dryers That Make At-Home Blowouts in November 2023

Hair dryers are one of the most basic tools in the beauty industry. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. There are many different features to consider when shopping for a hair dryer; wattage, ionic/non-ionic technology, heat settings, cool shot button (these three features can help you achieve your desired hairstyle), nozzle size (larger nozzles allow you to reach more surface area with less strokes)

When it comes to purchasing a hair dryer there are many factors that need consideration before making your purchase decision. Ionic or non-ionic is an important factor as these two technologies have vastly different effects on the style of your hair.

Top 10 Best Rated Hair-Dryers Reviews 2023

Panasonic Nanoe Salon Hair Dryer

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Panasonic Nanoe Salon Hair Dryer is the home haircutting tool that gives you beautiful, healthy hair. With the Panasonic Nanoe Salon Hair Dryer’s up-and-down oscillating air flow and time saving features, You’ll be able to style your hair like a professional at home–without any of their frustration or heat damage. And with relevant accessories like nanoe soft cushion diffuser, nano ceramic oil vaporizer, and nano ceramics ionic greatpurifier included in package; it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for volume or simply want to keep your strands shiny and free of frizz–the Panasonic Nano Salon Hair Dryer can do both by giving every locks its very own unique look.


Hair is easier to manage with less frizz
No more waiting in line at the salon
You will have a healthy head of hair.
Your family will be able to style their own hair

HOT TOOLS Signature Series Ionic

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Say hello to your new favorite hair styling brush, the 2668 Ionic CERAMIC Air Dryer. This baby will leave your locks looking sleek and shiny with far-infrared heat that seals the cuticle while cutting blow drying time in half. It’s unbelievably lightweight, has 6 different heat/speed settings for flexible styling options – it can be used on damp hair too!

Did we mention this device is the perfect travel companion? Forgot to pack your trusty straightener or flat iron? No problem. You’ll still get glamorous-looking doe no matter where you go with Hot Tools® Signature Series Ionic® CERAMIC AIR DRYERS!


Helps reduce frizz and static for smoother, shinier hair.
Reduces drying time by up to 50%.
The perfect tool for the professional stylist.


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Now you can dry your hair 50 percent faster and get less damage with the revolutionary design of the Conair InfinityPro by Conair. This new release has ceramic technology, frizz fighting conditioning ions for shine, and a removable filter to keep lint buildup out of your hair.

It includes 3 heat/2 speed custom settings to match the needs of different types of hair and a concentrator nozzle and diffuser for maximum styling flexibility. Get back in shape, go sleek and smooth like never before, or use it creatively on your face – this versatile tool does it all! And switch from low heat to high heat anytime without changing any other settings thanks to this innovative new product.


Dry your hair in half the time.
Get less damage and more shine.
Fight frizz with natural ions for a healthy, shiny mane.

Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer

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The Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer is the most advanced salon-grade hair dryer for your home. Created to enhance the experience of air flow, this product delivers powerful ions and quickly dries strands in order to reduce frizz and generate softer locks with added benefits like heat control settings. Whether you’re looking for a professional blowout or simply want faster drying times after washing your locks, the Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer has you covered!

Salon quality at an affordable price that works for any type of hairstyle? Shop now before stocks run out!


No more frizz.
Soft and smooth hair.
Feel like you’re in a salon every day.
Save time on styling your hair each morning

Ionic Hair Dryer, 1600W Portable Lightweight Blow Dryer

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The Ionic Hair Dryer with Concentrators is designed for precision styling of your straight or curly hair. Features include 18,000rpm high-speed motor and 3 adjustable temperatures (cool, warm, hot) to meet any dry need. The hairdryer also includes a stepless speed adjustment button that allows you to adjust the wind power arbitrarily; there is no set limit on how long or strong this blowdryer blows air through it! To make access easy if for people like me who usually use an extension cord at home, our hairdryers all come with built-in adapters so the cord can be easily swapped out without getting everything electrical plugged in unwound first.


Our ionic hair dryer is light and easy to use.
The diffuser creates a natural, healthy look.
You’ll be able to style your hair quickly and easily.
Your curls will last longer with our hairdryer’s hot air flow

Panasonic nanoe Compact Hair Dryer

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This small, lightweight dryer was created to pack up with ease for travelers who want fresh-looking hair on the go. With nanoe technology this compact device provides moisture rich ions that penetrate each strand of hair, boosting shine and lessening frizz. The EH-NA27 packs 1400 watts of power so you can enjoy fast drying times even if your destination is far away.

