Top Best Gaming Monitors Under 150 To Buy April 2024 Update

Picking the right monitor is going to have a huge impact on your gaming, and if you pick a bad one you won’t enjoy things as much as you should. That’s why I’ve put together this list of the top monitors to use for gaming for under $150.

Listed below are bestselling Best Gaming Monitors Under 150 which satisfy both affordability and quality.
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Some of the things that I look for when picking out a monitor for gaming is a low gray to gray response time, good color clarity and balance, solid lighting, the native resolution and the refresh rate. The native contrast ratio also has a bit of an effect also, but not really enough to consider here in 2024.

Gaming Monitors Under 150



  • Do you want a glossy or a matte screen?
  • What kind of panel do you prefer, or does it matter?
  • What size of screen do want / need?
  • What resolution do you want / need?


  • 1920×1080 resolution
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • 21.5 – 24 inch screen
  • Your choice of panel (IPS, VA, TN, etc)
  • Some extra features

Now that you’ve put some thought into these points, you should have a good idea of what you’re looking for. Time to check out the list!

Best Gaming Monitors Under 150 USD In 2024

ViewSonic VX2457-MHD Gaming Monitor Review

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Looking for a monitor that comes with as much whistles and bells as possible and still sells below $150, this should do.

One very important and well thought of thing with this 24inch 1080p monitor is that it is designed with AMD FreeSync technology which improves gaming experience significantly. The tech is one thing you will normally not expect on monitors of this price range.

Also, the monitor gives clean display for both your gaming and other multimedia purposes.

No, we didn’t expect that the monitor would come with anything other than the TN panel. Although that isn’t the best out there for gaming since we get better viewing angles with IPS and VA, it is what makes this piece so affordable.

However, even with the TN panel, the response rate of the monitor is exceedingly good enough to take on heavy games with good speed. Once you can throw at it any game of up to 75Hz refresh rate, you can bet a coin that it will go smooth.

I know the drum I have been beating for this monitor is that of great features. Apart from the FreeSync, another feature it comes with among others is a set of speakers. Although the speakers may not be the best in audio reproduction since external and dedicated gaming speakers are always better for gaming, it still does good.

In all, the performance and design are great.


  • Comes with generous features
  • Less tearing thanks to its FreeSync technology
  • It has good coloring
  • It is very valuable


  • It doesn’t have the best viewing angles


This may just be the deal for someone who wants a gaming monitor that doesn’t ask for too much even as it performs excellently well and gives generous features.

BenQ GL2460HM Gaming Monitor

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The BenQ GL2460HM is a monitor that will serve you for both gaming and other daily uses. It supports Full HD 1080p with a 16:9 aspect ratio. This, of course, means more than what any average Joe monitor will be able to deliver.

For the build of the monitor, I will prefer to say it is more on the quality side than the fashionable side. Also, it has a frame of 6.0-inch glossy black bezels. There is also a level of convenience to the design as it can tilt 20 degrees backwards and 5 degrees forward.

A TN Panel piece, the monitor has a very good display that goes all the way. Still, as is with other TN panels, it doesn’t have the best of viewing angles.

The monitor is designed with an overwhelming smoothness that should breeze you through almost any game. That is unless you are a hard core gamer looking for the earth shaker. In which case, getting a more expensive monitor will be your redemption.

Although it comes with speakers, the speakers are not the best there can be.


  • It is versatile
  • Top notch video and picture quality
  • Very cheap
  • The response is very fast


  • It doesn’t come with every feature under the sun
  • Not the best in terms of viewing angles


Overall, this may just be the best gaming monitor under 150 dollars because it is almost complete in every way. Interestingly, you can still somehow find this even when you are looking at the best monitors under $250 and you make your list a little longer.

HP Pavilion 22cwa Gaming Monitor Review

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A serious gamer will not give an HP computer a second look when it comes to a gaming component. The HP Pavilion 22cwa still manages to be on our list as one of the leading gaming monitors under 150 dollars.

I will prefer not to call it exactly a gaming monitor because it isn’t. Nevertheless, it serves for gaming better than some in the same price range that have the tag of gaming all around them.

This monitor has a better look than many on the list even though the look is more professional than gaming. However, that hardly counts when it comes to monitors.

Interesting enough, this monitor comes with an IPS Panel. Trust me, not many monitors at this price range will let you walk away with a panel like this.

To the performance, this doesn’t fail. The display is excellent and the response is quite good.

It also comes with some extra features such as the HP enhancements technology which helps with the display, and the anti-glare feature which also gives clearer image by reducing glare on the monitor’s screen.


