Advice to buy the best exercise bike today

Exercise bikes are sports equipment suitable for all ages. If you are still wondering what the effects of exercise bikes are? Should I buy it? For the car models, car manufacturers as well as reputable shopping addresses, please refer to the article below.

Effects of exercise bike? Should I buy it?

The exercise bike is also known as a bicycle exercise machine by some. This is a car line designed with specialized functions, bringing users a lot of benefits, especially improving health, specifically as follows:

Ensure safety: The first effect I would like to introduce to you is to ensure safety. In any sport, safety is always a top priority. Exercising with an exercise bike at home will be safer for knee, ankle, and spondy lolisthesis.

Very good for health: Exercising regularly, and properly with an exercise car can burn 500 calories per hour, lose weight, increase flexibility, develop muscles of arms, legs, and buttocks, waist tapered; prevent heart attack, high blood pressure, physical decline; eliminate the fatigue, stress, relax the mind; anti-aging back vertebraeā€¦

Suitable for all ages: The elderly, young children and people with accidents may not be able to use the treadmill, easily injured, but the exercise bike is different, almost anyone can use it. Diversifying exercise purposes such as: Increasing the height of children, strengthening the health of the elderly, rehabilitation for stroke patients…

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Should you buy an exercise bike? With the advantages and limitations of the exercise bike I mentioned above, I believe that each of us will have the most reasonable choice for our purposes and needs.

Advice on buying the best home exercise bike

Each person has a need to buy an exercise bike to serve different purposes. To find yourself the most suitable and most suitable bike, you should rely on the characteristics that I mentioned in the exercise bike buying advice section below.

The style must match your taste and exercise

Each style is suitable for different interests and exercises. As follows:

Stand Up Bike: Use as a normal bike

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Among the types of exercise bikes, standing bicycles with the most familiar shape to us, this type of bike have the shape of the name: upright, helping to raise the body like the way we cycle normally. This car has a moderate price, not too expensive to own.

If you are new to practicing cycling at home, you should buy this type. This bike does not take much effort, suitable for dieters, who want to improve their mobility, support burning calories for a long time, reduce belly fat, buttocks, and thighs; Cardio exercise support.

Recumbent Bike: Long time exercise with comfortable posture

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The recumbent bike has a backrest suitable for bending and stretching movements. Even though your back is supported, your feet are reaching forward and pedaling. According to the experience of buying an exercise bike, this bike is only suitable for those with low back pain, weak health, and the elderly (due to less pressure on the hips and buttocks). The product also supports people in the process of recovery, who want to improve endurance, heart, and lung function, want to restore motor function but do not need to be overworked.

Folding or X-Bike: Use Anywhere

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If you have normal health, you do not need to worry about which type of exercise bike to buy. Folding or X-Bike type is most appropriate. This product line is highly appreciated for its convenience, compact design, simple structure, lightweight, affordable price, and very good for beginners or looking to improve their condition. motor.

Buying one of these products, you should note, that the product is not suitable for true lovers because the saddle is high, and sitting up does not feel very solid.

Spin Bike: Heavy Workout

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A spin bike is an ideal bike for those who train hard. The feature of this bike is very large and heavy wheels, creating great pressure for cardio exercises. When practicing, you will lean forward. The product is very durable, only for heavy exercisers, beginners should not use it, it will be difficult to use.

Pay attention to the braking method (Resistance)

When buying an exercise bike, you should pay special attention to the braking method. Details are as follows:

Belt type (brake belt): Affordable price

This type has a belt, friction on the flywheel creates a braking force; the load capacity is light and it is almost impossible for us to adjust the load level. The biggest advantage of the product is cost-saving, the simpler the structure, the cheaper the price. The downside is frequent belt replacement and loud noise due to friction.

This line is suitable for those who want to do light exercise and improve their sedentary status. These product lines are no longer appearing on the market, being replaced by lines with more outstanding advantages.

Type of magnet: Suitable for light exercises

This series generates braking using permanent magnet suction, which is applicable to very affordable upright bikes that are available to almost anyone. Some types need to be charged, some do not, you should pay attention to this when buying.

