The Top Best Audiophile Headphones Reviews To Buy November 2023

Audiophiles know that their headphones are as important as any other component in their hi-fi system. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re buying the best audiophile headphones, and not just any old set of cans for sale online or on the street corner. When shopping for a new pair of over-ear headphones, there are some features you should be on the lookout for: comfort, sound quality, build quality/durability, isolation from outside noise and a good warranty.

Top 10 Best Rated Audiophile headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X Audiophile Open-Air Headphones Black

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Audiophile grade, open-air headphones provide exceptional sound performance for all occasions. With 53mm drivers and self-adjusting 3D Wing Support that accommodates listeners of various sizes, these high quality headphones produce dynamic stereo sound with minimal pressure on the ears. The lightweight aluminum honeycomb design coupled with titanium plated CCAW voice coils makes these versatile audiophile speakers durable and extremely comfortable to wear all day long. Enjoy professional audio reproduction at any volume; maximum input power is 700 mW so you don’t need expensive amplifiers or mixers to get great sound! Most importantly, they look fantastic too!


– You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite music for longer.
– The sound quality will feel more natural and realistic.
– Hear the lyrics of your favorite song with crystal clarity.
– Enjoy listening to your favorite podcast without any static interference.

Philips Fidelio X3 Wired Over-Ear Open-Back Headphones

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Philips Fidelio X3 Wired Over-Ear Headphones. That dramatic bass line and those silky highs: it’s all here in a complete sensory experience that you can wear with sophistication and style to both your workplace and nearby concert hall. The open-back design provides superior audio reproduction whether or not wearers are listening to music on the High Resolution Audio certified Philips Fidelio range of headphones.

Their most valuable feature is their wide, natural soundstage delivered via acoustically transparent Kvadrat speaker fabric, which eliminates air pressure build up behind the diaphragms—resulting in an immersive, spacious sound born from effortlessly detailed highs, full midrange, impactful bass without overpowering too much.


– Crisp, clear sound that’s perfect for listening to classical music.
– Sleek design with a variety of colors to choose from.
– Listen to your favorite songs in life-like quality.
– Be able to hear every instrument and lyric clearly without distortion or interference

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

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The Audio-Technica ATH M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones deliver a critically acclaimed sonic performance with deep, accurate bass response thanks to its 45 millimeter large aperture drivers. These circumaural headphones have been designed with 90 degree swiveling earcups for ease of monitoring, and it comes complete with professional grade material that delivers more durability and comfort during long sessions. In the studio or on the go, this pair is perfect for both music production and mixing because of its impeccable clarity throughout an extended frequency range. Highly acclaimed by top audio engineers and pro audio reviewers around the world as one of the best pairs for critical listening applications.


– Excellent sound quality.
– Comfortable.
– Hear music with greater clarity than ever before.
– Be in the moment and experience your favorite songs like never before.

Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR Over-Ear Open-Air Headphone

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Philips X2HR Over-Ear Headphones are made for high resolution audio. Hi-res Audio Certified with extended response frequencies, they have an engineered double layered ear shells with pre lit tilted speaker plates so you can experience the full soundscape of your music or movies. The robust fifty mm drivers guarantee a crisp sound quality no matter what you’re listening to, and the acoustic open back architecture provides unparalleled clarity.

Replaceable memory foam ear pads provide comfort even after hours of use, and the lightweight self adjusting hammock makes these headphones fit comfortably around any head size. A 3D mesh outer headband ensures that no pressure is exerted on sensitive areas like your ears or neck when wearing this product.


– Hear every detail and nuance of the original recording.
– Listen to your favorite music as if you were in a live concert hall.
– Feel like you’re on stage with your favorite band.
– Get lost in your music without any distractions or interruptions.

Beyerdynamic 459038 DT 990 PRO open Studio Headphone

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These headphones are the perfect, studio-born companion. They flawlessly reproduce your music with a clear, balanced sound that makes it stand out from other cans on the market. The HD 25 is a great option for listening to a mix in detail and offers an exceptionally low self-noise. When you’re monitoring or editing recordings these transparent flat styles provide plenty of space for detail and accuracy without being too bright or harsh – making them perfect not just for mixing but also acoustic recording, post production work and more!

