The Best Beard Trimmers Reviews To Buy of November 2023

Choosing the best beard trimmer is not an easy task. There are many different types, with varying prices and features that make it hard to find the one that suits your needs best. This blog post will help you navigate through all of the options so you can find the right beard trimmer for you.

The following are tips on how to choose a good quality beard trimmer: -Know what style of trim is preferred by looking at pictures or asking someone with a similar facial hair style. It’s important to know if there should be some length maintained on certain parts of your face, such as chin or neckline- Know if this is more than just a styling tool but also something used for grooming purposes.

Top 10 Best Rated Beard Trimmers

Braun Beard Trimmer BT7240

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With its refine precision dial, Braun’s BT7240 is the best beard trimmer they’ve ever released. This 39-length setting trimmer allows for control over your grooming experience and can be used on even course hair to create accurate lines and edges. The powerful battery provides up to one hour of cordless trimming after a single charge, so you can groom worry-free without having to keep it plugged in the whole time. Sharper blades cut through unruly whiskers with ease and feel gentle across skin while precise shaver heads help define lines and shapes flawlessly. With this luxurious present for dad or husband, he’ll never need another birthday gift again!


Sharper blades for a more precise trim.
Longer run time on one charge.
You’ll be able to keep your beard looking neat and tidy all day long.

Braun Electric Razor for Men

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Braun armors men for battle with this all-in-one shaver. The Braun Electric Razor for Men is an easy to use, clean, wet/dry razor that will make any man feel like a king. With its 3 flexible blades and Li-Ion battery life of 50 minutes, the Braun is ready whenever you need it. The included beard trimmer lets your guy style his facial hair with precision from 0.5mm to 7mm! Give dad the gift he’ll actually love: give him all the benefits in one package and turn him into a fully groomed gentleman in no time at all (for when he’s not busy winning hearts).


Provides a close shave without irritation.
No need to remove the head for cleaning.
Makes shaving easy and convenient.
Gives you a fresh, clean feeling every time you use it.

Beard Trimmer by Bevel – Clippers for Men

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The Bevel Beard Trimmer makes it quick and simple to trim any facial hair. For a better and cleaner experience, there is no need for screwdrivers as the Bevel Beard Trimmer has quick tool-free adjustments with no screws. All you have to do is use the Bevel Dial for a cleaner shave that reduces bumps, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation There’s also no need to worry about changing blades! Our blades repel dirt, oil and bacteria build-ups so this product will continue working like new long after purchase. Your cart won’t be empty without one of these at home!


Easy to use and quick
Durable, reliable, and high quality
Makes a perfect gift for any man in your life
A clean shave without bumps or ingrown hairs.

Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series 7000

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Keep your various facial hair styles well-groomed and trimmed with the Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series 7000. Whether you’re working on a beard, head, body, or face hair style this all in 1 trimmer has everything that you need to get the perfect look for whatever occasion. With a DualCut technology that offers maximum precision and twox more self sharpening blades that last up to 5 years, not only will your trimming experience be enjoyable but it’ll also be efficient. The full metal motor paired with the reinforced drive train provide maximum torque and power for fast, effective grooming while cutting guards reinforced with ultra strong fiberglass material guarantee an even trim every time!


Trims all your beard, head, body, and/or face hair with one tool.
DualCut technology offers maximum precision.
Get a professional looking trim every time.
No more struggling to find the right guard for your needs

Braun Hair Clippers for Men MGK3980, 9-in-1 Beard Trimmer

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Braun has introduced its patented 9-in-1 grooming kit, the MGK3980. Braun’s innovative design will get you looking like a real gentleman with 13 length settings and 100% waterproof capabilities. With 60 minutes of battery life from only one hour of charging, this sleek and slim 9 in 1 device is designed for someone who doesn’t want to fuss with cords and plugs at home or while traveling abroad.

All necessary attachments are included: beard trimmer, hair clippers, nore nose & ear trimmer, facial razor and groomer attachments for body hair — it truly has everything you need. It comes complete with 4 different combs for all your desired lengths on beard & hair styles.


