Best Flip Phones for Seniors

Best Flip Phones For Seniors: Nowadays, smartphone design is a rather tedious affair. It was not always like this.
Dozens of cell phones designs came to the market with rare looks, some thrive, others disappear without a trace.

Listed below are bestselling Best Flip Phones For Seniors which satisfy both affordability and quality.
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While Android and IOS thoroughly dominating the mobile industry, going back to the old flip phone may seems surprising .Of these bold designs, the flip phone was one of the most enduring and certainly evokes nostalgia among a certain portion of the population. From Nokia to Motorola, Samsung, to Sony Ericsson, each manufacturer contributed a lot on mobile phone technology. They are still making new flip phones for some certain peoples, specially for seniors. Not everyone needs a cell phone with the latest in multi-touch gestures, app stores or a constant stream of social media feeds. For seniors, sometimes a phone just needs to be a phone that can just make and receive calls.

Best Flip Phones For Seniors

Why you still need to Consider Flip Phone in this Smartphone’s Era?They have large buttons, emergency

It’s not only the thing you want to consider flip phone because of not being used to with latest smartphone or nostalgia with the old phone. There are few other reasons to Consider buying Basic featured Phones:

  • Price: Smartphones price normally start at the $200 while high end phone’s prices ranging from $500 to over $100. You can purchase most of the basic flip phone at below $100.
  • Convenience: It is really satisfying to answer a call by flipping up the top of the phone and folding down the phone to end a call at the same time.
  • Battery life: Smartphones consumes charges very quickly. You have to charge it everyday to keep it running. Battery life is very short. Flip phones can last from three days to a week, or more, which is convenient for travelers.
  • Disconnected life: Smartphone isolates you socially from the real world and without talking to be constantly “with the blessed device”. As flip phone or basic phone have less option to use internet you can spend time with real people.
  • Durability:Let’s face it, It is common for your phone to fall off the table or slip when you put it in your bag. Some of us got to the extreme of washing our pants with the cell phone inside (or did it just happen to me?). For these cases there is nothing better than a low end phone. Most large screen smartphones have a tough time surviving a long time. Flip phones are robust and durable. It normally does not break out when fall.
  • Simplicity: A flip phone is focused on dialing and calls, but some can have extra features as well. But basically these phone are made to call and send and receiving sms.
  • Size: Flip phones are usually small so that you can keep in your pocket and the flip design lets them fold up to an even smaller size.
  • Security: You expose a lot of confidential information in your photos, accounts, applications. The security is basic. The people who steal before were looking at what kind of watch people had to select their victim and now they look at the quality of your phone.

How to Choose the Best Flip Phone For You?

When you start asking around as to which the best flip phone is, you will probably get many answers. It always depends on a person and what their choices are as to which of the phones they feel is the best flip phone. In order to choose from deciding which of these phones will be best for you, you need to look at reviews of various phones first. Once you know what most people prefer and what will be the best it is time to look at what it will cost you to afford such a phone.

You should rather not choose a phone just because it is popular. The reason is, the best flip phone is not always the most expensive and the most popular phone either. If you go into a shop and you ask one of the consultants to explain the various functions on the most popular phones you will probably get different answers from each of them when you start to compare it to the reviews. The one thing about the reviews of the best flip phone is that you are actually able to read what people are saying about phones that they had or that they own at the moment.

Top 10 Best Flip Phones Reviews  of 2024:

1.Samsung Convoy 3 SCH-U680 Rugged 3G Cell Phone Verizon Wireless Review

Primarily meant for hard-hat workers, Samsung Convoy 3 has won the heart of a lot of other people, who regards durability at first place, while purchasing a handset. Not only does it have noise cancellation technology and push-to-talk, it also is furnished with military grade features. This rugged set is certainly made for using in the open air, but the dual microphone offers improved conversation, you’ll enjoy it at home as well.

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The rough-and-tumble appearance has added a masculine tone in this flip phone. Measuring 5.4 x 3.1 x 2.8 inches, SCH-U680 has a very sturdy chassis and weighs 9.6 ounces. Almost all of its ports are veiled and consequently, it’s immune to moisture, dust. It can withstand shock or extreme temperatures too.