Pink Noise Machines can help give you over 15 hours of sleep per day so you never have to sleep-ply again. So be sure to get your pink noise machine today!


– Great for mixing, mastering, and editing.
– Soft ear pads ensure high wearing comfort.
– Durable and robust workmanship

– Made in Germany.
– Hear your music like never before.

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

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These circular earpieces are highly comfortable and get rid of virtually all external noise. The Closed-type earpiece design is perfect for listening auditory experiences in a more private setting, while the 40mm drivers deliver clear audio with powerful, accurate bass. Don’t worry about losing these headphones either – they come with a soft carry pouch to make them easy to store or travel.
With frequency response of 10Hz-20kHz, these headphones provide impressive sound detail and range through its closed-ear design and neodymium magnets on each driver unit. With an excellent 9′ cord length from plug to headphones plus 1/4 inch adapter included, you can easily wander up to 15 feet away if your machine supports that long of a cable length!


– These headphones have a detachable cord.
– The sound quality is amazing.
– You’ll feel like you’re in the studio with your favorite artists.
– They are so comfortable to wear for hours on end.

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

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Introducing the Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphone, perfect for all your wireless music needs. The sound is crisp and all encompassing because of our cutting edge Sensory Bass Technology. With a quick charge of 10 minutes, these headphones provide an amazingly robust 40 hours of battery life! Stay in contact with loved ones through our microphone, offer comfort to your loved ones by playing soft melodies from the built in track controls, or focus on concentrated study with volume control that’s at your fingertips. This product comes equipped with a durable design that will last the test any daily grind! Trust this superstar performer to handle anything you throw its way.


– Better sound quality and clarity.
– No wires to get in your way.
– Increased battery life.
– You’ll be able to take calls without taking off your headphones or stopping what you’re doing.

AKG Pro Audio K240 STUDIO Over-Ear, Semi-Open

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AKG K240 STUDIO Over-Ear headphones are professional studio quality for any application. With a semi-open design, these headphones will allow ambient sound in without compromising the audio experience. The 3 meter replaceable cable makes these lightweight and convenient to use with all devices, while the Audio Interface helps reduce background noise by 6 dB. Plush ear cup pads ensure hours of comfortable listening at 91 dB sensitivity (SPL/V), 55 Ohm rated impedance, and 200 mW input power, perfect for recording studios or music production anywhere!


– Headphones are designed for studio use.
– Noise isolation technology eliminates outside noises.
– You’ll enjoy your music more than ever before with these headphones.

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphone

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The Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones combine advanced engineering and robust construction with excellent sound isolation in loud environments, as well as a full range of features for professional monitoring.

The 40 millimeter drivers cut through high volumes to deliver an accurate representation of each note, while military grade ear pads and headband materials offer more durability and comfort over extended hours of use. Complimented by a circumaural design that supports hearing even in the most strenuous environments, the Audio Technicas are complete accessorizing for audiophiles on the go. Perfectly complimenting these features? A 90 degree swiveling earcup which allows users to wear just one headphone without sacrificing quality or control.


– The sound quality will be excellent.
– The headphones are comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
– You’ll feel more confident in your work environment.
– Your music will sound better than ever before!

HIFIMAN SUNDARA Over-ear Full-size Planar

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HIFIMAN SUNDARA planar magnetic headphones with newly developed diaphragm for wider, more detailed frequency response and slimline SuperMini partner.

So innovative we had to make a new headphone connector. SunDara by Hifiman transforms your listening experience, delivering outstanding sound quality and unparalleled mind bogguning comfort! The sleek sumptuous matte black finish and reinforced headband and levers both visually attractive and built to last against the rigours of urban street life.

SunDara is tough as they come but even tougher when teamed up with our super mini size super awesome 3.5mm cable for added durability- perfect for on-the go peace of mind.


– The SUNDARA is 20% lighter than the HE400 series.
– A wider frequency response and faster, more detailed sound.
– Feeling confident in a professional environment with a high quality product that makes you look good.

BUYING GUIDES: Choose Audiophile headphones

Audiophile headphones are a pair of special headphones or earphones specifically designed for a very high level of detail. Audiophiles seek the most detailed sound available. Audiophile headphones try to match that level of quality in both sound and appearance. Audiophile headphones have a unique appearance as well as remarkable sound quality.