Get a beard trimming and hair clipping experience like never before.
Trim, style, groom all in one place.
Feel good about the way you look with this powerful tool.
Look your best at work or school with these grooming essentials

Wahl Aqua Blade Rechargeable Wet Dry Lithium Ion Deluxe Trimming Kit

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The market for hair and shaving products is one of the most profitable, and also competitive. With this unique kit you’ll be able to provide all elements that your customers will need: wet or dry operation and the four style attachments needed for facial hair styling. Easy cleanup and portability make this product perfect for consumers on-the-go. This kit offers versatility with heavy duty strength; included is a convenient storage case! The Wahl Aqua Blade Rechargeable Wet Dry Lithium Ion Deluxe Trimming Kit can be found at Target stores nationwide—find out more information here (link)!


Gives you a smooth, close shave.
Low noise for convenience and comfort.
Say goodbye to razor burn and ingrown hairs.
Get the style you want without the hassle of going to a barber shop

SUPRENT® Adjustable Beard Trimmer

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This is the beard trimmer of choice for experienced groomers who demand precise, even cuts that last. The 3.6 volt DC motor works with the ultra-sharp 211 stainless steel blade to assure smooth and fast trimming, always resulting in a clean cut without pulling or tugging. Equipped with overcharge protection and LED light indicators, this quality trindle includes 19 precision lengths settings with 0.5 mm steps providing ultimate control on all beard lengths – perfect for getting it just right so you’re proud of your facial hair! With only 1½ hours needed to charge up fully, our super-fast 600mAh Li battery can power through 90 minutes of runtime meaning no more worrying about running out of juice when you need it most!


Keep your beard in shape and looking sharp.
The powerful motor ensures a clean cut every time.
Feel confident when you’re out on the town with that perfect stubble.

Philips Norelco Beard trimmer Series 7200

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Provide the perfect groom with the Philips Norelco Beard trimmer, a feature-rich trimmer made with skin and cut protection you can depend on. Weighing a mere 2 pounds, this mean machine is easy to maneuver from sideburns to neckline with precise settings that allow for customized shaping of your beard or mustaches. Made with durable blades that easily adjust from 0.5mm to 13mm lengths as well as an 80 minute cordless use time and 1 hour charge time, it’s never been easier to achieve stylish stubble or rugged beards alike! After the trimming process is done just empty out hair chamber and rinse under running water for a speedy cleanup!


Standard benefits:
– You’ll never have to worry about cutting too much or not enough.
– Your hair will be easy to trim with this precision trimmer.
Emotional benefits:
– Get the perfect haircut every time and enjoy looking your best!
– A quick and effortless way to keep up with your grooming routine.

Philips Norelco Multigroom All-in-One Trimmer Series

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The Philips Norelco Multigroom All-inOne Trimmer Series is the perfect tool for any grooming needs. The DualCut trimmer blades are self-sharpening, so they never need to be oiled or replaced, resulting in an easy clean up after use. The steel trimmer easily detaches for quick cleanup and the lithium ion battery lasts 6 hours on a single charge, ensuring you’ll always have power when you need it. Whether trimming your beard or shaving your head, there’s no job too big or small for this versatile handheld grooming tool that includes all of the necessary bits and bobs for men’s personal care at home or travel.:


You’ll never have to buy another blade again.
Your blades are always sharp and ready for use.
Never worry about your blades dulling or rusting again.
Say goodbye to that itchy neckline with the precision trimmer.

BaBylissPRO Barberology MetalFX Series – Outlining Trimmer

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The BaBylissPRO Barberology MetalFX Series – Outlining Trimmer is built to the professional standard with the Ultra-Thin Zero-Gap DLC/Titanium T-Blade (FX707Z). Expand your creations by using this trimmer for crispy edge-ups, hard lines, and all detail work. With its high torque brushless engine, it can provide up to 2 hours of uninterrupted power thanks to its lithium Ion battery.

The sleek metal casing protects against cuts and offers better hygiene than other materials like plastic which can trap bacteria, dirt or oil buildup that can lead to rusting etc. Ensuring your device stays in perfect working order also extends the life of your blades due to protective metal housing protecting.