On the front of the phone is a square screen from where you can access to your Push-to-Talk contacts. Below the external display are the external speakers and the necessary ports and side keys on placed on its left and right spines.

Opening the phone, you’ll be greeted with a nice display. Underneath the screen is a navigation array, 2 soft keys, a speakerphone key that can also act as the flashlight key, plus a dedicated camera/camcorder key. Though smart touchscreen sets are common in recent times, the entry-level phones haven’t lost their market yet. And Samsung Convoy 3 SCH-U680’s wide sell is the ideal demonstration of this statement.

2.ZTE Z222 AT&T Flip Phone with Camera Review

The ZTE Z222 is a lightweight (6.4 ounces) and straightforward basic phone. Measuring 4.2 inches long by 3.1 inches wide by 2.1 inches thick, it is one of the smallest flip phones we’ve ever tried. It has rounded edges and the backplate is adorned with the uneven pattern. This design provides better grip that we often miss with the sleek phones, which tend to slippery.

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The exterior display shows the time, battery and signal strength info. All these are made to surround with a blue textured upper lid and the rest of the phone is dressed in black plastic. A little above that you’ll see a camera. Poor quality captures shouldn’t be an issue of complaint with such a low-budget phone. It features Bluetooth 2.0+EDR that allows backward compatibility and ensures simple secure pairing.

Without the image sharing option, it seems uninteresting, if not a downright frustrating deal. The slot for standard sized SIM may not compensate that loss, but we readily appreciate its replacing feature with AT&T or T mobile. If your present SIM card isn’t one of the full SIM, we recommended you to collect an adapter. In fine, the killer price makes this model a strong contender in the realm of dumb phones. Perfect for the occasional cell phone users.

3. Moto E Made for US by Motorola

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Meet the Moto E Made for US by Motorola. This budget friendly phone has android OS and features like built-in wireless charging, an IPX7 water resistant body, a beautiful 6 inch Max Vision display with sharp HD+ resolution. The 13MP dual camera setup is perfect for switching between portrait mode or making close up shots pop out against any background you prefer. You’ll always have power because the battery not only lasts for hours but charges fast wirelessly over standard Qi chargers. For just $99 you can have all of these features packed into this functional well designed device that won’t cost nearly as much!

  • It’s compatible with all major networks.
  • The battery lasts up to 42 hours.
  • You can get creative with the camera and change backgrounds.
  • The screen is large enough for one handed use.
  • It has a professional tone of voice that makes it trustworthy and reliable

4.LG B470 AT&T Basic Flip Phone (black)

If a person doesn’t have much urge for web surfing or emailing, and looking for just a communication device with fundamental features, LG B470 is the right fit. This black flip phone handily displays the time on its 0.98″ external screen. Battery life and network frequency also become visible here. Black, raised buttons on the backlit keypad make it easy to see and dial. Sending texts or photos is also very reliable.

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The open phone measures 10 x 6.3 x 1.8 inches and after folding, it’s fairly possible to hide it in a fist. At just 12 ounces, it is light enough to easily slide into a pouch and virtually forget about its existence until you require it.

Since senior citizens are the main target of the manufacturers, priority on the hearing aid-compatibility is given to the fullest. One classy feature: video recording. Regrettably, the camera resolution is a tad low – only 1.3MP. If you need to email, though, you’re out of luck.

Internet browsing isn’t the main focus of this handset, so, the 3G connectivity might not mean much. However, we admire its overall better connection that most of the 2G network devices (meant for the senior users) fail to provide.

5.Jitterbug Flip Easy-to-Use Cell Phone for Seniors – Red by GreatCall

GreatCall’s contribution towards the elderly people is perceived through their invention of the easy to use handset. While today’s flip phones have small buttons and displays, Jitterbug Flip breaks with the tradition and introduces bigger buttons and comparatively huge 3.2-inch inner screen. Its bright 480 x 320-pixel resolution causes little difficulty to see in direct sunlight.

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The numbers or messages on the display appear very much clear and a person with weak eyesight can smoothly understand them. Apart from its easily decipherable user interface, the Up-Down arrows as well as the ingenious “yes” and “no” make operating the device an absolute breeze.