Audiophile headphones are usually open set or closed set to let the music flow into your ears and then quickly dissipate outwards. Audiophiles do not like how noise cancelling earphones block the sound from going anywhere, they prefer their sound to be able to escape. Audiophiles also prefer a lighter headphone which is why metal was often used in the past but there has been a shift towards lighter plastics today.

What to look for in a headphone:

– Sound quality: Audiophiles want the most clear and simple sound possible. They don’t want to hear background noise or distortion in any way. Audiophile headphones should be able to provide a detailed musical sound, not just a noise .

– Appearance: Audiophiles value design and high quality materials and they like their headphone to reflect that. Metal is usually preferred for its weight and durability but also because it looks better than plastic. Plastic is used more recently however as it allows the manufacturer to make the headphone lighter and less bulky without sacrificing durability.

– Comfort: Noise cancelling headphones can be uncomfortable as the padding presses against the ear which creates pressure over time, leading to discomfort or pain after long periods of use. Audiophile headphones should include replacement pads for the headband and ear cups to help provide a pleasant feel.

– Price: Audiophile headphones are usually at the top end of the price range because they use high quality sound equipment, durable materials and intricate designs. There is an increase in budget headphone models that claim to be audiophile, but do not live up to their expectations. Always make sure you are getting what you pay for before making your purchase.

How to find the right headphones:

The easiest way to determine if a headphone is an audiophile one, is by the price; if the headphone costs below $50 it is probably not an audiophile headphone and you should look in another direction. Audiophiles appreciate every part of their music and gear and like everything to be in balance with each other. Audiophile headphones provide high quality sounds at a cost that might turn some people off; but for those who love quality sound, these headphones are worth the expense.

Types of headphones and their pros and cons:

Closed back headphones: These types of head phones are the most common type and the ones you will probably encounter first. These headphones have large cups that cover your ears and some audiophiles prefer this over open set headphones because they block out noise more effectively. The closed back design also allows for better bass sounds. On the downside, it is harder to determine where the sound is coming from with these types of headphones which can be disorienting.

Open back headphones: There are two main types of open back headphones; fully open and semi open. Fully open means that there are no barriers at all between your ear and outside sounds so it really lets the music out, but at the same time lets other sounds in more easily as well. Semi-open headphones have a mesh at the back, which allows for better airflow and prevents your ears from getting sweaty but still blocks out some sound. These types of headphones are less popular because they let in more noise and people feel it is distracting to be able to hear outside sounds while listening to their music.

In ear monitor type: These types of headphones go directly into the ear canal, sealing off any other sounds from entering or exiting your ears. They usually have a small port on the side so that you can listen to the outside world if you need to without having to remove them completely. This type of headphone is especially useful for studio musicians who need something discrete yet still powerful enough to block outside noises when recording music. Studio type headphones are never cheap though, but many audiophiles prefer them to the bulky over ear types.

Noise cancelling: Audiophiles will not need noise cancelling headphones as they want to be able to hear their music in its purest form, without any interference from outside noises. As an audiophile you simply cannot enjoy your music with the constant drone of tinnitus (the ringing sound that is caused by excess noise). Although some people like using these types of headphones because they make it possible for you to listen at a higher volume level which creates more distortion and this can cover up mistakes made during recording or mixing; however if you own equipment that ensures accuracy then having properly calibrated headphones will those errors anyway (if any exist).

Power handling: Audiophile headphones have a higher power handling capacity than your regular everyday low cost headphones. Audiophiles want to hear the purest sound without any distortion and this means being able to take large bursts of power before they give out. Regular headphones do not have this same ability so always look for a high maximum decibel limit when you are buying audiophile headphones.

Sound Pressure Level (SPL): Audiophile headphones need to provide undistorted, clear sounds at all frequencies from 20Hz – 20KHz with an accurate frequency response from 5 – 35,000 Hz. These specs should be listed on all audiophile headphone models and if they cannot deliver these types of sounds then chances are they will not meet every other requirement listed here.

Impedance: Audiophile headphones should have an impedance level of at least 32 ohms and a sensitivity rating of 100dB/mW, these specs will ensure that your headphones can handle the large amounts of power needed to play music without distorting the sound or giving out. Some other types of headphones such as earbuds tend to distort easily when put under this type of stress so it is important to look for these numbers when buying audiophile quality headphones.