The advantage of the magnet type is that the operation is very quiet, and the flywheels do not come into contact with each other. The downside is the short usage time (about 30 minutes), and the light load capacity. The product is only suitable for those who want to improve their sedentary status, not for heavy exercise.

Electromagnetic type: Suitable for weight loss mode

The electromagnetic type is the next improvement of the permanent magnet type, the manufacturer uses an electromagnetic magnet to break the force, and the braking force adjustment range is wider than that of the permanent magnet, so the use time is constant. longer (about 100 minutes). If you want to lose weight then this is the best choice. The product is also popular in many gyms.

Friction type: Suitable for heavy training

The main type of friction is the braking method commonly used in spinning bikes. Brake pads in contact with momentum create strong braking force, allowing long-term use. The device operates very quietly and can be used continuously without worrying about affecting the surrounding environment. Those who want to exercise heavily should prioritize buying this type.

The size of the car is also a concern

The size of the wheel seems to be inconsequential, but in fact, it is a decisive factor in whether the product is suitable for your body or not. You should choose one that has the following elements:

Seat height adjustable type

Each person has a different height, so the appropriate distance from the saddle to the ground cannot be the same. You should choose a type that can be adjusted to the height of the saddle for the best braking, otherwise, it will be very painful to the knees, of course, the training effect will not be high.

To know the most suitable saddle distance, you need to calculate the length of your legs according to the following formula: Height from the ground to the saddle = Length from crotch x 0.85 + 24 cm.

The type that can be adjusted to the front or back of the saddle

Adjusting the saddle forward or backward is not so important, but if it can be adjusted, the better because this way, you can adjust your knees so that they don’t bend too much, making a big contribution to the reducing the burden on the knees, while strengthening the muscles around the hips.

Vehicles cannot lack tracking features

To adjust the most appropriate level of exercise, you must memorize the parameters related to your distance, speed, heart rate, and calories burned …. If the car does not have tracking features, how do you know what the above parameters are? On the market today, most cycling exercise machines have clocks or LCD screens that display these parameters.

Selling price, supplier’s warranty

The same car line, but the price at the stores is not the same, which is not too difficult to understand because it depends on the competition of each brand. Usually, the more famous the store, the higher the price, as a way of ensuring product quality. You can buy products at a cheaper price on special occasions such as holidays, Tet, store birthdays, etc.

Warranty is a very important factor for us to evaluate product quality. The longer a product line has a warranty, the more confident the manufacturer is in the quality of the product it creates.

Which brand and brand of an exercise bike should I buy?

Brands partly reflect product quality. A reputable, famous brand, the product will certainly be appreciated more than other product lines in the same segment. Same with bicycles. If you are still wondering which brand of exercise bike to buy, please note the following items:

Kingsport exercise bike

Kingsport is the first brand I want to introduce to you. The product lines here are very diverse in design and type, suitable for the needs of many users. Most of the exercise bikes distributed by Kingsport have a sturdy frame, made of high-quality steel, which is anti-rust and very heat-resistant.

In terms of quality, Kingsport’s exercise car operates smoothly, does not make noise, is durable, and is favored by many domestic and foreign gyms. Because of the variety of vehicles, the price is also expensive and cheap depending on the type.

Royal exercise bike

What is the best brand of exercise bike? Royal is one of the few brands that deserve to be named. Products here are often inclined towards ruggedness, the frame is made of bearing steel, electro statically painted, anti-rust, and very good bearing. The bicycle pedal is designed in the form of a belt, for a better foothold, anti-slip, for high durability.

Genus. exercise bike

In this Top 3 is Genus. Products at Genus are very diverse, including cheap to high-end cars, at affordable prices, even though they are expensive, they are cut into pieces because the quality of the cars is highly appreciated by consumers. The vehicle has good durability, has many lines of extremely solid design, full of features such as LCD screen, anti-slip pedals, powder coating, smooth seat, large user load …

Mofit exercise bike

The Mofit brand is one of the big brands in the market with many lines of specialized exercise bikes and long-lasting durability. Although the design is not the highlight, only with good quality, Mofit has conquered millions of domestic and foreign customers.