If ever this phone is misplaced or gets robbed, a Personal Operator will aid with no free cost at all. But what if the user himself lost? No worry. The “5Star” button at the lower part of this phone is always ready to safeguard the user. If they mistakenly forget the path or face some uncertain situation, this one-button touch can help you get the highly trained agents’ assistance. This 24/7 service for the owner is, in reality, a great relief for their loved ones.

The built-in 2 MP camera (with flash) is an awesome way to make memories. It affords 1,000+ photos storage and sharing with your family and friends won’t be any impossible matter with it.

Since it has got a very intuitive design, recommending this phone to the users who have pretty much knowledge about the technology, wouldn’t be a suitable decision. But for people with visual and auditory impairment, it’s the perfect match. An affordable charge ($14.99 per month) can keep them in constant touch with their relatives. Health and safety packages are also available.

6.Kyocera DuraXV, Dark Grey 4GB (Verizon Wireless)

The tough feel, user-friendliness, and clear audibility have kept a lot of users hooked on Kyocera DuraXV for many years. As a means of communication, it is simply better than many of the smartphones out there right now.

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Its compact design has achieved military standard 810G rating – a great feature for those who remain on the move a lot. It measures 4.1 inches tall, 2.2 inches wide, and 1 inch thick. It’s quite light at 5.6 ounces, so, don’t expect this physically hefty device to fit comfily in your denim pockets and sometimes you may also need to struggle to put the handset into a tiny purse. Knapsacks, tool belt compartments or satchels hold it pretty fine, however.

On the front, you’ll see a black and white display. Above that, you’ll see a 5-megapixel camera (with an LED flash). On its left are a Micro-USB port and a volume rocker. The internal display measures 2.4-inches. Below the display is an alphanumeric keypad and the buttons are generously sized and spaced. So, you won’t find it difficult to press them wearing gauntlets also.

Removing the 1500 mAh Li-ion Battery, you can gain access to microSD card port that accepts cards with the capacity of up to 32GB. A 4 GB microSD card is included. As stated, it’s dustproof and can properly function even after submerging under up to 6 feet water (for up to 30 mins).

Sure, this device doesn’t possess an impressive look, but for rough mobile users who have broken their smartphones back to back, and seeking to return to the roots with a basic featured flip phone, this is a phone worth considering.

7.LG Exalt, Black (Verizon Wireless)

Just because your handset is a flip phone, doesn’t mean that it has to be flat and uninteresting. For a change, LG Exalt has a very sleek and trendy look. The glossy black complexion round corners and essentially, the 3 inches color screen are the chief attractions of this rectangular clamshell phone.

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When flipped open, the device measures 4.4 inches long by 2.1 inches wide by 0.6-inch-thick and weighs 3.8 ounces. Bigger than other flip phones so far as the length and width are concerned, while using one hand to open it up, a hard flick is a must.

Though you’re missing that external display, switching any of the side buttons you can view the time in moving LEDs. This shiny matrix also alerts about voicemail, text and email. On the left side of the LG Exalt, a volume rocker and a 3.5mm headphone have been placed. The opposite side exhibits a multifunctional key. You can active the 2-megapixel camera with this button. Whereas one click is enough for a perfect capture, you’ll need to press it for a longer period of time to start video recording.

Some other helpful features include- up to 5½ hours talk time, a slot for microSD memory card (expandable up to 32 GB), a roomy keypad, alarm clock, calculator, calendar, stopwatch, notepad, world clock and so on.

The device also supports GPS system and Bluetooth. And before we close, let us inform you that, it can read the text messages aloud –an excellent feature for hands-free communication.

8.Samsung T159 Phone (T-Mobile)

Samsung is a big name behind a variety of electronic devices for every budget, including the inexpensive, basic flip phone. Their T159 Phone doesn’t look like much, but if you’re looking forward to a no-muss, no-fuss handset, this one will satisfy your basic needs.

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With its matte black color scheme, thin profile and satisfying call quality, it stands out from any flip phone crowd. It’s both sturdy (3.8×1.9×0.6 inches) and lightweight (2.47 ounces) and it feels great in the hand.

The quality of its camera lens is a tad low, it’s only 1.3 megapixels (with auto-focus). Fortunately, the camcorder capability is also available. A volume rocker sits on the left spine, while a headphone jack, shared Micro-USB slot and finally a camera shutter button sit on the right. So, to listen to music or voicemail from the Samsung T159, you’ll require an adapter.