The blade is thin and precise for a crisp cut.
It comes with a Zero Gap tool to get close to the scalp.
You’ll have the perfect edge up or line every time.
You can focus on detail work without worrying about battery life

BUYING GUIDES: Choose Beard Trimmers

If you are considering beard trimmers, there are a few things to consider. Beard trimmers can be expensive and the last thing that you want is for it to malfunction or break. So here are some of the most important things that you need to consider before buying beard trimmer:

Length Settings

Most beard trimmers come with several adjustable length settings. Despite this, not all beard trimmers will work on your beard. Some beard trimming sets aren’t designed for long beards while others don’t work well on short stubble growths. Thus, make sure that you get one that has more than 8 length settings available since this allows you to adjust the beard trimmer more precisely based on your requirements The more blades that it has, the more beard length settings it will have.

Power source

The beard trimmer’s power source plays a large role in how much you are able to do with your beard trimmer. If you’re looking for one that is cordless, keep in mind that the batteries for beard trimmers are not that great so expect your beard trimmer to last only for about an hour. Most beard trimmers are battery-powered although some of them like Panasonic ER224S Beard Trimmer Review come with a cord/cordless feature that allows you to plug it in when the battery runs low. The advantage of this type is that you get unlimited runtime but if you sacrifice runtime, then go for one depending on its portability and convenience.

Blade quality

Ideally, beard trimmers should not only be durable but they should also be comfortable and easy to use. You can find beard trimmers with titanium or stainless steel blades which are the most durable beard trimmers available out there. Cheaper beard trimmers usually come with chromium blades which may rust overtime after losing their sharpness. Thus, look for a beard trimmer with titanium or stainless steel blades since these offer great performance and will last you for a long time before requiring replacement. That’s why it’s important to consider beard trimmers that allow you to replace the blades yourself especially if you intend on using your beard trimmer every day.


The more complicated your beard trimmer is, the less maintenance it needs. While beard trimmers which allow you to replace the blades yourself are easy to maintain, beard trimmers with self-sharpening blades like Philips Beard Trimmer BT7215/41 need less maintenance since these don’t require manual blade replacement. Few beard trimmers come with unique features that make them last longer. For instance, Panasonic beard trimmer ER224S is designed with hypoallergenic stainless steel blades that help prevent skin irritation and keep your beard soft.

Charging time

Beard trimmers usually take anywhere between one hour up to eight hours for a full charge depending on the model of the beard trimmer. Typically, beard trimmers will have indicator lights that inform you if it’s fully charged or not. If you are beard styling enthusiast who takes time to travel then beard trimmers with lengthy battery life are essential or beard trimmers that allow you to plug it in while working.


When buying beard trimming sets, look for one which comes with several combs to help give you even more control over the length of your beard. The Beard trimmer should also be easy to clean. Look for beard trimmers that come with a cleaning brush and oil so that you can maintain them properly.

Cordless vs corded

The cordless beard trimmer is very convenient but if you forget to charge it, then this could become problematic since many beard trimmers only last an hour after being charged. On the other hand, beard trimmers with corded use are less expensive, don’t require battery replacement and they also ensure that you get consistent beard trimming throughout the entire beard.

Beard Trimmer Tips

Soak beard hair in warm water for 2-3 minutes before shaving to make it softer and easier to cut. When trimming your beard, it’s important to go with the direction of your beard growth rather than against it since this is how you avoid skin irritation and ingrown hairs. Even if you prefer an authentic beard look, don’t style them too short until they start becoming more visible because beard becomes harder to maintain when growing out. Product Review Philips Beard Trimmer BT7215/41 by Shaheen Raza – Bald eagle beard trimmer review.

Types of beard trimmers available on the market today:

A beard trimmer is a type of grooming tool used to trim and style facial hair. Beard trimmers are also very popular with men who want to maintain short beard styles and keep their beard hair trimmed and evenly shaped. There are several different types of beard trimmers that can be used for facial hair styling which include mustache and beard trimmers, stubble beard trimmers, cordless beard trimmers, rechargeable beard trimmers, etc.

Stubble/stubble beard trimmer

A stubble or stubble beard trimmer is a type of versatile beard grooming tool designed to trim both beards as well as goatees. Stubble beard trimmers are designed to provide high performance even when used for beard styling because of their powerful blades. To use the stubble beard trimmer, simply attach the adjustable beard comb which comes with it and begin trimming your beard or goatee.