Motivational exercise bike

The last brand I would like to introduce to you is the imported gymnastic bike Motivation. The cars here are designed to be compact, but extremely sturdy thanks to the chassis made of high-quality steel, which is very resistant to heat and force. Dong Luc’s exercise bike saddle is made of leather, has a soft cushion, and can sit for a long time without pain, many products are also equipped with a water bottle for the practitioner to drink while exercising.

Frequently asked questions when buying a cycling exercise machine

Should I buy a liquidated, used exercise bike?

To save money, some people choose to buy used cycling exercise machines. Although the price is cheap, it comes with a concern about quality. There are also several types of old exercise bikes, based on specific characteristics to decide whether to buy or not, specifically as follows:

Evaluate relevance

First of all, you must consider the suitability of the car for the user and the needs of yourself or your family members. For example, Restless exercise bikes are usually for young people; lightweight continuous exercise bikes, saddle with backrest suitable for the elderly, people recovering from accidents… If the bike you want to buy meets this criterion, we continue to consider the criteria for quality.

Check quality

Quality is an extremely important factor, in deciding how long we can use the car. When checking the quality, don’t pay too much attention to the appearance, maybe it has been refurbished and clean, directly sit on the bike, test ride, and feel.

If you find the car is still smooth and does not make noise, in addition to that, the welds on the car are still firm, the seat is firm and smooth, the pedals are not slippery, the friction is good, and the function is good. increased weight adjustment is still usable; the control panel is still in stable operation… then this car can be considered for the price, it is reasonable to buy it and use it.

Check vehicle origin

The origin characteristics are also quite important. We need to know when this exercise bike was purchased? Is it still in the warranty period? What brand of car? Which car series? If the car is still under warranty, it is best not to buy a model that has been discontinued, the model is too old, and it will be difficult to replace accessories when damage occurs.

If you buy a used exercise bike that is liquidated by an individual, in addition to checking the origin of the bike, you also need to know how often they use it. The car is used a lot, the frequency is high, and while the purchase time has been long, the wear and tear is certainly large.

If you buy an old exercise bike that is liquidated by a store, there are usually 2 types, the first is a liquidation of display goods, which type if the price is reasonable can be bought because it is well preserved, the frequency of use is not much. . The second type is inventory, need to check the production date, the car is not used for a long time, it is not a good car.

If you buy an old exercise bike due to liquidation by the gym, even if the bike is modern, you should also note that the bikes here often operate at a high frequency, continuously, with great wear and tear, and the quality is not necessarily good.

Should the elderly use a cycling exercise machine?

Old age is often accompanied by weakness, bones and joints are no longer as strong as young people, and the risk of diseases of blood pressure, and heart disease … is also more because the resistance is no longer good. Therefore, the practice of exercise and sports with tools becomes more and more necessary.

In order to meet the consumer needs of customers, many manufacturers of exercise bikes have launched product lines only for the elderly and people recovering from health with specialized designs, ensuring safety. Safe and effective to use. It is not recommended to buy a bicycle with a strong resistance with an extremely large flywheel. These lines have a strong impact on bones and joints when moving, are not suitable for the elderly, and are weak health.

Should I buy a treadmill or an exercise bike?

Should buy a treadmill or exercise bike is a concern of many people. Actually, it’s not too difficult for us to choose.

In terms of efficiency: both of these bikes have the advantage of improving health, resistance, strengthening bones, lowering cholesterol, and regulating blood… but the calorie-burning ability of a treadmill is about 200 calories higher than that of a bicycle. /hours. However, losing weight with an exercise bike puts less pressure on the knees and ankles, feet, and hips, so the bike is more suitable for people with cardiovascular and joint diseases than a treadmill.
About safety: When we practice on the treadmill, we impact a lot, so the joints, knees, and ankles are more prone to muscle pain, especially for beginners and people with arthritis. For safety, these people should use exercise bikes.
About price: Treadmills are much more expensive than exercise bikes, ranging from 5 to 20 million. Meanwhile, only from 1.5 to 5 million, you already own an exercise bike.

Does exercise with an exercise bike lose weight?