Simply select high, medium or cool airflow settings according to hair type and desired style to achieve the look you’re after without all the bulk.,

Don’t let its size fool you; it’s big performance in a small package will leave your tresses looking healthy again soon enough!


It’s small and lightweight, easy to pack.
Uses nanoe technology to make hair healthier.
Feel more confident with a professional looking hairstyle on the go.

Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer

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The Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer is the latest innovation in hair styling. The patented technology allowed us to capture blowouts that are comparable to hours spent at a salon or second-day style with nothing more than an hour of your time. Ion Technology seals the cuticle, reducing frizz while drying, allowing for faster and more even drying. With its lightweight design (less than two pounds) you’ll enjoy comfortable styling. You can give yourself a professional looking blowout with four settings designed by stylists for optimal results – create any look from “dry” natural to high volume curls! Plus it features nine feet of cord so you can move around your space without being confined or restricted.


Get professional results at home.
Save time and money on blowouts.
Blow dry your hair in half the time!
Confidence boost with a perfect hairstyle.
You’ll never have to be embarrassed about frizzy hair again

Remington Damage Protection Hair Dryer

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You want the sleek, sexy big-city looks you see in magazines – but with healthier hair. Our Remington Damage Protection Hair Dryer has the tools to make it happen. It helps protect your hair from damage and transfers micro-conditioners for less frizziness, less flyaways! While it’s true that styles are hottest when they’re all blown out, our technology speeds up drying time with 1875 watts of Max power. And because we know styling is an art form – our remington dryer grill specially incorporates ionic + ceramic + tourmaline technologies to deliver faster drying with smoother results on any length or texture of tresses without damaging heat exposure. Now show off those glamorous locks!


Protects hair from damage.
Transfers micro conditioners for healthier hair.
Get the shiny, healthy style you’re looking for!
Dry your hair fast with 1875 watts Max power

Hair Dryer Salon Blow Dryer 2000W Low Noise

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Finally, a hair dryer that won’t damage your hair. After using the 2000W Salon Blow Dryer for just 5 minutes, you’ll have full voluminous frizz-free locks! The strong airflow will blow all your concerns away. This is first salon blow dryer with 3 heat settings so you can customize to your preference and it also has 2 air speed settings for precision drying. We know how important safety is too which is why this hairdryer comes with US ALCI Safety Plug (UL Approved). Compact light weighted design makes it easy to use on vacations or traveling because of its compact, lightweight design – perfect travel companion! Get yours today!


Your hair will be dry in minutes.
You’ll have healthy, shiny, silky hair.
Feel more confident in your appearance.
Look like you’re always on top of your game at work or school.

Gold N Hot Professional 1875W Styler Hair Dryer

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This professional 1875W hair dryer is perfect for any multicultural hairstyle, whether it’s straight, curly, or somewhere in between. When you need to tame your mane and get ready quick – this powerful burst of air will have you feeling like a hot-shot celebrity stylist with an iron fist in just minutes.

Keep your hair looking flawless and flowing with the blast of cool air from the cool shot button! And don’t leave home without it because this beauty can fit into all sorts of bags on vacation while getting over 60 volts of power no matter where you are in the world!


You’ll save time and money.
Your hair will be healthier than ever before.
Have a great hair day every day!

BUYING GUIDES: Choose Hair-Dryers

Anyone who is looking for hair dryers will find there is a wide variety available. The hair dryer you choose depends largely on how often and your hair type and your budget.

There are three main hair dryer types:

Ceramic hair dryers: these hair dryers emit infrared heat that penetrates the hair cuticle from the outside in, reducing drying time by up to 40%. This makes them especially suitable if you have medium or thick hair as it reduces exposure to high heat levels which can damage hair over time. They also help smooth out frizzy hair as they leave a smooth shiny surface on the hair shaft. A ceramic heats up quickly and emits uniform even heat without hot spots so it will usually be more expensive than other hair dryers.

Ionic hair dryer: these hair dryers use negative ions (electrically charged particles) to help reduce static electricity in hair. They are excellent for preventing frizz, adding shine and helping hair retain moisture by causing water molecules in the hair to stay apart from each other. The ionic hair dryer is especially good for thick coarse hair. These hair dryers work espcially well on short hair as they cause the hair to dry more quickly than with a normal hair dryer so there’s less chance of damage taking place. An ionic hair dryer also emits two million times more negative ions than ceramic ones so if you have very thick or long hair, an ionic hair dryer may be best for you.