  • The image and video quality is very good
  • Good viewing angle
  • It is a well-built monitor
  • Very affordable


  • At only 21.5 inches, the screen size may be small for some
  • The response time could be better


Sometimes you may not be a very serious gamer and what you need is just a good affordable monitor that will allow you play games in a very good way and be able to handle your other jobs as well. That is just what you’ll get with this.

Asus VS239H-P Gaming Monitor Review

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A 23-inch matte screen monitor, the Asus VS239H-P is a gaming piece that is very decent in design and massive in performance. That is most especially when you decide to place its performance right beside its price.

What makes the monitor one of the first calls for many is that it has an image and video quality that can rival any other in the same range. Complimenting this is the fact that it has a very good response rate at only 2ms.

The monitor makes use of the In-Plane-Switching technology. What the IPS technology does is to provide a better viewing angle and even go as far as controlling bleeding. It will be kind to point out that this panel hardly comes on less expensive monitors.

Finally, the monitor goes as high as 27 inches if you prefer that, even though that is above the $150 range.


  • Good image and video quality
  • It has low response rate
  • Excellent viewing angle
  • There is inbuilt power adapter
  • Very cheap for an IPS monitor


  • Not the best when it comes to ergonomic adjustments


When your eyes are set more on the image quality of game rather than all the features a monitor can come with, then one will not be wrong to say this is the pad in your hands. More than that, however, is the fact that it comes with a general performance that is better than the average.

Dell S2216M Gaming Monitor

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Like HP, Dell is a very popular one. The difference though is that Dell has established itself when it comes to gaming computers.

The Dell S2216M has a simple and minimalistic design which is excellent in its ways. Also, it is easily adjustable and easy to move around.

With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the monitor hits it right with coloring and its overall image and video quality is one to appreciate.

The refresh rate at 60Hz gives you a swift and smooth gaming experience. That noted, where it seems to have it a little dragging is when you consider that the refresh response is at 6ms. Now, this is not to the gutters, but we do have some that are at 2ms! What this means is that a hardcore gamer may not have the best experience one may be looking for.

This monitor with a flat display panel has an ultra-wide screen that will take care of your gaming needs if you prefer the screen a little wider.

You can decide to go with the 22 inches or the 23 inches, as both are less than $150.


  • Excellent design
  • Great image and video quality
  • Good coloring
  • Environmentally friendly since it makes use of arsenic-free glass and mercury-free LED panel
  • It is a plug and play monitor


  • Not the best regarding response time
  • Doesn’t come with HDMI connectivity


This is much more than just a gaming monitor. It is an “everything monitor.” It will serve you well whether you need it for movie watching, word processing, or of course, gaming. As such, it is one of the best for a general use.

Asus VP228HE 21.5” Full HD

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The Asus VP228HE 21.5” Full HD (1920×1080) is a razor sharp monitor with crystal clear visuals teamed with built in speakers and eye care technology for fresh, comfortable viewing. It features HDMI and VGA connectivity meaning it can be connected to any device you like. Plus, exclusive game plus adds many helpful viewing modes such as Crosshair, Timer, frames per second and more- greatly assisting in games that require quality display evaluation.

It even has Eye Care technology which reduces blue light and eliminates flickering – cutting out the risk of eyestrain and visual ailments in one swift motion! The Asus VP228HE is powerful yet simple: excellent performance without excessive bells and whistles when all you need is an awesome screen


  • Full HD 1080p with 1ms response time for crisp visuals.
  • Built in speakers allow for full sound without external speakers.
  • Asus Eye Care technology lowers blue light and eliminates flickering to reduce eyestrain and ailments.
  • Reduce eyestrain with the Asus Eye Care Technology.

Sceptre 20″ 1600×900 75Hz Ultra Thin LED Monitor

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The Sceptre 20″ LED Monitor is a professional choice for those who want to go big on their screen space and clear, high-definition images. With crisp 1600 x 900 HD+, no one will miss a thing as you work on the latest new marketing campaign. For those who travel regularly, this monitor has an included VESA wall mount hole pattern that allows for versatility in mounting placement needs. Go big with the quality of our monitors!

The Sceptre 20″ LED Monitor makes it easier than ever to get your project ready, make sure all corners are accounted for and see things from every angle possible; making this monitor perfect for video editing professionals and digital artists alike!


  • Large screen with high resolution.
  • Screen size of 20″ for a better viewing experience.
  • Enjoy your favorite movies, games and TV shows in HD quality.

AOC 24B2XH 24″ Full HD IPS Monitor

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This slim 24 inch AOC Frameless LED HD Display Monitor is perfect for professionals looking to optimize their work space. With 1920×1080 resolution, 100% sRGB color range, and IPS panel technology this monitor is sure to give you the crisp viewing experience you need. Whether it be presentations or drafting documents on two different computers at once, there are all sorts of ways this high quality display can help your business reach new heights!