Fulfilling the primary trait of making and receiving a call (in 3G speed), T159 still continues its functionalities. Sharing images through Bluetooth, email and downloading light materials (ringtones, wallpapers) using the internet are its chief additional features. Finding location through GPS is also possible. Reading that collected info from its mini display is quite difficult though.

9.Casio GzOne Ravine 2 Verizon

Using a feature phone in 2017 is a special kind of hell. No apps, a lacklustre camera and a keypad that dates back to 1963. But if you get one, which is ruggedized, that’s a saving grace to the dumb phone. Casio GzOne Ravine 2 is a phone for construction workers and truck drivers who need buttons (you can push with work gloves on), loud push-to-talk speakerphones and military grade durability.

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Water-resistant smartphones leave the ports exposed. Because they’re designed to handle that. Once they dry off, they work fine. But that’s with fresh water. Saltwater is pure, straight poison to electronics. And it works fast. The Casio GzOne use the old method of waterproofing – big flaps like missile hatches that lock down into gasket to keep water from getting inside. This makes the phone huge, a big meatball in a pocket.

Touchscreens hate being wet. Water droplets temporarily bridge the electrodes of the capacitive grid, generating all kinds of confusing inputs. Once again, the old ways to the rescue. The physical keys of this flip phone don’t care whether they’re wet or not. So, you can still text your heart out.

Voice calls are more comfy on this handset. So, that’s another win. There’s not a single app installed. Hence, all those little tasks your co-workers pin you to do on Slack or Hangouts, they’ll just have to wait. Now, if you’re in the market for a rugged phone, or you’re a prepper looking for a good emergency handset, or an ultra-minimalist who just had it with smartphones for whatever reason, then this is your dream device.

10.Pantech Breeze II Cell Phone Blue AT&T

The royal blue and silver color scheme give this compact (4 x 2 x 0.7 inches; 3.5 ounces) flip phone a fashionable, sophisticated design, which is further accentuated by its bright external display.

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Below that external screen, you’ll find 3 icons, which allows you to know if you have missed a call or any text message. Battery alerts also appear here. And 2 volume-control keys adorn the side of the phone.

Open the phone–you’ll notice the brittle 2.2-inch, 320 x 240 pixels, 262000-color supported display. But you’ll be impressed by the 1,2,3 Quick Call key that makes access to your lovely family and dear friends a snap.

While SMS, image, video messages flew from phone to phone in a matter of seconds through its 3G network, you’ll need to resist your temptation for speedy download. It can’t exceed the limit of 3.6/7.2 Mbps. There’s another BIG relief though! In more than 13,000 US cities and along some 40,000 miles of major highways where the 3G network is not available, you can still browse web related features. True, AT&T EDGE network has made Pantech Breeze II’s wireless connection reliable. More than 75-135Kbps (average speed) is unwelcome, however. Nonetheless, for such an affordable model, they’re impressive numbers.

With a 920 mAh lithium-ion battery, the Pantech Breeze II yields up to 3 hours of talk time per charge or a little less than 10 days of waiting for a call. The phone bundles applications for converting units, and you’re allowed to synchronize your contact numbers with an online address book. There’s a calendar, an alarm clock, and a calculator; you can also type memos into the phone. In case, they fill the phone’s 80 MB internal memory, an optional card (up to 32 GB) will readily fit into the microSD card slot. 1.3 MP camera, Bluetooth connectivity, voice dialing etc. are its added features.


Something else about such phones is that almost every brand from Samsung to LG is there for you to choose. The one thing about this is that each company will feel that they consist of the package that will be able to give you the best flip phone that is available. You just have to remember that you will have to make sure that you will be able to handle the phone. If you have eye problems it will help you nothing to get a phone that displays the writing too small or that have some of the smallest buttons. You will need the best flip phone with larger buttons.

When it comes to the best flip phone the overall look, as well as the functionality of the phone, will also play a very important role in your decision. You will certainly not take a phone if you do not like they way it looks whether it is the best flip phone or not. If you take everything that you want from a phone as well as everything that you generally like in a phone into consideration you might be the one walking away from the shop as a happy client.

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