Cable design: Audiophiles want their cable length to be no longer than 4 feet and they do not want a coiled cable because this too can cause distortion in sounds. If you are going to be using your headphone outdoors then make sure you get a model with an in-line microphone and remote (or purchase an add-on when you buy your headphones) because this will make it easier to take calls without removing your headphones or holding out your phone when it starts ringing.

Headphone brands that are worth buying are

AKG K701, Audio-Technica ATH M50, Beyerdynamic dt880, Grado SR80i and Sennheiser HD 598.

AKG: Audiophiles praise the quality of their sound reproduction. Their products tend to capture the dynamics of music perfectly because they are open back headphones with a great frequency response. The downside is that because they are open back they let in ambient noise into your ears which can be distracting if you are listening to something quiet.

Audio-Technicas: Audiophiles praise their ability to reproduce strong bass levels without any distortion even at high volumes. They also love how comfortable these types of headphones are when worn for long periods of time unlike many other types of headphones. Unfortunately these types of headphones do not have a noise cancellation feature so they are not suitable for travelling or in loud areas where you would need that feature, also their cable is fixed which means when it breaks you are forced to buy a new set.

Beyerdynamics: Audiophiles love the sound quality produced by these high end German made headphones because they offer high fidelity reproduction with no internal sound distortion. The drawback for this brand is because they are open back models ambient noise will be heard so they should only be used indoors and if you wear them out in public people may stare at you because of how big and bulky the ear cups look..

Grado: Audiophiles praise their incredible attention to detail to the point where you will hear things in your music that you have never heard before, they also love the sound their headphones produce. The drawbacks for this product is that because they are open back design and not as expensive as other brands if they fall then chances are they will break much faster than many of the others on this list.

Sennheiser: Audiophiles praise how comfortable these types of headphones are and how accurately they reproduce sounds even at lower volume levels which makes them great for public transportation such as planes or subway travel. Their drawback is if you like to listen to loud music or play video games with the extra bass boost turned on then these may not be suitable for you because it can make bass heavy songs distort even though most audiophiles do not like this, also they are open back headphones and even though the sound quality is great you still let in ambient noise to your ears which can be distracting if you listen to music quietly.


Q: What are Audiophile Headphones?

A: Audiophile headphones are a type of headphone which reproduce sound in a high fidelity manner. This means that you can hear sounds accurately with no distortion at all even when the volume is turned really high. These types of headphones have a wider frequency range and they make use of superior materials for their drivers to achieve this result. In short audiophile headphones will provide more details about the music being listened to than regular models would do.

Q: How much do these cost?

A: As with most products there is a wide price range depending on where you go shopping from just $100 upwards to thousands of dollars. The cheapest ones tend to be air which means they let in ambient noise and don’t have a noise cancellation feature, also they are not as comfortable to wear for long periods of time and the sound quality may not be as good as more expensive models.

Q: Where can I buy one?

A: Audiophile headphones can be bought from many stores such as your local electronic store or through online websites such as amazon. Keep in mind that if you decide on buying online then there is a risk that you will receive a defective model so do check before buying anything especially if it is second hand.

Q: How do I make sure they will last me a long time?

A: Audiophile headphones tend to fall apart because the materials used may be low grade ones which means they cannot stand up to the test of time, they are also more likely to break when they fall or get knocked heavily against something. To avoid this make sure that you only use them in low noise environments and if possible keep them in their carry bag wherever possible so that they do not have things falling on them all the time. Also always place them back into their carry case gently and never yank their cable out because otherwise it will break inside and be useless for making calls through your mobile phone which is the main reason why people buy headphones like these.


The best audiophile headphones are the ones that work for you. That may mean they have to be comfortable, sound great, or fit your budget – but it’s about what works for you and your lifestyle. We’ve created a list of some of our favorite audiophile-grade headphones on the market today so you can find out which one is right for you! If none of these seem like they’ll do the trick, don’t worry; we also have plenty more reviews in case this first round didn’t meet all your needs. Which style caught your eye? Is there anything else I should know before making my purchase decision? Let us know!

Listed below are Best Audiophile Headphones which satisfy both affordability and quality:

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