Mustache/mustache beard trimmer

A mustache beard trimmer is specifically designed for shaping and trimming mustaches, beards and goatees. It’s best to buy a good quality mustache beard trimmer like Philips Beard Trimmer BT5210/42 which comes with an adjustable comb attachment so that you can achieve clean lines when shaping your mustache. One benefit of using a mustache hair grooming tool is that these usually come with small combs which helps you get precise beard shaping.

Cordless beard trimmer

A cordless beard trimmer is a type of beard grooming tool that allows you to trim your beard without being constrained by the length of its cable. They are very convenient to use because they are designed to be operated with one hand which makes it much easier for you to cut your beard evenly. Although beard trimmers come with different battery life, most models allow you to plug in while working so that it’s always prepared. There are several benefits if using one which includes:

Chargeable beard trimmers

When buying a beard grooming kit, look for one that comes with a chargeable beard trimmer since these are more convenient compared to others that require manual charging via batteries. For example, beard trimmers like Philips Beard Trimmer BT7206/15 and Philips beard trimmer BT5210/42 come with a chargeable lithium-ion battery for cordless use while you are also provided the option to use it while it’s plugged in.

Rechargeable beard trimmer

A rechargeable beard trimmer comes with a rechargeable battery so that you can use it without being constrained by its cable length. They usually operate at lower speeds than others because of their low voltage motor which gives fewer burns and skin irritations compared to other types of beard grooming tools. For example, Philips beard trimmers like Philips Beard Trimmer Series 7200 and Philips TRQ2130/32 run at an operating speed of 8,000 and 20,000 rpm respectively which is much slower compared to other beard trimmers.

Although beard trimmers are equipped with various adjustable beard combs to get tight beard lines, stubble length settings and fade-in styles, you should ideally choose a beard trimmer whose comb attachments are easy to attach/detach because it makes the whole trimming process easier. For effective beard styling, the best type of beard styled is one that has even lengths across your beard. However, this can be hard to achieve if you use one standard setting for cutting all your beard hair. Thus, it’s best to choose a beard grooming kit that comes with different types of adjustable beard guards so that you have more styling options when shaping your facial hair.


What beard trimmer can be used when plugged in?

Since beard trimmers like Philips Beard Trimmer Series 5000 and Philips Beard Trimmer BT5275/15 are equipped with a lithium-ion battery, they can operate while plugged in without causing any problems. Even though beard trimmers that come with rechargeable batteries cannot be used while it’s plugged in, you can easily use them by charging the unit first before trimming.

How often should I change beard trimmer blade?

A beard trimmer blade does not last forever and needs to be replaced after several months of regular beard grooming. When replacing your beard trimmer blades, it’s best to choose one which comes with self-sharpening blades. This guarantees you of fresh beard grooming results every time.

Do beard trimmers make your beard itchy?

Most beard trimmers are designed with rounded tips which are smooth to touch, unlike beard shavers that comes with sharp metal blades that can result in skin irritations. However, if your beard is very thick, some beard trimmer blades may not be able to effectively trim all the hair causing some itchy sensations even after shaving. Also, if you shave too close, you may experience minor skin irritations which will eventually subside after a few days of using a beard groomer on a regular basis.

How long should I charge my battery for the beard trimmer?

When buying a rechargeable beard trimmer, always check on its battery life to determine how long it can operate when its battery is fully charged. Look for beard trimmers that come with high energy density lithium-ion batteries which can be used at least 1 hour of continuous shaving on a fully charged beard trimmer. Also, make sure you always charge your beard trimmer before use because low battery levels tend to cause beard grooming problems like poor beard-cutting results and slow performance.


The best beard trimmers are a must-have. If you want to maintain the rugged look without sacrificing your hygiene, these products will help you do just that. With so many options out there, it may be hard for some men to know which one is right for them and their needs. That’s why we’ve created this guide on how to choose the best beard trimmers based on factors like price ranges, power sources, cordless use, blade types and more! Read our complete post here if you’re interested in learning about all of the features available when shopping for a new product or service before making a purchase decision.

Listed below are Best Beard Trimmers which satisfy both affordability and quality:

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