Tourmaline hair dryers: tourmaline hair dryers emit infrared heat and negative ions which work together to lock in moisture, reduce frizz by up to 70%, increase shine by 70% and decrease hair breakage due to static. These hair dryers are better suited if your hair is very fine, thin or medium length as they are the most gentle of the three types of hair dryer.

If you have coloured treated hair or are wanting a hair dryer for styling purposes then it’s best to use one that emits negative ions as this will help seal cuticles closed after colouring thus locking in colour. If you need a hair dryer with lower heat settings then choose one that emits lower temperatures or has a cool shot function to hair hair dryers with higher heat settings.

For hair that needs additional moisture or is slightly damaged then choose hair dryer that emits infrared heat as the hair cuticle will close and smooth hair more quickly.

Which type of hair blowdrying you do depends on which hair dryer best suits your hair type and colouring, hairstyling requirements and budget: if you have fine or medium hair, need to use your hair dryer for styling purposes and don’t want to spend too much money on one then an ionic hair drier may be best for you whereas those with thick coarse hair should choose a tourmaline hair dryer. Those who wash their dyed coloured treated regularly may not see as many benefits from a hair dryer that emits infrared heat so a ceramic hair drier may be best for these. If you have long hair, choose hair dryers with higher wattage and lower temperature settings to help reduce the likelihood of damage.

Hair Dryer Tips:

Always make sure hair is completely dry before using hair straighteners or curling irons as otherwise hair can get damaged; to ensure this happens use your hair dryer’s cool shot function and then wait at least five minutes before styling your hair.

Keep your hair ends hydrated: end of your hair will dry out quickly if styled with hot tools such as flat irons and curling tongs so it’s important to them moisturized; apply leave in hair protection sprays directly before blowdrying hair to ensure hair ends are protected.

To reduce hair breakage caused by hair dryers, use the cool shot function to close hair cuticles or wrap hair in a towel.

If you want smooth hair then use your hair dryer with a smoothing cream or serum to help give you shine and stop frizziness; apply the product sparingly on damp hair before blow drying it. It’s best if choose one that is lightweight so it won’t weigh down your hair too much which will cause greasiness.

Make sure you read online reviews of any potential product choices before you buy them as they can save you money and time spent on making an incorrect purchase.

 How to take care of your hair dryer:

Turn hair dryer off before removing hair nozzle.

Store hair dryer in upright position to allow airflow through hair dryer.

Change the hair filters on your hair dryer regularly to ensure hair doesn’t get blocked and overheated.

Clean hair intake vents periodically with a cotton bud or toothpick as hair can build up here too and cause overheating/damage.


Q: How do hair stylists dry hair?

A: Hair stylists use hair dryers with concentrations of ions to smooth hair and reduce frizziness. They also prefer hair dryers that emit low heat along with high wattage because it speeds up the whole blowdrying process; they sometimes choose hair dryers that offer a cool shot function too.

Q: What are ceramic hair dryers?

A: Ceramic hair dryers emit infrared heat which is gentle on hair and reduces static electricity in hair which can lead to less breakage. They’re best suited for those who have coloured treated hair as they’re not as harsh, although tourmaline or ionic hair dryer may be better for you depending on how fine hair is.

Q: Which hair dryer should I choose?

A: If you have short hair then chose hair dryers that emit low heat and high wattage to dry hair quickly. Those with fine hair should chose one that emits negative ions to moisturize hair and decrease frizziness while those who want smooth hair should chose hair driers with tourmaline or ceramic plates. Hair stylists say that in terms of which hair dryer is best for styling purposes, ionic hair dryers are best for thick coarse hair whereas ceramic hair dryers are better for thin/fine hair types.


Choosing the best hair dryer for you and your needs may be a daunting task. The first step is to understand what types of features are available on different models, as well as which ones will work with your lifestyle. For instance, if you’re always traveling or need something that can go from home use to salon use easily, then cordless or travel-friendly options might be the way to go. If you have thick curly hair but want something lightweight and easy to carry around town without hesitation, think about getting a model with variable temperature settings so it works better in humid weather conditions. Whatever your preferences are when it comes to styling time and convenience—we hope this blog post has helped make things clearer!

Listed below are Best Hair-Dryers which satisfy both affordability and quality:

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