With HDMI input as well as VGA input ports there is no problem connecting devices with any computer type. Our low blue mode helps reduce eyestrain while our anti-flicker systems protect your eyes from harmfully bright flickers that can cause headaches and aggravation during long hours in front of monitors.


  • Enjoy a crystal clear, crisp picture.
  • Work on multiple screens simultaneously.
  • Stay productive with less eye strain.
  • Get work done faster and more efficiently than ever before.

SAMSUNG T350 Series 22-Inch FHD 1080p Computer Monitor

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The Samsung T350 Series 22-Inch FHD 1080p Computer Monitor is the perfect monitor for any modern working environment. The 3-sided borderless display brings a clean and distinct aesthetic to any set up, while its IPS panel preserves vividness and clarity no matter what angle you look at it from. FreeSync technology works with your graphics card so that every inch of her screen shows all the vibrant colors in detail while watching movies or playing games – without a single tear.


  • Wide, borderless display with a clean and modern aesthetic.
  • IPS panel to preserve color vividness and clarity across the screen.
  • AMD Radeon FreeSync for seamless viewing experience.
  • A flawless picture that looks perfect from any angle.

ViewSonic VA2055SM 20 Inch 1080p LED Monitor

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ViewSonic’s VA2055SM is the perfect monitor for your home and office computer. Experience Razor-sharp clarity on a Full HD 1080P high definition LED monitor. Hate light flickering? The panel has an Blue Light Filter to help keep eye fatigue at bay! With DVI-D and VGA inputs, you’re sure to be satisfied with this versatile monitor.

Don’t worry about power either – it comes with a power cable and a VGA cable included in the box! Worried about warrantee concerns? It has 3 years of coverage from ViewSonic, making them one of the top companies there is.


  • Clear, sharp picture that’s easy on your eyes.
  • Flicker free for all day comfort.
  • Great for home and office use.
  • Razor sharp clarity with Full HD resolution

Choice Standards – Things To Consider

There is no lack of screens for the budget gamer. While also televisions have the capability to hook up to your COMPUTER and also result a display screen, most of these alternatives aren’t optimum for gaming and also generally come with a sluggish reaction time as their key feature is just for entertainment purposes.

ViewSonic VX2457-MHD Gaming Monitor

With that being claimed, there are specific locations to concentrate on when it involves gaming optimised monitors for under $150.

Prior to anything else, the screen has to have at the very least a resolution of 1920×1080. Now in time, it is simply undesirable to be pc gaming on anything less than this resolution, with 4K coming to be even more of a mainstream consumer alternative by the day.

Response Time

Quick response times are exceptionally vital in a video gaming display. This isn’t the action of input lag onto the display, but rather just how promptly the monitor can alter a pixel from one shade to another.

A much faster response time means that the panel will certainly produce the following frame faster, resulting in a more fluid gaming experience. All of the monitors on this checklist (with the exception of one) have a feedback time under 3ms.

Refresh Rate
The refresh rate of a monitor is the procedure of the number of times in a 2nd that a display updates it’s barrier, whether the frameworks are one-of-a-kind or identical. All of the displays on this listing of a refresh rate of a minimum of 60Hz. The refresh rates might appear quite low but you will typically need to pay a bit more for a remarkable screen as you can see from our best display recommendations.

Wrapping it Up
For $150, it can be tough to locate a display that holds up with the different needs of pc gaming. Nonetheless, that does not mean there aren’t strong choices at the price point.

At a minor sacrifice for screen room, there are high-grade displays that can fit gaming needs perfectly with HD resolution, 75Hz freshen price, and also reduced response times.

While all of the choices on this checklist are strong, the requirements of your gear will establish what monitor you need to buy.

If pc gaming is simply your point, after that think about among these monitors that include a low action time of 1ms and also some Freesync modern technology. If you want to do a little photo/video editing and enhancing too, then The IPS option in the listing is great.

In general, any of these monitors would certainly be a solid addition to any type of gaming rig at under $150 but if this is a little steep for your budget plan then consider one of our under $100 picks. If you can conserve a couple of added dimes and extend your display budget plan to over $200, this is where you begin to see some screens optimum for video gaming with numerous improved features.


Choosing the best monitor under 150 can be an overwhelming task. We’ve made it easy for you by narrowing down your options to three monitors, which are all suitable for gaming or other professional purposes. Our top pick is our favorite because of its high refresh rates and low response time. The second place winner has a wider range of colors than some competitors but also has higher energy consumption. Finally, we recommend looking at third choice if you want something that will last years longer before needing replacement due to burn-in effects from frequent use; however, this one does not come with speakers like many others on our list do. We hope these reviews have helped! Which of these monitors did you end up choosing?

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