Exercising with an exercise bike is a very good way to lose weight, you will burn about 550 calories per hour, in the long run, this is a safe and effective way to lose weight, the speed of weight loss is fast or slow depending on the intensity of your workout. Specifically:

Cycling in light mode burns 325, 387, and 474 calories/hour equivalent to 60, 70, and 85 kg respectively.
Cycling in a moderate mode burns 413, 493, and 604 calories/hour equivalent to a weight of 60, 70, and 85kg.
High-mode cycling helps burn 620, 739, and 906 calories/hour equivalent to a weight of 65, 70, and 85kg.
If you want to lose weight, slowly get used to the intensity of the exercise, at first gently exercise, then increase the speed. Build a reasonable and scientific exercise plan, you will definitely get the body you want.

How to maintain an exercise bike at home?

Every piece of equipment needs maintenance, and exercise bikes are no exception. If well maintained, the life of the vehicle is significantly increased, saving repair and replacement costs and vice versa. Maintaining an exercise bike at home is not difficult, just do the following activities:

Check and clean the car with a wet towel or soft cloth after each use

Oil, lubricate the chain to keep the car running smoothly every week, and check and retighten the screws if loose

Leave the car in a cool location, avoid direct sunlight, should buy a soft cloth to cover when not in use.


Avoid letting sweat fall on the car during practice, easy to causes peeling of the car paint

When practicing, you need to adjust the saddle and sitting position to be the most comfortable

Should put the car in a flat position, no entanglement around, to avoid falling during exercise

Notes when using an effective home exercise bike


It doesn’t matter how we dress at home, as long as we wear comfortable, neat, weather-appropriate clothes. Fabric is made of breathable material, good sweat absorption. Avoid wearing tight clothes, which will cause discomfort because tight clothes put pressure on blood vessels, making it difficult for blood to flow.

Training shoes

If you have invested in a home cycling exercise machine, you should invest in a pair of specialized sports shoes, walking while hugging, easy to light, highly elastic … to practice to achieve higher results.

Peace of mind

The purpose of the practice is different, but all are towards a healthy body, dispelling fatigue, and stress, helping the spirit to be more excited, refreshed, and have a good night’s sleep… so please keep your mind at ease during practice. Everything done in anger and discomfort will not bring the desired effect.

Provide enough water

Water plays an extremely important role in the body. During exercise, we easily lose water due to the amount of sweat released. It is no coincidence that many exercise bikes also have a water bottle design. During exercise, you should replenish the lost water in your body, contribute to the elimination of internal toxins, and make your body healthier before, during, and after exercise.

Warm-up before training

Before practicing any sport, you should warm-up before practicing, as well as exercise bicycles, the purpose is to avoid injury to sedentary joints, warm up the body, and relax muscles. . You can warm up with popular exercises such as Rotating ankle joints, wrists, crunches, neck rotation, stretching, …

Adjust the flywheel weight to suit the practitioner

Adjusting the weight of the flywheel is very important, but many people do not pay much attention. If you find the exercise is too light, or not enough to exert strength, adjust the flywheel to increase, and vice versa if you find it difficult. If the exercise is too heavy, adjust the flywheel low.

Adjust the saddle to suit the practitioner

Sitting posture directly determines the effectiveness of training. Therefore, before practicing, you need to adjust the saddle to best suit yourself. If the saddle is too high, you have to bend a lot, causing back pain; If the saddle is too low, you have to bend your legs, affecting the pedaling force. Both of these cases affect the musculoskeletal system of the practitioner.

Adjusting the right home exercise bike saddle is very simple, just adjust according to the adjustment points in the saddle. The right saddle is when you pedal, at the farthest pedal your foot stays straight and feels comfortable.


Among home exercise bike brands: Kingsport, Royal, and Mofit are the 3 brands that are most appreciated by users for durability and quality. In which, the Kingsport brand stands out the most. In addition to the Top 5 brands, I listed on the market, there are still many other brands worth considering.

A home exercise bike is not too expensive, only from $ 200 to $ 1000, depending on the line, almost any family can buy and use it. The price is not expensive, while the effect is very high, anyone can practice, from children to the elderly. For your family’s health, you should save, and buy at least one, you will definitely feel the obvious effect after a period of persistence.

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